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Minister Unctuous Osbert was a British wizard who was Minister for Magic from 1789 to 1798. His term in office was somewhat controversial, as he was accused of having been a puppet in the hands of Septimus Malfoy. Osbert was elected at least twice.


Early life

Unctuous was born a wizard into the Pure-blood or Half-blood Osbert family,[1] somewhere in the British Isles. It is likely he attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in his youth.

Minister for Magic

Unctuous Osbert was elected Minister for Magic of Great Britain sometime into the late eighteenth century.[2]

Septimus Malfoy, a member of the powerful and wealthy Malfoy family, was an enormously influential wizard at the Ministry in the day and Minister Osbert was, during the course of his tenure, influenced to some degree by Malfoy's interests. Many claimed that Minister Osbert was little more than a puppet of Malfoy's, who would have been the de facto head of the Ministry.[2]

Osbert left the office in 1798, to be succeeded by Artemisia Lufkin.


Unctuous is an English word deriving from the Latin ungō, meaning "I anoint with oil". The English word means "to be insincerely polite and earnest".


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