"We do not help."
—The merman refusing to lend Harry Potter a spear[src]

This merman was an individual Merperson who was active during the Triwizard Tournament in 1994.


Harry Potter, during the Second Task, tried to persuade him into borrowing his spear, but he refused, laughing as he yanked the spear back from Harry. It is unknown if he was ever present at Dumbledore's funeral.

Physical Appearance

"...he swan swiftly toward a seven-foot tall merman with a long green beard and a choker of shark fangs..."
Harry Potter's description on the merman[src]

The merman was large, rising to almost seven feet tall. He bore a choker of shark fangs around his neck and had a long green beard.

Personality and Traits

Despite he was unhelpful to Harry Potter when he tried to have access to his spear, he was loyal, obeying the orders to not aid any of the champions during the task.


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