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"If I may, one particular student's heroism during the attack on Hogwarts, not to mention the level to which they have excelled in their coursework, as a new student, no less – Well, it would seem that it certainly merits, I'd say, 100 points to their House? – wouldn't you agree?"
Matilda Weasley on this student's heroic accomplishments[src]

This student (b. 1874/1875) was a witch or wizard who attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the late 19th century.[11] They possessed the rare ability to perceive and use ancient magic, a trait which had been dormant for roughly four-hundred years since the days of the Keepers.[12] This was a form of magic that was noticeably more powerful than ordinary magic,[13][10] thus requiring the watchful mentorship of Professor Eleazar Fig, who guided and tutored them in their introduction to the wizarding world.[6]

This student's journey coincided with Ranrok's goblin rebellion and the growing threat of the Rookwood Gang, a criminal organisation of poachers and extortionists organised by Victor Rookwood, the most notorious underworld player in Europe.[14] Ranrok, on the other hand, was desperate to supplant wizardkind with goblins as the dominant magical species by way of discovering the final repository, a store of ancient magic created by Isidora Morganach and Ranrok's ancestor, Bragbor the Boastful.[15]

Meanwhile, this student and Eleazar Fig were desperate to untap the true mysteries of this student's abilities. The student undertook various trials set by the Keepers, who wished to test their worthiness to wield ancient magic.[16][17][18][13] The student also took opportunities to undermine their enemies along with their Hogwarts friends, Natsai Onai, Sebastian Sallow and Poppy Sweeting.[8]

Facing the threat of death countless times, this student's fight against Rookwood ended in a duel where Rookwood was killed with a rebounded Killing Curse.[19] Shortly afterwards, when Ranrok invaded the Keepers' Caverns beneath Hogwarts Castle with the aim of obtaining the final repository, this student, Fig, and several other Hogwarts professors successfully defended the castle, and by extension, the wizarding world. The student possibly contained ancient magic within the Repository, thereby becoming a Keeper themselves, or they possibly ingested it, acquiring greater power as a witch or wizard.[10] By the end of their fifth year, they were regarded as a hero and saviour of Hogwarts.[20]


Early life[]

The exact background of this student is unclear.[21] The student was aware of the magical world, having dreamt for years of attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. However, the student was not initially admitted to the school at the age of eleven, having not shown magical ability at the usual age. At the age of fifteen, the student was accepted as a late transfer after their ability to harness ancient magic was discovered.[6] They may have been a late-bloomer. They were in a London street near Big Ben when an owl dropped the Hogwarts acceptance letter into their hands.[22] After a period of tutoring by Professor Eleazar Fig, they were admitted into the fifth year.

The path to Hogwarts[]

Charles Rookwood: "We are entrusting the one who embarks on this path with powerful secrets – with knowledge others will do anything to obtain."
Percival Rackham: "Yes, and if we are correct, Charles, the witch or wizard who completes the trials will have proven themselves worthy of that knowledge and the responsibility that accompanies it."
Charles Rookwood and Percival Rackham discussing this student[src]
Unidentified 19th-century Hogwarts student and Professor Fig in London HL

The student and Professor Fig in London.

On 1 September 1890,[11] they travelled to Hogwarts with Eleazar Fig and George Osric from London by carriage, where Osric presented Fig with a mysterious, seemingly unopenable box. However, this student could see traces of ancient magic on the box and were able to open it simply by touching it, much to their surprise. Inside was a key. During their journey, the carriage was attacked by a dragon controlled by Ranrok's Loyalists.[6] Fig and the student grabbed onto the key, which was revealed to be a Portkey that brought them to the ruins of Percival Rackham's house.[6]

Student and Eleazar Fig in Vault 12 HL

The student and Eleazar Fig in Vault 12.

The path around the ruins was protected by walls created with ancient magic, which as the student was able to unlock, gave Eleazar correct suspicions that his student had unique abilities. Eventually, the two of them found a gateway that went to Gringotts Wizarding Bank, where they used the key to access Vault 12. After entering the vault, they were locked in, as the instructions given by Percival Rackham centuries ago had ordered the banker to do,[12] and after completing various puzzles, eventually found their way to the heart of the vault, which contained a Pensieve.[6]

The Pensieve showed a memory of Percival Rackham and Charles Rookwood discussing ancient magic that a future witch or wizard would eventually earn and master through the completion of the Keepers' trials. After viewing this memory, Ranrok, the leader of a goblin rebellion, burst through the doors, demanding what had been learned. Following a short skirmish, Fig and the student managed to escape through another gateway, this time to Hogwarts Castle, where the student finally started the Sorting Ceremony.[6]

Fifth year (1890–1891)[]

Starting Hogwarts[]

The Unidentified 19th-century Hogwarts student being sorted HL

This student about to be sorted by the Sorting Hat

The student was introduced to Phineas Nigellus Black, the Headmaster of Hogwarts, and then Sorted (albeit late)[20] into an unknown House.[23] They were escorted to their common room by Professor Matilda Weasley, the Deputy Headmistress. The next morning, the student met their fellow housemates in their common room and were given the Wizard's Field Guide by Professor Weasley. The Wizard's Field Guide was a book designed by the British Ministry of Magic to keep the student up to date on what they needed to know for their coming O.W.L. examinations.[7]

