A toy broomstick is a type of low-flying broomstick intended to be used by young children. It only lifts about two feet off the ground.[1][2]

Known owners

Ron Weasley broke his older brother Fred's toy broomstick when he was three. In revenge, Fred turned Ron's teddy bear into a spider, leading Ron to become extremely arachnophobic.[3]

Harry Potter received a toy broomstick for his first birthday from his godfather Sirius Black. In a letter she wrote to Sirius, Harry's mother, Lily, stated that the gift had been Harry's favourite. Lily also mentioned that Harry had broken a vase that Petunia Dursley, Lily's sister, had given the Potter family. She added "No complaints there" next to it. She also mentioned that Harry nearly killed their cat. Harry's father, James, was convinced that Harry would be a great Quidditch player.[2]

At the 1994 Quidditch World Cup, a Ministry official spotted two little witches flying around on toy broomsticks, and hurried to warn their parents about allowing children to display magical abilities near Muggles.[1]


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