This individual was an African wizard who attended Uagadou School of Magic. He was a skilled potioneer and represented his school at the Wizarding Schools Potions Championship.[1]


Uagadou School of Magic

Like other students, the African wizard was most likely given a token by a Dream Messenger in his sleep for entrance into Uagadou School of Magic.

Wizarding Schools Potions Championship


The wizard driven to madness by a Banshee

The wizard became a skilled potioneer, and at age 17 or above participated in the Wizarding Schools Potions Championship, where he represented Uagadou, his school. In the championship, he came upon a Banshee, who screamed and drove him to madness. Later, the Hogwarts potions champion used a Laughing Potion on the Banshee to incapacitate it.[1]

Physical appearance

The wizard was dark-skinned with black hair and brown eyes, and wore a white shirt.

Magical abilities and skills

  • Potions: As a skilled potioneer, this potioneer is skilled at making potions.

Behind the scenes

  • This is the first student of Uagadou introduced throughout the Harry Potter series.


Notes and references

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