The student attended Charms, where they played their first game of Summoner's Court and met Natsai Onai,[24] as well as Defence Against the Dark Arts, where they befriended Sebastian Sallow after a friendly duel. Sebastian, who was quite impressed with this student, invited to them to the unsanctioned Crossed Wands duelling club, organised by Lucan Brattleby, to further hone their experience in duelling.[25]

Troll attack on Hogsmeade[]

Unidentified 19th-century Hogwarts student getting their wand HL

This student receiving their wand from Gerbold Ollivander

After class, the student was asked by Professor Weasley to visit Hogsmeade with one of their friends, either Sebastian or Natsai, so that they could gather supplies for the coming year: a wand from Ollivanders, a small pot and potions station from Tomes and Scrolls, some potions from J. Pippin's Potions, and some Dittany seeds from The Magic Neep. During their visit to Hogsmeade, a pair of Mountain trolls attacked the village under a coordinated assault by Ranrok and Victor Rookwood. The troll was defeated by the student and the streets of Hogsmeade were repaired, for which the people of Hogsmeade, such as Augustus Hill, were very grateful.[26]

The student and their friend (Sebastian or Natsai) visited the Three Broomsticks Inn, where the proprietress, Sirona Ryan, had just finished speaking to a goblin named Lodgok. Shortly after, Victor Rookwood and Theophilus Harlow followed them. A standoff ensued between the criminals, the students, and Sirona. In the end, Rookwood decided it was not worth it and left; likewise, the student as well as they returned to Hogwarts with their friend.[26]

Secrets of the Restricted Section[]

"If you want to get the most out of your time at Hogwarts, you're going to need to break the rules now and then."
Sebastian Sallow to this student[src]

Not long into the beginning of the year, they were summoned by Professor Fig who wished to explore the Hogwarts Library, but before they could, Fig was drawn away by Phineas Nigellus Black. As a result, the student approached Sebastian Sallow and asked him if he could help them into the Restricted Section, to which he agreed, having entered it many times before. They met at Central Hall at night, used the Disillusionment Charm as well as a distraction to bypass the librarian, Madam Agnes Scribner, and worked their way into the Restricted Section.[27]

The Keepers HL

The Keepers in Feldcroft within the memory

There, they were accosted by Peeves the Poltergeist, who gleefully alerted Scribner to their presence. Sebastian returned but the student kept searching, eventually finding the Athenaeum, an ancient magic room below Hogwarts Castle defended by Pensieve Sentries. When the student reached the end of this chamber, they found a book hovering above a Pensieve which opened to release a memory of the Keepers. Within the memory, the Keepers replenished the village of Feldcroft[28][29] after a drought in the 15th/16th century, encountering the young Isidora Morganach, a witch who, like this student, had the rare ability to see traces of ancient magic. Likewise, the student also learned that Percival Rackham, a former professor, also possessed this ability and had joined Hogwarts as a fifth year.[27]

When the student finished viewing the memory and returned to the Library, he saw Sebastian being reprimanded by Scribner. However, Sebastian did not reveal the student's presence.[27] The student returned to Professor Fig and informed them about the book in the Restricted Section, enabling Fig to conduct his own research into the book, as well as tasking the student with finding the missing pages of the book.[30]

Befriending students[]

Following this adventure, the student took classes in Herbology, where they were taught about the Mandrake and the Chinese Chomping Cabbage and met Leander Prewett, a Gryffindor student in their year.[31] They also took their first Potions class, where they were introduced to Professor Sharp, the Wiggenweld Potion, and the Edurus Potion. During this lesson, Garreth Weasley (another Gryffindor) asked them to steal a Fwooper feather from Sharp's office for his own potion. The student may or may not have completed this request.[32]

The student also became further acquainted with Natsai Onai, whom they met at Lower Hogsfield and discussed bringing down Victor Rookwood and Ranrok with.[33]

Trials of Merlin[]

Once in Lower Hogsfield, the student heard Nora Treadwell, a travelling researcher, call out for help, as she was being attacked by Ashwinders. When the student fought them off, Nora rewarded them by teaching them about the Trials of Merlin, puzzles that had been laid by Merlin throughout the Highlands. She explained that sprinkling Mallowsweet was the way to initiate the trials, and asking if they could solve one. The student successfully did so by casting the Fire-Making Spell on three braziers surrounding the trial.[34]

Richard Jackdaw's ghost[]

Richard Jackdaw HL

Richard Jackdaw, a troublesome ghost to whom this student became acquainted

In order to find missing pages of the book they found in the Atheneum, the student undertook a quest[35] which led them to the ghost of Richard Jackdaw. He told them how he stole the book, then followed a map within it to a cave. Upon entering it, he was beheaded. He offered to take them to the cave in which he died to find the pages, telling them that he would meet them soon at the edge of the Forbidden Forest.[36]

Discovering Hogwarts secrets[]

Percival Rackham: "Has someone finally found our Map Chamber?"
Student: "I recognise you from the Pensieves. You're Professor Rackham."
Percival Rackham: "I am indeed. I must confess that I am surprised to see someone so young standing before me."
Student: "I'm the same age that you and Isidora Morganach were when you started at Hogwarts."
Percival Rackham: "You've paid attention. And, might I presume, you share our – ability?"
Student: "To see traces of ancient magic? Yes, sir. I do."
— The student becomes acquainted with Percival Rackham[src]

