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"Oh, yes, very interesting — plenty of smarts, bit of bravery, too. There's talent, of course — and something more."
— The Sorting Hat regarding this student whilst sorting them[src]

This individual was a Muggle-born witch or wizard who lived in the early 21st century. After being informed of their magical heritage by Rubeus Hagrid, they started attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 2008.[2][1]


Early life (Before 2008)

This individual was born to a Muggle family between 1996 and 1997.[1] During their childhood, their latent magical abilities often surfaced, which they believed was unusual, despite their parents being amused and not taking it seriously.[2]

During the summer of 2008,[1] Rubeus Hagrid, the Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, paid them a visit and delivered the Hogwarts acceptance letter. Being a Muggle-born, they were escorted to Diagon Alley by Hagrid on his flying motorbike to purchase their school stuff. They first went to Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions to dress themselves up,[2] and then Ollivanders to purchase their wand.[4] Hagrid also invited them to the Eeylops Owl Emporium and gifted them an owl. When they were ready to return home, Hagrid's motorbike had trouble starting, so they used the London Underground.[7]

When they arrived at King's Cross Station on 1 September, they were unsure how to find Platform Nine and Three-Quarters. Just then, Harry Potter, whose identity was unknown to them, tapped them on the shoulder and instructed them to run straight into the wall between Platform Nine and Ten. They successfully boarded the Hogwarts Express and arrived at Hogsmeade station, after which they crossed the Great Lake on a boat with other first-years and reached the Hogwarts Castle.[8]

Hogwarts years (2008–2015)

First year

Sorting ceremony

Headmistress McGonagall led them into the Great Hall and delivered a speech, mentioning a grumpy ghoul having taken up residence in an empty classroom on the third floor, and assuring students that while they would hopefully never face such evil as in the Battle of Hogwarts, should challenges arise, the joint forces of them would be truly powerful. The Sorting ceremony followed, during which they were sorted into a House they preferred. Ivy Warrington was at first not present at the ceremony, but she was later brought forward by Hagrid, who explained she had gotten distracted by bushes outside the castle, and was sorted into the same House. After the ceremony, the enjoyed the Start-of-Term Feast and got a good night's rest.[5]

First lessons

For their first lessons at Hogwarts, they studied the Levitation Charm in Professor Flitwick's Charms class and brewing the Hair-Raising Potion in Professor Slughorn's Potions class. Between the classes, they heard several students in a corridor talking about Ron Weasley's defeat of a Troll using nothing but the Levitation Charm in his first year. When the students blocked Cassandra Vole's way to Potions class, she brusquely told them to move.[9]

In Potions class, when rat tails were missing, they managed to retrieve some from the Dungeons, but encountered an Acromantula, which they quickly defeated.[9]

Duelling Club

After classes, they witnessed several students practising advanced Transfiguration spells in their common room, which inspired them to visit the Library to learn more spells. There, they saw Robyn Thistlethwaite attempting to cast Sectumsempra and Incarcerous on a copy of The Monster Book of Monsters, but she didn't quite succeed and the book was angered. Hagrid came, picked up and calmed the book down, and suggested the first-years visit the Duelling Club to master the incantations.[10] There, they gave duelling a try, opposing Cassandra and one of the Frey brothers.[6]

Finding Ivy Warrington

At night, Lottie Turner alerted them that Ivy Warrington was missing again, and they decided to search for her themselves. On the Grand Staircase, they met Robyn Thistlethwaite who was looking for Ivy as well and had already arranged a search party. The party consisted of Robyn, Daniel Page and Kevin Farrell, who had met in the Library. Daniel was definite he wouldn't want to risk wandering around the castle in the middle of the night, but Kevin was convinced to do the search with them.[11]

The students arrived at a classroom and Robyn liberated several Acromantulas, which took a while for them to defeat. They went back to the revolving Grand Staircase and encountered Peeves, who stirred up another fight. Kevin got lost in the process, and Daniel came to call them back. Suddenly, they saw Mr Filch, and in a panic, they entered another unknown room which has a "KEEP OUT" sign on the door. There, they encountered another copy of The Monster Book of Monsters, and to make things worse, Robyn used the Engorgement Charm on it to get a better look. When the book was finally struck down, Robyn was nowhere to be seen either.[11]

