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The Ukrainian Ironbelly was a species of dragon native to Ukraine. It was said to be the largest dragon species in the world.[1]


In the 19th century, a Ukrainian Ironbelly had been unleashed through an unknown Muggle city. It was stopped by Helen Thistlewood, an Auror for the British Ministry of Magic, who then Obliviated all the Muggles who had seen the events unfold.[2]

Ironbellies had been subject to constant observation by the Ukrainian wizarding authorities, ever since a particular Ironbelly carried off a sailing ship from the Black Sea in 1799. Thankfully, the boat was empty at the time.[1]

In 1926, Newt Scamander mentioned to Jacob Kowalski that he had previously worked with Ukrainian Ironbellies during the First World War.[3][4][5] In that same war, Ukrainian Ironbellies were also considered for use in a wizarding air force, but due to limited success, they were replaced by an Owl Airforce instead.[6]

Ukrainian Ironbelly

The trio jump from the back of the Ukrainian Ironbelly on which they escaped Gringotts

Gringotts Wizarding Bank owned a Ukrainian Ironbelly that guarded some of the oldest and deepest vaults, including the Lestrange Vault. This dragon could be subdued by using clankers, a rattling mechanic that the dragon had been taught to associate with pain. It broke free in 1998, with the help of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger during their break-in and escape from Gringotts.[7] The dragon carried the trio to a far-off lake where they jumped off and the dragon continued to fly away.[8]



The egg of the Ukrainian Ironbelly

It was a bipedal breed, metallic grey in colour, with an immense wingspan, long talons and rough scales said to be as hard as steel. It was the largest breed of dragon which reaches up to six tonnes, with deep red eyes.[1]

More rotund and slower in flight than other dragons, the Ironbelly was nevertheless extremely dangerous, capable of crushing the dwellings on which it lands.[1]

The Ironbelly could produce jets of flame up to 3,560 degrees Fahrenheit (1960 degrees Celsius).[9]

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