Following whichever of these adventures they embarked upon, the student eventually found the cave in which Richard Jackdaw's skeleton was contained and found that it was linked to the Map Chamber, the seat of the Keepers, four wizards and witches from the Tudor era who acted as the guardians of ancient magic. All but one of the large portraits within the Chamber were empty. The student spoke to the remarkably self-aware and intelligent portrait of Professor Percival Rackham, who informed them on his own ability to perceive ancient magic, and asked them to bring the book to him to prove their identity.[37]

Following this, the student attended Flying class with Madam Chiyo Kogawa, where they learned to ride a broomstick,[38] as well as being introduced to the Room of Requirement by Matilda Weasley. Professor Weasley was determined that the student should use the Room as a personal laboratory to perfect their potion-making and Herbology, thus teaching them the appropriate Conjuring Spells as well as the Vanishing Charm to assist in the creation and removal of magical furniture.[39]

Eventually, Sebastian Sallow contacted the student and asked to meet them on the ground floor of the Hogwarts Turris Magnus, where he wished to show them the secret passage leading to the Undercroft. There, Sebastian taught the student the Blasting Curse, taught them more about their classmates (such as Ominis Gaunt), and invited them to meet his family at Feldcroft. Upon leaving the room, the student was apprehended by Ominis himself, who demanded to know how they had found the Undercroft, a supposed secret of the Gaunt family for generations. Although they shared this prickly meeting, Ominis and the student would go on to become good friends by the end of the year.[40]

Percival Rackham's trial[]

The first trial of this student's worthiness began as they were instructed to seek out San Bakar's Tower, the former home of Professor San Bakar, one of Percival's fellow Keepers. Joined by Eleazar Fig, the student defeated the goblins defending the Tower before being informed by another portrait of Rackham of the existence of an underground ancient magical construction beneath the Tower. Eleazar Fig was forbidden from aiding the student, thus beginning the trial.[16]

The student solved various puzzles within these chambers and fought off several Pensieve Protectors – animated statues whose purpose it was to defend the trial from corrupt forces, as well as challenging the student's individual power. When they were defeated, the student had to defeat the Pensieve Guardian, an enormous and deadly animated statue, which they eventually managed to best in combat.[16]

Percival Rackham pensive statue HL

The statue of Percival Rackham above the Pensieve

A teardrop fell from a large statue of Percival Rackham hovering above a Pensieve, which the student then viewed. The memory presented Isidora Morganach as a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry being tutored by Percival Rackham in the art of ancient magic. In particular, Isidora was shown constructing pillars out of an island's terrain. The student was also shown Isidora's concerns about her father following her brother's death, as he had slumped into a depression. Isidora was determined to find a way to use her powers to relieve her father of his pain.[16] The student was shown, many years later, that Isidora Morganach had become the Professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts at the school,[41] as well as Isidora inviting Percival Rackham and Charles Rookwood to an evening at her house. After this, the memory cut short. The student received a peculiar artefact, and Charles Rookwood's portrait appeared in the Map Chamber, willing to speak to the student.[16]

"Ah. Yes. You will find a similar artefact in each trial. You must take care to keep them safe. You will need them to complete the journey we have set forth for you. Once you have them all, we will tell you what to do with them."
Charles Rookwood[src]

The student was informed that there would be a purpose to this artefact, as well as to the other artefacts they would acquire from subsequent trials, and Charles was also informed by Percival about the worrying situation regarding Ranrok's goblin rebellion.[16]

After the trial[]

Bowing to Highwing HL

The student meeting Highwing

After Rackham's trial, the student had their first Beasts class, where they cared for a Puffskein and some Kneazles. They also met Poppy Sweeting, an animal-loving Hufflepuff student, who introduced them to a Hippogriff to whom she was acquainted named Highwing.[42] They also met the Hogwarts caretaker, Mr Gladwin Moon, who taught them the Unlocking Charm and asked them to illegally sneak into the Faculty Tower and remove some Demiguise Moons in the dead of night.[43]

The Helm of Urtkot[]

With their journey to defeat Ranrok, this student travelled to the Three Broomsticks Inn in Hogsmeade to ask the barkeep, Sirona Ryan, on the identity of the goblin to whom she had been speaking on 2 September. She revealed him to be Lodgok and said that he would likely be at the Hog's Head Inn, where the student summarily went.[44]

As the student told Lodgok that they were trusted by Sirona, Lodgok promised to reveal Ranrok's plans to them under the condition that the Helm of Urtkot was retrieved for them. Lodgok's intentions were that he could present Ranrok with the Helm to distract him from his search for the final repository.[44]

The student entered the Collector's Cave, wherein they were required to solve various puzzles with the Wand-Lighting Charm to attract moths to magical doorways, operating the insects as keys. After fighting various Inferi that lurked within the Cave, the student finally found the Helm of Urtkot in a chest. Following this, they were ambushed by a troop of Ashwinders, whom they defeated. They finally presented the Helm to Lodgok, who thanked the student, agreed it would be enough to impress Ranrok. However, Lodgok let slip that Ranrok was searching for something, confusing the student and making them suspicious that he had not been telling the whole truth when he claimed he was ignorant.[44]

After this journey, they were taught more about the nab-sack and the Vivarium by Deek. They rescued a Mooncalf, a Puffskein, and a Jobberknoll.[45]

