USA VERSUS JAMAICA was the title of a Daily Prophet article written by Ginevra Potter and published on 16 May, 2014. The article covered the match between the American and Jamaican National Quidditch teams, part of the 2014 Quidditch World Cup.[1][2]


From the Daily Prophet’s Quidditch Correspondent in the Patagonian Desert, Ginny Potter.
USA 240 - Jamaica 230 (under investigation)

Yet more controversy in Patagonia: the outcome of the USA versus Jamaica clash is under investigation due to the sudden collapse of Kquewanda Bailey, the Jamaican Keeper, who toppled from her broom shortly before US Chaser Quentin Kowalski scored their ninth goal.

Seconds after the referee successfully halted Bailey's groundwards plummet with a well timed ‘arresto momentum!’ US Seeker Darius Smackhammer caught the Snitch ahead of Jamaican counterpart Shanice Higgins, resulting in a narrow victory for the United States.

The timing of Kquewanda's sudden unconsciousness was so convenient that authorities are examining the possibility of crowd interference. Omnioculars from all over the stadium are being scrutinised for recorded evidence. The ICWQC has intimated that they will not be in a position to rule on the validity of the result until tomorrow.

An amendment to the rules of Quidditch in 1849 stipulates that if a member of the crowd casts any jinx or spell on a player, their team will automatically forfeit the match, whether or not the team ordered or approved of the magic performed.


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2014 Quidditch World Cup
From the Daily Prophet’s Quidditch Correspondent in the Patagonian Desert, Ginny Potter
Live Coverage of the 2014 Quidditch World Cup final
(11 July, 2014)
From the Daily Prophet’s Quidditch Correspondent, Ginny Potter and Gossip Correspondent Rita Skeeter
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