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"Oh, yes, very interesting — plenty of smarts, bit of bravery, too. There's talent, of course — and something more."
— The Sorting Hat regarding this student whilst sorting them[src]

This individual (b. 1996/1997) was a Muggle-born witch or wizard who lived in the early 21st century. After being informed of their magical heritage by Rubeus Hagrid, they started attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 2008.[2][1]


Early life (1996/1997–2008)[]

This individual was born to a Muggle family between 1996 and 1997.[1] During their childhood, their latent magical abilities often surfaced, which they believed was unusual, despite their parents being amused and not taking it seriously.[2] Growing up, they used to watch their parents dancing in the living room. Their mother tried to teach them a few steps.[7] When they were young, they used to sleep with a dragon plushie.[8]

Unidentified student at home 2 MA

The student at home

During the summer of 2008,[1] Rubeus Hagrid, the Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, paid this student a visit and delivered the Hogwarts acceptance letter. Being a Muggle-born, they were escorted to Diagon Alley by Hagrid on his flying motorbike to purchase their school stuff. They first went to Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions to dress themselves up and then Ollivanders to purchase their wand where they met Ivy Warrington for the first time. Hagrid also invited them to the Eeylops Owl Emporium and gifted them an owl of their choice.[2] When they were ready to return home, Hagrid's motorbike had trouble starting, so they used the London Underground.[9]

The student arrived at King's Cross Station on 1 September, where they successfully boarded the Hogwarts Express. On the way, they were invited by Ivy to sit with her. They soon arrived at Hogsmeade station, after which they crossed the Great Lake on a boat with other first-years and reached the Hogwarts Castle.[2]

Hogwarts years (2008–2015)[]

First year[]

Sorting Ceremony[]
Sorting Ceremony MA

The student being sorted

Headmistress McGonagall led the new students into the Great Hall and delivered a speech where she talked about the Battle of Hogwarts in which they defeated Voldemort. She hoped they would never face such evil but should challenges arise, the joint forces of them would be truly powerful. The Sorting Ceremony followed, during which this student was sorted into a House they preferred. Ivy Warrington was not present at the ceremony. The new students were asked if they knew where she was, but when they couldn't say, McGonagall called for Hagrid to organise a search party. After the ceremony, this student enjoyed the Start-of-Term Feast and got a good night's rest.[2]

First lessons[]

For their first lesson at Hogwarts, this student studied the Levitation Charm in Professor Flitwick's Charms class. During the class, they heard about Ron Weasley's defeat of a troll using nothing but the Levitation Charm in his first year.[10] In Potions class, when rat tails were missing, this student managed to retrieve some from the Dungeons, but encountered an Acromantula, which they quickly defeated.[9]

Professor Longbottom

Professor Longbottom

During one of their first Herbology lessons, Professor Longbottom needed their help watering the plants. He suggested they try learning the Water-Making Spell in preparation for a future Charms lesson. While they were watering, they accidentally poked a Bowtruckle who was quite upset about it. Professor Longbottom thought they should get a treat for it to apologise. While getting a treat out of a flowerpot, the student had to fend off gnomes. After they returned, the Bowtruckle was very happy with their treat.[11]

During their first Defence Against the Dark Arts class, they were introduced to the Boggart by Professor Brindlemore. She selected the student and Lottie Turner to have the first try at defeating it with the Boggart-Banishing Spell. The Boggart took the form of Lottie's fear, a Dementor. They helped her fight it until she successfully turned it into a clown.[12]

Duelling Club[]

After their first Charms class, the student spoke to Cassandra where they told her they thought she had done very well with the Levitation Charm. She invited the student to try the Duelling Club if they thought they could handle it, but then walked off before they could give her their name. They found Cassandra at the club where she challenged them to a duel. However, she sent Colby Frey to duel first. When the student defeated him with the Inflating Charm, she challenged them to a Duo Duel. Robyn Thistlethwaite offered to duel with them, while Fischer Frey helped Cassandra. When the student won the duel, Cassandra remarked they were better than they looked.[6]