Meeting the Sallows[]

Solomon Sallow: "We've been over this, boy."
Sebastian Sallow: "Hey!"
Solomon Sallow: "Shrivelfigs cannot reverse a curse. Nothing can. The sooner you accept that reality the better."
Sebastian Sallow: "But we haven't tried everything."
Solomon Sallow: "There is no cure. When will you accept that?"
Sebastian Sallow: "Never. I can never accept it."
— Solomon Sallow and Sebastian Sallow's disagreement[src]
Sallow family HL

The Sallow family

This student was invited by Sebastian Sallow to his family home in Feldcroft. They received a lecture on the lawlessness of the region, including the interest that Ranrok's Loyalists had taken into Rookwood Castle, as well as the history of the curse that Anne Sallow had received two years prior. They visited Sebastian's home, witnessing an argument between he and his uncle, Solomon Sallow, over the ability of a Shrivelfig to cure Anne. In short, it was clear that while Sebastian was determined to find a cure by any means necessary, Solomon was unwilling to entertain this, believing it only to be false hope for Anne, and only wanted to keep her comfortable during her period of illness. Sebastian was gravely dismayed by his uncle's line of thought.[28]

But they decided to explore further into the town. After battling some goblins, they reached the house of Isidora Morganach, though her portrait had been burned. They found that her house linked to the Undercroft via a secret passage made of ancient magic, which finally got Sebastian thinking about what was so special about his friend. Indeed, the student revealed their secret – that they were able to use ancient magic – much to Sebastian's confusion and bewilderment, as he could not tell the difference between the Keepers as an institution, and the Quidditch position of Keeper.[28]

When they returned to the Undercroft, they found a triptych set against the wall. Two of the canvases had been torn out and only a Rune Diagram page was left inside, thus beginning Sebastian and this student's investigation into yet another mystery.[28]

Shortly afterwards, at midnight,[46] this student took their first Astronomy class with Professor Satyavati Shah. There, they became further acquainted with Amit Thakkar, a Ravenclaw student in their year, who explored an Astronomy Table on the Hogwarts grounds with them.[47]

Saving Highwing[]

As Natsai Onai's independent investigation into Victor Rookwood and Theophilus Harlow continued, she discovered that he had poached two Hippogriffs, including Highwing, whom the student had met earlier that year.[48]

The High Keep HL

Natsai Onai and the student after saving the Hippogriffs

The student travelled to Falbarton Castle, where they battled the various members of the Rookwood Gang stationed within the keep, before escaping atop Highwing and the other Hippogriff on the top storey. Following this, the student developed a close friendship with Highwing, who became one of their mounts, joining the other creatures in the nab-sack.[48]

Charles Rookwood's trial[]

"You would be wise not to underestimate this student. Their aptitude for magic is beyond anything I've ever seen – and I've been teaching for a long time."
— Eleazar Fig to the portraits of Charles Rookwood and Percival Rackham[src]

The student was asked to meet Professor Fig in the Map Chamber, which they did. They informed Fig about their plans with Lodgok and the activity of the goblins near Rookwood Castle in Feldcroft. The student informed Charles Rookwood that his descendant, Victor, was an ally of Ranrok's goblin rebellion, and Charles asked the student to seek out the source of power located beneath Rookwood Castle before it could fall into the wrong hands.[49]

Rookwood Castle HL

Rookwood Castle, Feldcroft

Eleazar Fig and the student set off for Rookwood Castle, which they summarily infiltrated. At the same time, Ranrok and Victor Rookwood argued over who was more senior in their alliance, and whose goals were more worthy of action, as their partnership slowly began to fray. The student went down to the cellar of the castle, where they found a depleted repository of ancient magic. They spoke to Charles' portrait, who urged the student to begin the second trial to prove themselves.[17]

Like Percival Rackham's trial, the student was seemingly transported to an ancient magic dimension detached from the physical world – or perhaps Apparated to a place deep underground. They had to perform some puzzles and defeat several Pensieve Protectors, and finally one Pensieve Guardian, before finally viewing Charles' Pensieve memories, which told them the truth about Isidora Morganach.[17]

This memory showed Isidora inviting the Keepers to her home, where she introduced her father to them. She used her father as a demonstration of her pain extraction spell, whereby she cured him of his depression. The Keepers were shocked at this, urging her to stop what she was doing, arguing that ancient magic should not be used in this way.[17]

With this, the 1890–1891 school year transitioned into winter.[17]

Horntail Hall[]

Main article: Horntail Hall

As Poppy Sweeting learned about Horntail Hall, a secret dragon fighting den established by the Poacher Pack, she invited the student to investigate. They infiltrated the Hall, where they saw a group of poachers torturing a Hebridean Black. They intervened, fought the poachers, and freed the dragon in the process. The newly freed dragon ate one of the nearby poachers before burning the rest to death with its fire, with the student and Poppy remaining safe due to well-timed Shield Charms. The student used the Fire-Making Spell spell on the roof of the fighting ring, allowing the dragon to escape, and also rescued the dragon's egg.[50]

Adding to the triptych[]

Meanwhile, Sebastian had finished his investigation into where the single untorn canvas of the triptych was located. He met the student at the Overlook, just north-east of Upper Hogsfield, nearby an abandoned mine that had since become a headquarters for Ranrok's Loyalists. They possibly approached the mine stealthily, using the Disillusionment Charm, or approached noisily with a fight.[51]