They arrived at the seventh-floor corridor beside the Troll Tapestry, and when they thought about the situation and paced back and forth, they accidentally triggered the door to the Room of Requirement. Ivy was found in the room and told her story of feeling being followed and looking for a place to hide, and judging by how Ivy seemed to be oblivious to the details, they thought she might have been cursed. Before leaving, they discovered a trunk with the word "WW", and when it was left alone, a white hand reached out from it.[11]

Exploring the Forbidden Forest

Professor Trelawney invited them to the Divination Classroom, where they discovered a vibrating teakettle. Turned out the teakettle had an Occamy in it, and when Trelawney came, she asked them to deliver it to Hagrid.[12]

Ivy wanted to make up for spilling Daniel's potion ingredients in Potions class by looking for them in the Forbidden Forest. Kevin didn't feel safe but Ivy said the only things they should look for were a squill bulb and some tincture of thyme. They quickly found a thyme, and they and Ivy decided to go further into the Forest to look for a squill bulb while Kevin stood guard. During their adventure, they encountered some gnomes, two cloaked individuals attacking a Centaur, a troll and some more gnomes, a merchant with an house-elf, and an individual battling a Norwegian Ridgeback, which they also had to fight after the said individual Disapparated. Afterwards, the Centaur talked to them about the Forbidden Forest being oddly attracting to students, and encouraged them to be brave and safe. They found a squill bulb right where the dragon had been.[13]

Hanging out with friends

At the Freshman Ball, Professor Longbottom encouraged them to ask Ivy for a dance.[14] Later in Charms class, Professor Flitwick let them, Ivy and Cassandra practise the Incarcerous Spell together, but when Ivy tried it, Cassandra muttered a counter-spell that nullified Ivy's spell, which caused Ivy to use the spell on her in retaliation. Flitwick deducted five house points for Ivy's behaviour, which Ivy thought for sure she could win back by participating in club activities.[15]

In Hagrid's Hut, they and Daniel met Robyn's egg which Robyn claimed to be from an Egyptian dragon. She decided to put it in hot water to let it hatch, so they provided the fire to warm the water up. After a while, they sensed something was wrong with the egg, and Daniel thought he smelled boiled egg. Hagrid arrived and informed them it was only an ostrich egg. He remembered raising Norberta and showed them a memory of it, which played on top of a cauldron after Hagrid poured in a vial of memory.[16]

When they went to Potions class, they surprisingly found two Daniels, and asked a question to identify the real Daniel. Then the other one revealed herself to be Ivy, and explained that she and Daniel had a bet over whether they would still recognise the real Daniel after she transformed, and if they didn't, Daniel would have to teach her how to brew the Hair-Raising Potion. It's unknown whether they really recognised him or not, but Daniel decided to teach the both of them anyway.[17]

Rescuing Gossamer

In the common room, Ivy showed Daniel how to properly cast the Levitation Charm, and they also tried the Hardening Charm and the Disarming Charm. When Daniel went to retrieve his wand, he saw an object inside a secret hole in a wall, which turned out to contain a portrait of a small knight. Lottie realised it wasn't moving, and a voice emanated from it saying "help me". They used the Revealing Charm and revealed chains trapping the knight. Just then, Peeves showed up and tried to destroy the portrait, but was defeated by them. The chains were broken, allowing the knight to travel among other portraits. He introduced himself as Gossamer, who was cursed and hidden away for years, and he was delighted to become the students' "loyal friend and dutiful guide" by moving through other portraits to update and alert them. He then went off to visit his old friends.[18]

The Book with No Name

Kevin met them and Robyn in the Library and told them about a book, which he'd thought had been an ordinary History of Magic book, but it'd seemed to be blank but alive and sucked him in, where he'd seen a three-headed dog and blacked out. When they went to retrieve the book, it leapt and showed itself to be blank. Kevin then recalled the three-headed dog Fluffy in the third-floor corridor, which was exactly where he had blacked out.[19] In the book, they assumed the identity of Harry Potter and relived his moments in the room with Fluffy and the Chessboard Chamber.[20]

First examination

When Daniel finished his test and came out of the examination hall, he gave Robyn a vial of Pumpkin Juice, but Robyn thought it was Felix Felicis, and she felt very confident and aced her test.[21] Then they went in to finish their test.[22]