Confronting the Freys[]

One day, the student was walking in the Grand Staircase when they confronted the Frey twins who were up to no good. They were planning to put Bombtastic Bomb Boxes in Argus Filch's office. They confronted the twins before tricking them by telling them Filch was walking their way when they knew he was really elsewhere. They ran away, leaving their Bombtastic Bomb behind. During their Charms lesson, they realised the student lied about Filch. They duelled each other but the student defeated them for the second time. Filch arrived where they suspected the student of having the Bombtastic Bomb but they ran away before he could get them.[13]

While running in a corridor, the student crossed Daniel Page who was also having trouble with Filch. The portrait of William de Cognac told them there was always a way out of trouble, before telling them about the epic duel that took place when Albus Dumbledore fought Voldemort. Daniel then suggested the student speak to Robyn about trying Quidditch.[14] The student spoke to Robyn outside the Great Hall where she offered to teach them how to fly. She taught them how to get on a broomstick before taking them on a tour of the school through the skies.[15]

Attending Dance Club[]

Upon hearing there was a Dance Club, the student attended a meeting. They spoke to Professor McGonagall to find out about it, who told them the reasons she created it after the Yule Ball. The student spoke to Robyn and Kevin who were also attending the club. Kevin suggested they try dancing with Cassandra or Daniel.[7]

Finding Ivy Warrington[]

Worried about Ivy, the student decided to try finding her. While they were on the Grand Staircase, they met Robyn Thistlethwaite who was looking for Ivy as well and had already arranged a search party. The party consisted of Robyn, Daniel and Kevin, who were meeting in the library. Daniel didn't want to risk detention if they were caught wandering around the castle in the middle of the night, but Kevin was convinced to do the search with them.[16]

The students arrived at the Potions Classroom and Robyn liberated several spiders, which took a while for them to defeat. They went back to the revolving Grand Staircase where they asked the portrait of William de Cognac for help. He threatened to tell Filch they were there when Peeves appeared, who stirred up another fight. Kevin got lost in the process, while Daniel reappeared after changing his mind about not helping. Suddenly, they saw Mr Filch, and in a panic, they entered the Charms Classroom which had a "KEEP OUT" sign on the door. There, they encountered copies of The Monster Book of Monsters. To make things worse, Robyn used the Engorgement Charm on it to get a better look. When the book was finally struck down, Robyn had also disappeared.[16]

They arrived at the seventh-floor corridor beside the Troll Tapestry. The student paced while they thought about the situation, which accidentally triggered the door to the Room of Requirement. Ivy was found in the room and told her story of feeling being followed and looking for a place to hide, and judging by how Ivy seemed to be oblivious to the details, they thought she might have been cursed. Before leaving, they discovered a trunk with the word "WW", and when it was left alone, a white hand reached out from it.[16]

Helping Robyn and Daniel[]

The student found Robyn crying in a courtyard where they asked her what was wrong. They learned that she had fumbled during a Quidditch game where she missed hitting the Bludger, causing chaos on the pitch. The student tried to cheer her up, telling her that they had a 140-point lead before it happened, but Robyn told them how her error caused her team to lose the game. Hearing that she wanted to visit Hagrid, they went with her. When they arrived at Hagrid's Hut, they discovered he was having a problem. Gnomes were eating his pumpkins so they offered to help get rid of them. After they were successful, Robyn felt better having let out her frustration on the gnomes.[17]

Exploring the Forbidden Forest[]

One day, the student was near Hagrid's Hut when they noticed Daniel at the edge of the Forbidden Forest. They asked him what he was up to and he admitted he was going to sneak into it to find a potion ingredient he needed. The student decided to help him but before they could sneak into the forest, they were caught by Rubeus Hagrid. He warned them how dangerous it was and that they shouldn't go in there on their own. They persuaded Hagrid to go with them to keep them to safe, so they entered the forest together.[18]

