An Auror Division is a field office of the Department of Aurors located throughout the United States of America, and specifically tasked with the capture of dangerous criminals within the jurisdiction of their designated areas.[1]


The divisions report back to their home office at the Department of Magical Law Enforcement and/or the Department of Aurors in the Woolworth Building in New York, the headquarters of the Magical Congress of the United States of America.[1]

Each division presumably works in collaboration with local offices of the Federal Bureau of Covert Vigilance and No-Maj Obliviation across North America. If their splitting into multiple divisions is any indication, the Aurors of North America are a much more numerous, organised and meticulously structured group than those in Great Britain, likely out of necessity to keep order across the large continent.[1]

In other words, should a suspect or escaped convict manage to slip through the fingers of the Aurors in one place, the Auror Division in the area to which the criminal in question is believed to have fled is contacted and takes over from there. However, it is not unthinkable that all the Auror Divisions may work together more directly as per the direction of the Major Investigation Department in the event of "very major incidents" that demands a few extra wands to deal with it. The American Aurors are also militarised to a greater extent than their British counterparts, carrying ranks such as "Captain" and "Chief", which may give some insight into how these divisions goes about their work and how it differs from that of the British Auror Department.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • Although not confirmed, based on the name, it is possible that the local branches of the Federal Bureau of Covert Vigilance and No-Maj Obliviation also houses the Auror Divisions in that area, since the "vigilance" has become a mantra of sorts used by Aurors. (Such as Alastor Moody's "Constant vigilance!" or MACUSA's "Always Stay Vigilant!")


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