In the Great Hall, the four House ghosts were gathering and having a conversation. When they came forward, they heard the ghosts talking about the winners of the House Cup. Headmistress McGonagall then stepped forward and introduced the House Cup and the system of House points. Robyn was excited about the House Cup and expected to win House points in Quidditch matches, which was met with ridicule from Cassandra. Nevertheless, when Sir Nicholas asked, she said she wanted to become a Chaser. They also conferred ideas about the House Cup with Daniel, Ivy and Lottie.[23]

Finding and bonding with Gossamer

The portrait around the castle became upset because of Gossamer's mischievous activities. A man with black beard recalled how the portraits had decided to remove Gossamer from the general population, and that a student had done the lock on his portrait. In order to repair the man's portrait frame, Daniel decided to unlock Filch's tool chest, but released some rats instead. They quickly took them down, and helped repair the portrait. Daniel and Ivy had a difference of opinion on the treatment that Gossamer had received, and they agreed with Ivy, but were worried that Gossamer would be locked up again if he caused more trouble.[24]

Later, they met Tom Stevens outside a bathroom with Peeves inside releasing water and singing. After making some efforts searching in the water-filled bathroom, they found Peeves and informed him that the Bloody Baron was on his way, which scared Peeves away.[25] They also had a Flying class with Madam Hooch, during which they were asked to fly through as many hoops drawn by her as possible.[26]

They and their friends found Gossamer, who said a witch or wizard he had been talking to went missing and suggested them organise a search party. They and Daniel didn't think it was necessary because the said witch or wizard had probably intended to get away from him, which left Gossamer heart-broken. They were soon discovered by Filch, whose contraption malfunctioned and released some Red Caps, who were defeated by them. Gossamer was moved and acknowledge they were his friends. When he suggested himself being put in a more secluded place, they placed him in their common room.[27]

When they saw Fang outside of Hagrid's Hut, he seemed to be in low spirits, and collapsed after showed them some teeth. They noticed some pink feathers in the pumpkin patch before some Fwoopers flew out, which they quickly brought under control, realising that they were the reason Fang was went frenzied. Hagrid thanked them and admitted he hadn't got around to renew the Silencing Charm on them yet.[28]

Breakfast confrontation

One morning, they were having breakfast with their friends when Robyn mentioned Gossamer would show her a secret passage to the kitchens. Kevin received his first copy of the Daily Prophet, which was rudely summoned by Fisher Frey. They then fought the twins, who claimed afterwards that they've made not only one, but two enemies. Kevin read from the newspaper that the Ministry had had to Obliviate over four hundred Muggles after the statues in Trafalgar Square had hopped off their pedestals and danced a jig, which had probably been the act of NOTME. When Robyn and Kevin left, they and Daniel further discussed the organisation's intention of making magic known to everybody, before Cassandra came in and made fun of him, but was then confronted by Ivy. When Daniel joined the face-off, he was threatened by Cassandra to be locked up in Azkaban, and then Cassandra left, throwing Ivy another snide remark. Soon, they and Daniel realised Ivy was gone too.[29]

When they caught up with her, she cast a Vanishing Spell and Vanished a suit of armour. They asked her whether she intended to aim at Cassandra with the spell, but she had no idea how she could do it and couldn't remember where she had learned it. Then Professor Longbottom walked in and gave the three of them (except Cassandra) detention,[30] during which they had to polish every suit of armour without using magic. After Longbottom left, the armours suddenly moved and attacked them. It turned out to be Peeves who had controlled them.[31]

Later before Quidditch practice, Robyn's broomstick went missing.[32] They went with Robyn to the Great Hall and tried to use the Summoning Charm on Cassandra, the Frey twins, and even below the tables, but didn't receive the broom. Kevin then came in with her broom and explained to her that he was pruning it with his broomcare tools.[33]

They, Daniel, Ivy and Lottie helped Hagrid get rid of the Flesh-Eating Slugs in his pumpkin patch using the Freezing Spell.[34] They heard that Robyn had been injured during Quidditch practice on a stormy day, so they paid her a visit. In the Hospital Wing, Robyn retold seeing a pair of giant wings hidden behind the clouds before she was knocked out. In order to investigate, they went to the Quidditch pitch and talked to Hagrid, who thought it might have been a Thunderbird, but unlikely due to Thunderbirds being mostly in North America. A Thunderbird then showed up, allowing Hagrid to capture it.[35]

Magical abilities and skills


  • Wand: They purchased their wand from Ollivanders before their first year.[4]
  • Gossamer portrait: They kept the Gossamer portrait in their dormitory to keep him from causing trouble around the castle.[27]

Behind the scenes


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