Hagrid told them to stay close and to do what he said. While they were searching the forest, they encountered a shimmering pool with echoes of the past. Hagrid reminded them that, however dark it was, they had to remember their courage and carry on with caution. Daniel was unsure of what the big deal was while the student noticed Hagrid was looking for something for a class, though he wouldn't say what it was. An Occamy then appeared, to Hagrid's delight, revealing he was looking for her. The student noticed that she was angry, telling Hagrid to look out. They fended her off, though Daniel was upset because Hagrid told them she was harmless. Hagrid realised she was protecting a nest of her babies.[18]

While they searched for her nest, they encountered Acromantulas. When they had successfully fought back, they found an Occamy egg. Hagrid went to find the Occamy to return her egg to her. He told the student and Daniel to stay where they were until he got back. In his absence, they wandered off and crossed paths with a dragon. While they were try to defend themselves, Hagrid returned to get rid of the dragon with his wand. Hagrid scolded them for wandering away, telling them he was taking them back to the castle before the Headmistress noticed their absence. They apologised for their behaviour, telling Hagrid that they wouldn't do it in the future. He supposed it was his fault for leaving them there in the first place.[18]

Later, the student was in the Potions Classroom where they found Daniel brewing a potion. He told them the recipe before they helped to brew it. At the end, he revealed it was a Hair-Raising Potion. Daniel thought it would be funny to take it before a dance to be the centre of attention. The student was annoyed that they risked their lives in the Forbidden Forest to find an ingredient for a trivial potion.[19]

When this student visited the Forbidden Forest on a different date, they met Ivy who was there to collect some potion ingredients for Daniel Page. Kevin Farrell didn't feel safe but Ivy said the only things they should look for were some Jobberknoll feathers, snowdrop and sage. The three found some thyme right away, and this student and Ivy decided to go further into the forest to look for the other ingredients. During their adventure, they encountered some magical creatures and an individual battling a Norwegian Ridgeback. They fought the dragon after the individual Disapparated. They found some snowdrop right where the dragon had been.[9]

Catching a Niffler[]

One day, the student found Daniel, Ivy, and Cassandra talking in a corridor about things that were stolen from them. The student realised the objects were shiny and suggested a Niffler had stolen everything. Cassandra admitted they were right. They thought the Niffler had to still be nearby because Daniel's potion bottle was only recently stolen. They searched for the Niffler by following a trial of gold coins. It ran away when they tried to catch it but they collected the coins and returned Ivy's stolen teacup. Cassandra suggested borrowing Fang to hunt it down but the others thought it was too much. They decided to lure it out using the gold coins.[20]

Daniel and Ivy set the coins outside but Cassandra intercepted the student with the Freys. She decided to do her own thing to get her jewellery box back and tried to hurt the Niffler for it. They duelled her to protect it, after which it gave them the things back. They considered taking turns looking after the Niffler but only the student decided they could, taking the Niffler under their care.[20]

Rescuing Gossamer[]

In the common room, Ivy showed Daniel how to properly cast the Levitation Charm, and they also tried the Hardening Charm and the Disarming Charm. When Daniel went to retrieve his wand, he saw an object inside a secret hole in a wall, which turned out to contain a portrait of a small knight. Lottie realised it wasn't moving, and a voice emanated from it saying "help me". This student used the Revealing Charm and revealed chains trapping the knight. Just then, Peeves showed up and tried to destroy the portrait, but was defeated by them. The chains were broken, allowing the knight to travel among other portraits. He introduced himself as Gossamer, who was cursed and hidden away for years, and he was delighted to become the students' "loyal friend and dutiful guide" by moving through other portraits to update and alert them. He then went off to visit his old friends.[21]

The portraits around the castle became upset because of Gossamer's mischievous activities. An angry wizard's portrait recalled how the portraits had decided to remove Gossamer from the general population, and that a student had done the lock on his portrait. In order to repair the wizard's portrait frame, Daniel decided to unlock Filch's tool chest, but released some rats instead. This student quickly took them down, and helped repair the portrait. Daniel and Ivy had a difference of opinion on the treatment that Gossamer had received. This student agreed with Ivy, but were worried that Gossamer would be locked up again if he caused more trouble.[21]