Nevertheless, once inside the mine, the student was forced to defeat a number of goblins, along with Thornback spiders and two Matriarch spiders. By the end, they found a secret chamber that had once been occupied by Isidora Morganach, possessing several handwritten notes that spoke about her pain-extracting methods, along with the second piece of the triptych.[51]

Once back in the Undercroft, they placed this piece of the triptych. Sebastian recognised the location, but warned there was more trouble waiting. Following this, the student informed him that he had been speaking to Lodgok about Ranrok's rebellion, which Sebastian was disgusted at, considering it to be fraternising with the enemy.[51]

Investigating Ranrok's plans[]

The student met with Amit Thakkar, who could read Gobbledegook, and brought him to Lodgok, who told them the entirety of Ranrok's plans: that he had uncovered journals belonging to his ancestor, Bragbor, which mentioned repositories of ancient magic: "large, magically fortified receptacles crafted from goblin metal". Lodgok finally mentioned that Ranrok was determined to acquire these repositories for himself to supplant wizardkind with goblinkind as the dominant magical species.[52]

The student and Amit entered the Mine's Eye, a goblin mine located in the Highlands. They defeated a number of Ranrok's Loyalists and stole scrolls and notes bearing Ranrok's plans. Amit identified that Ranrok was building large drills – larger than they had any reason to be – which the student found suspicious.[52]

Once they left the mine, Lodgok told the student about his history with Miriam Fig, Professor Fig's late wife, and how due to the kindness she showed to him, he decided to abandon Ranrok's side and work with wizardkind, rather than against them. Lodgok also warned the student that if Ranrok did discover and use the repositories, that a war would ensue.[52]

Niamh Fitzgerald's trial[]

With time of the essence, the student spoke to Niamh Fitzgerald, the third of the four Keepers, to begin her Trial. However, as it was located in the Headmaster's office, the student required a disguise to sneak in. Professor Fig had pre-brewed some Polyjuice Potion, which the student used to impersonate Headmaster Phineas Nigellus Black. They queried Scrope on the password to the Headmaster's office ("toujours pur") and, once in, spoke to the portrait of Professor Fitzgerald.[4][18]

Niamh Fitzgerald's Trial HL

Death in Niamh Fitzgerald's trial

This Trial was unlike any the student had previously experienced. Ascending to the top of the Headmaster's office, they were transported into the world of Niamh Fitzgerald's book. They had to dodge the line of sight of the various minions of Death, and were eventually given the Cloak of Invisibility which made this easier. Afterwards, they were given the Elder Wand, supposedly the most powerful wand in wizarding history, and engaged in battle with various assailants with general ease.[18]

They were then given the Resurrection Stone and shown a vision of Niamh's funeral, before finally reaching Niamh's Pensieve, which showed the student a memory of Isidora Morganach. In the memory, Niamh and Isidora were pictured walking through the grounds of Hogwarts Castle as Isidora talked about how she was able to contain the strands of ancient magic in her own repositories. Isidora also attempted to use the pain extraction spell on Niamh without her permission, though she was stopped before any damage could be done.[18]

As the student finished the trials, the portrait of Professor San Bakar, the last of the Keepers, arrived in frame. However, he was reluctant to allow the student to begin his trial without before consulting with his fellow Keepers.[18]

Completing the triptych[]

Sebastian Sallow: "These 'Keepers' are playing games with you. You need to press them for more information."
Student: "It doesn't work like that. To access each of these memories, I have to complete a trial. It's not as easy as you think. They're showing me the memories in a particular order. They –"
Sebastian Sallow: "Ugh. Either they don't trust you or you don't care enough about Anne to ask the difficult questions!"
— The student argues with Sebastian over Anne Sallow[src]

As it became clear to Sebastian that ancient magic offered a way to "extract pain", he was determined to get the student to ask the Keepers on how to use this spell. However, the student never did, resulting in their friendship becoming slightly more tenuous. Nonetheless, Sebastian was still on this quest as much as his friend, so they ventured to a mountain in Marunweem to find the last piece of the triptych.[53]

Triptych HL

Sebastian, the student, and the completed triptych

They fought various Thornback spiders and two Matriarchs. After this, they defeated a Mountain Troll. They found their way through the mountain, which had tunnels and halls etched into its caves, before eventually finding yet another room that had been used by Isidora Morganach within her lifetime. The room contained, as expected, the last segment of the triptych, allowing it to be completed.[53]

"Please. Talk to the Keepers. If not for me, then for Anne."
— Sebastian to this student[src]

When the triptych was completed, a Pensieve appeared in the Undercroft, showing a memory of the creation of the repositories by Bragbor, the goblin ancestor of Ranrok and Lodgok, commissioned by Isidora herself. As it became evident to Sebastian with his own eyes that there was a way to cure people of their ailments, he begged the student to find a way to cure Anne through ancient magic.[53]

Lodgok's loyalty[]

Lodgok sent an owl stating he found one of Ranrok's drills in a mine along the shore with intentions to destroy it after reasoning with Ranrok had been met with failure. He invited the new fifth-year student to join him, but he stated that even if the student didn't show, he would get in contact with them after he returned. He added that he had something to give them but did not state what.

