The Transfiguration Classroom Maze was a labyrinth associated with Transfiguration classes. It was infested with a number of hostile magical Creatures. During a third year Transfiguration lesson regarding Animagi in 1993, Minerva McGonagall tasked Harry Potter and Hermione Granger with safely navigating this maze and finding her in her cat form.

During the course of this task, Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle somehow managed to make their way into the maze and ambushed Harry and Hermione. The four had a brief duel, which Crabbe and Goyle lost.

When Harry and Hermione successfully found Professor McGonagall, she rewarded them with a spellbook containing instructions for the Full Body-Bind Curse.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • In the game, this maze is located in a room off Classroom 1B. However, this cannot be considered canon, as this classroom is actually on the ground floor.


Notes and references

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