They and their friends found Gossamer, who said a witch or wizard he had been talking to went missing and suggested them organise a search party. This student and Daniel didn't think it was necessary because the said witch or wizard had probably intended to get away from him, which left Gossamer heart-broken. They were soon discovered by Filch, whose contraption malfunctioned and released a trio of Red Caps, who were defeated by them. Gossamer was moved and acknowledged they were his friends. When he suggested himself being put in a more secluded place, they placed him in their common room.[21]

Life at Hogwarts[]

The student spotted Robyn in a courtyard with fireworks she had discovered. They pointed out they were Weasleys' Wildfire Whiz-bangs which Robyn thought she would try out. The student thought she could get hurt or receive detention but Robyn persuaded them to try one. George Weasley arrived after popping in to visit Neville Longbottom. He asked if they were enjoying his product and gifted them the fireworks. He recalled the day he and his twin brother, Fred Weasley unleashed them during an O.W.L examination before leaving the school.[22]

Later, they saw Kevin Farrell looking upset in the Great Hall. He was asked to show the class in Transfiguration his perfect Vera Verto spell. The student agreed to help brew a Draught of Peace to calm his nerves. They obtained hellebore in the Hogwarts greenhouses after Cassandra tried to stop them with a duel. After arriving at the Potions classroom, Kevin decided he didn't need to take it anymore after growing his confidence during their duel.[23]

When they were approached by Filius Flitwick, they agreed to show him their skills in duelling. They were paired up with Lottie.[24] They were also asked by Hagrid to care for Fang while he ran errands. Fang was acting strange which the student realised was due to Fwoopers he could hear. They helped sort out the Fwoopers which solved Fang's problem.[25]

Breakfast confrontation[]

One morning, this student were having breakfast with their friends when Robyn mentioned Gossamer would show her a secret passage to the kitchens. Kevin received his first copy of the Daily Prophet, which was rudely summoned by Fischer Frey. They then fought the twins, who claimed afterwards that they've made not only one, but two enemies. Kevin read from the newspaper that the Ministry had had to Obliviate over four hundred Muggles after the statues in Trafalgar Square had hopped off their pedestals and danced a jig, which had probably been the act of NOTME. When Robyn and Kevin left, they and Daniel further discussed the organisation's intention of making magic known to everybody, before Cassandra came in and made fun of him, but was then confronted by Ivy. When Daniel joined the face-off, he was threatened by Cassandra to be locked up in Azkaban, and then Cassandra left, throwing Ivy another snide remark. Soon, this student and Daniel realised Ivy was gone too.[26]

They went looking for Ivy, asking for help off the angry wizard. When the two caught up with Ivy, she cast a Vanishing Spell and Vanished a suit of armour. This student asked her whether she intended to aim at Cassandra with the spell, but she had no idea how she could do it and couldn't remember where she had learned it. Then Professor Longbottom walked in and gave the three of them (except Cassandra) detention, during which they had to polish every suit of armour without using magic. After Longbottom left, the armours suddenly moved and attacked them. It turned out to be Peeves who had controlled them.[26]

Gossamer then revealed that Cassandra was off sneaking around in the middle of the night. He heard her talking to the Freys about "family secrets". They found the three in the library reading a perodical. One of the Freys realised they were there. Cassandra revealed she was doing a bit of research into local history, asking them if they really knew each other. Daniel asked what she knew abiut friendship, after which she left.[26]

Daniel told his friends the truth about his family, who were locked up in prison. The student realised they had read about it in a Muggle newspaper. They promised to keep his secret. Before they look at what Cassandra was reading, Mrs Norris saw them in the library leaving them no choice but to leave before Filch showed up.[26]

Helping Lottie[]

Lottie was trying to start an Art Club but the response so far was rather negative. Lottie thought her idea of researching the portraits was boring everyone. The student asked if she knew of any portraits with interesting stories. Lottie asked if they would help her be more interesting by having a trial run of her Art Club. They agreed so they met up with her in a corridor.[27]

