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Trelawney was the surname of a wizarding family with Muggle as well as magical heritage. There was known Seer heritage in the Trelawney family.[1]

Known family members

Sybill Trelawney

Related families

Higglebottom family (formerly, through Sybill's marriage to Mr Higglebottom)

Behind the scenes

  • Unless Sybill's mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, or Cassandra herself were single mothers or otherwise did not take their husband's name, it is likely that Cassandra Trelawney had a son (Sybill's great-grandfather), who had a son of his own (Sybill's grandfather), who had Sybill's father, in order to account for Sybill to have her great-great-grandmother's surname. Thus, it is also likely that Trelawney was Cassandra's married name.
  • According to houseofnames.com, the Trelawney family originated in Cornwall.


Notes and references