Ranrok had completed the drill within the mine the student was meeting Lodgok. After taking out the support pillars to sabotage the drill, Ranrok chided the student that there would be more. Unfortunately, Rookwood had caught Lodgok moving about in the mines, and they discovered what he was intending to bring to the student after he destroyed the drill. Ranrok revealed that Lodgok was his little brother and naive to have ever trusted wizarding kind. They could never be equals, and he said even the young learn to hide their disgust just to get what they want. Lodgok denied this, and the enraged Ranrok used his magic to blast his brother fatally into the wall in front of the horrified student.

The student escaped in the resulting collapse of the mine cavern by rail cart lamenting they understood why Lodgok was trying so hard to convince Ranrok of the way of peace.

The student returned to the Map Chamber to report to Professor Fig and the Keepers the news that Ranrok now knew where the last repository was and that Lodgok had intended to bring the last journal of Bragbor to her when he was killed. San Bakar's portrait revealed they had Obliviated Bragbor, but the Keepers had no idea he kept journals. The student revealed that it was Isidora that had tipped Bragbor off on the nature of what he was creating, and that she had left memories for someone to find.

The student was directed to meet Professor Fig at San Bakar's Pensieve to complete their final trial.

San Bakar's trial[]

The student met Professor Fig at the location of San Bakar's trial. However, they were unable to figure out how to open the door to access the trial. Upon seeing the sculpture of a Graphorn, coupled with San Bakar's earlier comment that the student needed to be well-trained in the handling of beasts, Fig correctly deduced that the Trial included taming a Graphorn. He directed the student to the Lord of the Shore, a semi-legendary Graphorn roaming at the southern coast beyond the Hogwarts Valley. Once there, the student engaged in a battle with the gigantic Graphorn. However, when the beast charged at them, the student instinctively kneeled, gaining the Graphorn's respect and allowing the student to mount him. The student may also tame the Graphorn with force, attacking the creature as it was charging toward them. Atop the Lord of the Shore, the student returned to Bakar's Pensieve chamber, opened it, and retrieved the last memory and Pensieve artefact.[13]

Bakar's memory chronicled the Keepers' final confrontation with Isidora Morganach, who had stored a seemingly endless trove of people's pains into a single, great repository. Unwilling to let Isidora carry on with her work, the Keepers battled her, with San Bakar casting the Killing Curse on Isidora after she near-fatally wounded Professor Niamh Fitzgerald. With all the memories in his possession, the student learned the true reason for the Trials: to learn how to contain the power of ancient magic to keep it from falling into the wrong hands.[13]

Back at the Map Chamber, the Keepers also revealed the true function of the Pensieve artefacts. Combined, they aided in forging a powerful wand needed to access the final repository and contain its ancient magic. With little time left to lose until Ranrok inadvertently attacked Hogwarts, the student was sent to Gerbold Ollivander to create their new wand.[19]

Victor Rookwood's last stand[]

The student met with Ollivander and provided them with the materials to create the mysterious wand. After a time, Ollivander returned with a unique wand, but stated that it would have few other uses aside from what it was apparently designed for. After leaving Ollivander's, the student was confronted by Victor Rookwood, who managed to corner them alone. At first, Rookwood claimed that he and the student's interests were aligned, considering how Ranrok wanted to establish a goblin-dominated world. After the student refused to side with him, Rookwood claimed the final repository was his birthright. Victor then proclaimed that "children should be seen, not heard", a sentence last heard when Anne Sallow was cursed, confirming to the student that it was Victor, and not the goblins, who cursed Anne. An Ashwinder then grabbed the student and Disapparated to an unknown location.

The student was ambushed by a large number of Ashwinders, Victor included. They held their own against the overwhelming force of assailants, eventually forcing Victor into a one-on-one duel. Victor cast the Killing Curse on the student, who in turn cast Expelliarmus to deflect it. The student gained the upper hand, rebounding Victor's curse and killing him.

Battle for the final repository[]

After Rookwood's death, the student sped back to Hogwarts to inform Fig of what happened and to intercept Ranrok. However, it was too late, as Ranrok had begun his invasion by drilling through the mountain on which Hogwarts Castle was built, which was not defended by the same defensive charms that guarded the castle itself, bringing his Loyalists and various trolls with him.[10]

Eleazar Fig had informed his colleagues, the professors of Hogwarts, about the attack. Professors Matilda Weasley, Mudiwa Onai, Aesop Sharp, Abraham Ronen, and Dinah Hecat promptly arrived to help Fig and the student to defend the cavern. After this student and Fig entered the repository chamber, Ranrok appeared and, using Miriam Fig's wand, broke open the final repository and inhaled its emotions, acquiring unrivalled power. He transformed into an invincible dragon-like creature and started a final duel with the student, crushing Eleazar Fig with debris.[54]

The student painstakingly defeated Ranrok and either used the Keepers' wand to create a new cage in which to trap the excess emotion or consumed the ancient magic, claiming the power themselves. Professor Fig afterwards died and was laid to rest. A memorial ceremony was held for him in the Great Hall following the battle. With Ranrok's death, the goblin rebellion was effectively ended before it could truly begin. Fig and the student's actions kept the rebellion from spiralling out of control, and the rest of the wizarding world would remain unaware of the potential catastrophe averted by the two wizards.[54]

End of the year[]