Lottie introduced them to the painting of Etheldreda Bloodworth. At first the student thought it looked soppy until Lottie pointed out she was holding two wands. She told them the story of how she had duelled her fiancé. Ethereda talked about a former student called Simon Talmadge which drew the attention of Gossamer who was friends with him until he disappeared. He told them about a secret room where Simon used to hideout with his club. The student thought it could be a good location for the Art Club.[27]

Gossamer told them to get into the room, they had to go through a painting. They had to restore a dragon into it then tickle it in order reveal the door to the secret room. When they entered the room, what was left in it was ruined. Gossamer was upset because the place was never supposed to change. The student agreed with Lottie that they should redecorate it to cheer him up. They also proposed bringing it back to life with a new club. The ghost of Simon then appeared. He wanted them to leave but Gossamer tried to persuade him to keep their dream alive. Simon decided they could have it but he didn't want to be part of it. Gossamer was surprised to find Simon so cynical but the student went ahead with redecorating it.[27]

When several students were suffering a cold, the student found Daniel brewing the Pepperup Potion in Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom even though he pretended not to care about their sick friends. He asked them to keep an eye on his potion while he obtained a final ingredient. Peeves tried to ruin it forcing the student to fight him until he ran away. The student told Daniel he was very kind to brew a potion for their friends to which he blushed.[28]

The student heard Robyn arguing with Kevin about his lack of confidence with duelling. They pointed out to her that he was sensitive about his abilities. They thought they could help Kevin by suggesting they learn Protego totalum for protection instead of struggling to learn lots of spells at once. While they successfully produced the spell, the Freys showed up to tease Kevin. When they beat the twins in a duel, they were surprised at Kevin's new skill. The student told Kevin he saved them for without the spell, they would have lost. Robyn apologised to Kevin who felt gratitude to the student for helping them learn it.[29]

Ivy's necklace[]

They talked to Daniel about what secret Cassandra could have discovered. Daniel then noticed a book moving on its own. When they opened it, it unleashed pixies which they sorted out before the librarian noticed. Daniel was suspicious that someone put a curse on the book for them to find. Cassandra appeared to reveal it was her, then suggested they read a copy of The Quibbler. Within it was a photograph of Ivy with a twin sister they didn't know she had. They decide to show it to their other friends.[30]

Lottie read it to find out that Ivy's twin disappeared. They thought Ivy could have vanished her sister while Kevin pointed out her grandmother doesn't deny it. While they worry Ivy could be dangerous, she appeared. When she read the article, she was very surprised to learn she had a twin sister she couldn't even remember. She realised that everyone thought she did it. She ran off but they found her in the common room. Ivy told them her necklace had a memory inside it which she needed a Pensieve to watch. The student suggested sneaking into the Headmistress's office where there was a Pensieve.[30]

Upon entering it with the help of Gossamer, they talked to the portrait of Dumbledore. Dumbledore wondered if Gossamer was around because he liked his company. When student replied that he wasn't, he showed concern for the fact that Minerva hadn't appeared in her office for a while. Daniel replied that she was busy. He realised they were sneaking in, so Ivy told the truth. He pointed them to the location of the Pensieve but warned that a dangerous creature had taken residence in that cupboard.[30]

When they dispatched of it, they viewed the memory which revealed Ivy's twin sister arguing with her. She tried to stop Ivy going to Hogwarts to which Ivy appeared to cause Winifred to disappear by accident. After viewing her memory, she ran away fearing she had killed her sister. The student agreed to help Daniel prove her sister existed. They thought the Book of Admittance could have her name written in it.[30]

In the meantime, Daniel told the student he was going into the Forbidden Forest to collect Fluxweed for a potion. They were about to ask what potion he was brewing but decided it was better not to know. They were concerned it was dangerous to enter the forest in the night but he thought he would be safe with them if they didn't stay there long. They decided to go with Daniel because they knew he would go on his own.[31]

