"It was definitely a curse that killed her - probably the Transmogrifian Torture. I've seen it used many times, so unlucky I wasn't there, I know the very counter-curse that would have saved her..."
—Gilderoy Lockhart[src]

The Transmogrifian Torture (incantation unknown) was a curse which presumably tortured its victims to death overtime. Professor Gilderoy Lockhart claimed that this was the spell to have killed Mrs Norris before it was revealed that she had only been petrified.[1]


Transmogrifian comes from the English "transmogrify," meaning "to change or alter greatly, often to grotesque effect," possibly implying that the curse changes the shape of the victim to cause pain.

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Behind the scenes

  • Seeing that this curse eventually kills, it is similar to the Killing Curse. The difference could be that, like the Cruciatus Curse, this one causes torturous effects as opposed to outright death. And unlike the Killing Curse, there is a counter-curse for this one.


Notes and references

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