As the year came to an end, the student attended the banquet where Headmaster Black was about to announce the winning house when Deputy Headmistress Weasley interrupted the speech, saying that the student's heroic deeds against Ranrok's army and academic achievements in such a short amount of time merited one-hundred points to the house. Headmaster Black then announced the winner of the House Cup and everyone in the house joyfully cheered with the student.[55]

Other adventures[]

With Sebastian Sallow[]

Over the course of the student's fifth year, they befriended Sebastian Sallow and joined him on a quest to cure his sister, Anne, of the curse that had been placed upon her by Victor Rookwood in his Raid on Feldcroft the preceding year.[56]

Infiltrating Slytherin's Scriptorium[]
New student: "I received your owl. What happened with Ominis?"
Sebastian Sallow: "I told him none of us will be able to avoid Dark Magic forever, so the more we know about Salazar Slytherin and the Dark Arts, the better prepared we'll be. Unfortunately, only a Gaunt knows the location of the scriptorium's entrance and Ominis won't tell me."
— Sebastian and his friend shortly before persuading Ominis to open the Scriptorium[src]

Not long after the student's venture into the Undercroft with Sebastian, the two would speak in the Great Hall at Hogwarts, where Sebastian told the student more about his friend, Ominis Gaunt, and started to plot their entry into Slytherin's Scriptorium, a legendary study belonging to one of the co-founders of the school, Salazar Slytherin.[57]

Slytherin's Scriptorium HL

Slytherin's Scriptorium

Although it took some persuasion, the student convinced Ominis Gaunt to join their plot to enter the Scriptorium, and he showed them the configuration required to unlock the study's hidden door: lighting the three braziers in the Dungeons. Ominis had been reluctant as his aunt, Noctua Gaunt, had descended into the study some time before, meeting her end in the various layers of puzzles that protected the study.[58]

The first puzzle was a door that required Parseltongue to pass, which Ominis was glad to co-operate with. Secondly, they had to unriddle various portcullises guarded by dangerous Slytherin Locks. Lastly, they met a door which required the use of the Cruciatus Curse to pass, along with the bones of the deceased Noctua Gaunt. Ominis, due to his childhood trauma relating to the curse, was completely unwilling to use it, requiring either the student or Sebastian to cast it on the other person.[58]

When the trio managed to break in, Sebastian seized a spellbook belonging to Salazar Slytherin. The book contained information about a Relic in the nearby Feldcroft Catacomb, which could be used to cure ailments. Filled with hope for Anne's cure, he pilfered the document and started planning the next part of his plot: to enter the Catacomb and find the Relic.[59]

Breaking into the Feldcroft Catacomb[]

Sebastian and the student met at Feldcroft Catacomb to start their journey for the Relic. They fought various Thornback spiders and found a medieval student's journal entries scattered throughout the premises.[60]

Ominis Gaunt confronts student in Catacomb HL

The confrontation with Ominis Gaunt

Eventually, the pair discovered the Relic, which Sebastian took. However, they were stopped by Ominis, who neither had realised had been following them. Ominis found it hard to even look at Sebastian, and argued to their mutual friend that they had agreed to stop meddling with the Dark Arts after their entry into Slytherin's Scriptorium. However, the friend either managed to persuade Ominis otherwise, or went so far as to use the Imperius Curse on him to force him to stand aside.[60]

Sebastian and his friend ran out of the Catacomb only to be greeted by an ongoing attack on the town of Feldcroft. As Ranrok's Loyalists descended on the town, the students fought them back. One such goblin rushed at Anne Sallow with an axe in hand, but Sebastian cast the Imperius Curse on him and forced him to commit suicide, much to the horror of his family members. After this incident, Sebastian was evicted from his home by his uncle Solomon, and ordered to stay away from them both.[60]

Duel with Solomon Sallow[]

After many months, Sebastian contacted his sister using the crest that he had been given by her, a message that he hoped Solomon would not intercept.[61]

Sebastian with Inferi HL

Sebastian surrounded by loyal Inferi

Sebastian found that the Relic allowed him to control Inferi. Drunk on the power of his new ability, the Inferi sprung out of control, overwhelming the Catacomb and threatening to spill out into Feldcroft itself. Ominis Gaunt summoned the student to the Catacomb, desperate for their aid.[56]

"I told you! The relic is the answer! I've been trying to reverse the Dark Magic that injured Anne, but this will allow me to control it – just as I can control the Inferi."
— Sebastian Sallow[src]

The student battled off Inferi and found Sebastian in an upper chamber within the Catacomb. They attempted to reason with Sebastian, but he was reluctant to hear them out. Eventually, they were interrupted by a furious Solomon, who summoned the Relic from Sebastian's hands and magically disintegrated it, spiralling the Inferi further out of control, as they reneged on their master.[56]

Solomon Death

Solomon Sallow's murder

A duel erupted between Sebastian and the student on one side, and Solomon on the other, further complicated by the anarchical Inferi who were spawning out of the ground. After a laborious battle, Sebastian cast the Killing Curse on his uncle, murdering him in cold blood.[56]

After the death of Solomon Sallow, the student either chose to turn him in or kept his involvement in the skirmish a secret.[62]

With Natsai Onai[]

Rescuing Highwing and Caligo[]

Rescuing Archie Bickle from capture[]

Finding witnesses[]


Final confrontation with Harlow[]

With Poppy Sweeting[]

Rescuing a Hebridean Black Dragon at Horntail Hall[]

