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Torvus was a centaur who lived in the Forbidden Forest and was once a part of the colony that dwelled therein, only to be ousted when his desire to lend a helping hand to a human resulted in the theft of an arrow with a jewel encrusted arrowhead, which had been a precious heirloom of their herd for many generations.[1]

As a result, the embittered centaur came to resent and distrust all wizards, but no one more than the thief and his family.[1]


Torvus in the Forbidden Forest

When he was young, his father told him about a Cursed Vault located inside the Forest, and warned him to stay away from it.[1]

Many years later, a Hogwarts student named Jacob entered the forest, searching for said vault. He told Torvus that he needed an arrow to open it. Although he was interested in helping the human, he refused to give him an arrow that had been a family heirloom. Jacob stole the arrow using magic. For this Torvus was excluded from his colony, and continued to live in the Forest on his own.[1]

Said to be the only centaur lonely enough to talk to humans, at some point during the mid-1980s, he encountered a student from Hogwarts Castle by the name of Charlie Weasley, whom he eventually befriended and sometimes accompanied in trying tracking dragons, to no avail. In the 1987–1988 school year, someone had tampered with the Forest Vault that his father had warned him about, unleashing a sleepwalking curse that placed students in a state akin to that of those suffering somnambulism, prompting the unwitting pupils to wander off into their death at the claws and teeth of the dangerous beasts that dwelled within the forest. Whenever he found such students, Torvus would escort them back to the edge of the forest and point them towards the school.[2]

Torvus's happiness over having his arrow returned to him

Later that year, he told this story of Jacob's betrayal to his younger sibling.[1] When they returned the arrowhead back to him, Torvus was grateful and agreed to take them to the Vault inside the Forest but he told them they need Hagrid and must prepare for the journey as it would be "the fight of their life".[3]

Afterwards, Torvus was accepted back to his colony after returning the arrowhead and completing a series of tasks.[4]

Approximately a year after entering the Forest Vault, he helped Jacob's sibling and Merula Snyde prepare for the next vault by duelling against them. He then told the two that they would be stronger together than individually.[4]


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