Tremblay was the surname of a wizarding family with most likely at least some pure-blood members.[3]


Two of the family's members married members of the Lestrange family. The first of these marriages was when Bernard married a daughter of Falco Lestrange. The couple had one son and a daughter called Clarisse. In around 1897[4], Clarisse married Corvus Lestrange, her maternal cousin. During this marriage, the couple had a son, also called Corvus.[1]

Family members

Wizard(s) Notes
Bernard Tremblay[1] Husband of a Leonie Lestrange, father of Clarisse Tremblay and a son.
Leonie Lestrange[1] Wife of Bernard Tremblay and aunt of her son-in-law Corvus Lestrange.
Clarisse Tremblay[2] Daughter of Bernard Tremblay. The second wife of her cousin Corvus Lestrange and mother of a son also called Corvus Lestrange.[1]
Falco Tremblay Son of Bernard Tremblay and brother of Clarisse Tremblay[1]


Notes and references

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