Returning the dragon egg[]

Meeting with centaurs[]

Retrieving a moonstone in a cave[]

Protecting the golden snidgets from poachers[]

Magical abilities and skills[]

  • Magical mastery: Although this person was not yet in their full magical powers until they was 15, before finally being admitted to Hogwarts, had immediately showed an alarming growth in learning and mastering whatever branch of magic they was taught at school. Thanks to their skills, this individual soon became well known not only in Hogwarts but also in Hogsmeade and the neighbouring villages as an outstanding student, capable of simultaneously facing and totally defeating dark wizards and dangerous creatures, such as trolls and inferius, increasingly becoming a credible threat to both Ranrok's Loyalists and Rookwood Gang.
  • Ancient magic: This individual was born with the rare gift to see traces of ancient magic, which as their fifth year progressed, they began to wield with peerless power; they could both visually and aurally perceive echoes of magic normally invisible to ordinary witches and wizards, and could easily interact with such echoes. This power also allowed them to use purely instinctive spells unknown to them to manipulate both the environment and enemies to their advantage, without the need to know and pronounce said spells. So far they had shown that they could use it notably to hurl objects nearby towards enemies, explode enemies from within, summon lightning from above and to simulate a weak form of Apparition, that allowed them to dissipate in a white energy trail to better dodge attacks and move faster for several metres.[8]
  • Charms: Although they had never practised any type of spell until being fifteen years old (putting them at a considerable disadvantage with the rest of the fifth year students at Hogwarts), this student proved to be a prodigy at learning and using charms. During Professor Fig's tutoring, this student had already learned to cast at least a few duelling spells such as the Basic Cast, Shield Charm, and Stunning Spell, as well as learning to use Wand-Lighting Charm and Revelio Charm perfectly. During the beginning of their year at Hogwarts, this student quickly bridged the cultural time gap that separated them from their peers, by not only quickly learning all the spells that both the professors and other students and acquaintances taught them, but was able to customise these spells so that they acquired additional powerful effects.[8]
  • Transfiguration: Also in their fifth year at Hogwarts, this student not only excelled in the Transforming Spells to turn objects and targets into something else (even in the middle of a duel), but also excelled at the conjuration, alteration, and vanishing of various personal objects which they used within the Room of Requirement to set it up as their personal laboratory, as well as a shelter for the animals they saved. They were also able to perform remarkable feats of transfiguration through the use of ancient magic, for example permanently turning adversaries into chickens, or considerably reducing the size of spiders (including Acromantulas) to the point that the creatures could easily be smashed under heel.[8]
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts: They were an accomplished duellist, starting with their fight against the trolls in Hogsmeade,[26] and eventually becoming capable of taking on and beating countless other enemies as well, such as Ranrok's Loyalists,[8] Rookwood Gang members,[8] and the Lord of the Shore.[13] In the end, their duelling ability was so great that they could take down Ranrok himself, in his dragon form, and save both Hogwarts and the wizarding world.[10] Their heroism was recognised by their professors as well as by the rest of the school.[63]
  • Dark Arts: While not an active criminal,[64] on their journey with Sebastian Sallow to save Anne Sallow, this student learned the Unforgivable Curses quite early,[58][60][56] though it is unknown if they were ever used in combat.[64]
  • Potions: This student was capable of creating powerful potions that were useful in the pursuit of their activities; in particular they were well known for knowing and using potions in combat situations. Their capabilities included the Wiggenweld Potion, the Maxima Potion, the Thunderbrew, the Invisibility Potion, the Edurus Potion and the Focus Potion. Even Professor Aesop Sharp, who was very demanding with his students, acknowledged that the student displayed considerable potion-making skills and encouraged them to develop them as much as they could.
  • Herbology: This student was well known for effectively cultivating and even integrating certain magical plants, such as Mandrakes, Venomous Tentaculas and Chinese Chomping Cabbages, into duels, as well as using them as ingredients in potion making.
  • Flying: This student showed an instinctive aptitude to flying on a broomstick. During their first flying lesson by Madame Kogawa, they easily mastered the basics and even mastered some advanced flying techniques on an unauthorised flying tour with Everett Clopton, Later in the school year, the student defeated Imelda Reyes in a set of flying courses, which was remarkable, as Reyes was reputed to be the best broom flier attending Hogwarts.
  • Care of Magical Creatures: This student was a natural in handling magical creatures, especially after being given a Nab-sack and access to vivariums inside the Room of Requirement where they could keep creatures safe from poachers, breed them and take care of them, and obtain various materials (hair, feathers, horns, etc.) from them. They notably interacted with Mooncalves, Puffskeins, Kneazles, Nifflers, Diricawls, Jobberknolls, Fwoopers, Giant Purple Toads, Unicorns and Thestrals (the latter of whom they were able to see due to having witnessed George Osric's death). They quickly won the trust of almost every magical creature they interacted with. After their first Beasts class, they befriended the Hippogriff Highwing.[42] Later during their fifth year, they even won the allegiance of both a Graphorn[13] and a phoenix.[65] Befriending these creatures is said to be nearly impossible for the average wizard.
  • Astronomy: This student was passionate about this subject after their first lesson and in their many adventures managed to find time to dedicate into stargazing and discovering various constellations at night.


Highwing HL


Lord of the Shore HL

The Lord of the Shore

Behind the scenes[]


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