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These Ministry Guards were British wizards who guarded the Muggle-Born Registration Commission alongside Corban Yaxley and others in 1997.


In 1997, these two Ministry Guard were stationed to guard the Muggle-Born Registration Commission courtroom during the trial of Mary Cattermole, overlooked by both Dolores Umbridge and Corban Yaxley. However, Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger, both disguised using Polyjuice Potion as Albert Runcorn, Reginald Cattermole and Mafalda Hopkirk respectively, hijacked and stopped the corrupt trial, and stunned these guards, along with Umbridge and Yaxley with offensive duelling spells, and rescued Mary Cattermole from being given a false and wrongful sentence by Umbridge.[2][3]


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