Robyn had heard strange noises like animals fighting in the forest that night when she was teaching Kevin to fly. They realised when they got to the forest that someone was there earlier brewing a potion, so they decided to find the source. They thought it was possible that an animal accidentally ate the potion, which they figured out was the Befuddlement Draught. At that moment, spiders attracted to the potion arrived to attack the duo. They repelled them by giving them the potion which confused them. They couldn't figure out who was brewing the potion or why so they decided to tell Hagrid so he could keep an eye on it.[31]

The student took Daniel to get into the Small Locked Tower where the Book of Admittance was. The locked door could only be opened with a winged key. They had to catch it to enter it. When they reached the book, they had to say the names of students to get it to open on a page. They found Ivy but realised her sister exhibited magic at a different age so she could be on a different page. They didn't know her first name so they tried to find their friends' names hoping that she would be on their page. They eventually succeeded in locating her. When they showed Ivy, she started to worry that she really did hurt Winifred. She ran away before the student was apprehended by Cassandra, who knocked Daniel out.[32]

Cassandra wanted Ivy to be expelled because she considered her dangerous. The student duelled her to protect Ivy. When they won, they helped Daniel who thought they should find Ivy. They thought she might be in the room they found her in at the start of the year so they returned to the spot the door appeared. They thought of Ivy to get it to appear. She was inside near a case out of which her fear incarnate appeared. The room knew Ivy needed to prove that she a good person by helping her friends defeat her Döppelganger, herself as a Dark witch. Even though she succeeded, Ivy still doubted herself because she couldn't remember Winifred.[32]

Ivy left the room before her friends. When they also left, they saw her being taken to the Headmistress by Filch who caught her out after curfew. In the Headmistress's office, Professor McGonagall revealed that Ivy's nan was there to tell her the truth. Upon learning Ivy was leaving for Hogwarts without her due to her unpredictable magic, she tried to use the Vanishing Spell on Ivy which bounced off her case to hit her instead. Their nan erased Ivy's memories because of how distressing it was for her. The student then comforted Ivy, pointing out she was a good person.[32]

End of year[]

The student spoke to Robyn one day in a courtyard. They helped her find a bludger she lost while training to be a beater. It was taken by a Blast-Ended Skrewt which they captured to return to Hagrid.[33] They also helped Daniel at Hagrid's Hut where Hagrid had an injured owl. They helped him brew the Healing Potion to cure the owl.[34] Outside of the Hut, they found Lottie who needed help with inspiration for her art. They took photographs of various places around Hogwarts Castle for her.[35]

Second year[]

At the start of their second year, the student talked to Robyn near the Whomping Willow. She was upset because her broomstick was trapped in its branches while she was training to dodge bludgers. They agreed to help her get it out but the Summoning Charm didn't work. They decided to try using the Freezing Charm to temporarily stun it, which enabled them to get the broomstick out the tree.[36] They also helped Daniel brew a Blood-Replenishing Potion for a Hippogriff that was bleeding. It wasn't happy when he tried to give the potion to it. Hagrid told Daniel that the potion only worked on humans before telling the student the Hippogriff appeared to like them. Hagrid taught the student to bow to it before letting them fly on the Hippogriff around the castle.[37] They also caught a poacher trying to steal an Ashwinder egg near Hagrid's Hut. They confronted him until he ran away. They were worried they had damaged the egg but a grateful Hagrid told them it would be fine.[38]

Meeting Professor Gorski[]

When they arrived at a History of Magic lesson, they spoke to Ivy who verified she had received their letters over the summer holiday. They had a new visiting professor, Jakub Gorski who started his lesson by showing them a piece of tapestry that was recovered after the Battle of Hogwarts. Gorski gave the students the challenge of uncovering a piece of history at Hogwarts. Daniel showed his friends a coin he had found at home which they realised had a date in the future written on it. Daniel was unsure what it meant but wanted to focus on Gorski's homework for now.[39]

They decided to speak to Hagrid who showed them a Butterfly Pie he had made for Grawp. They wondered if he knew of treasure at Hogwarts they could find. He thought of several including the Chamber of Secrets but realised Harry Potter already found those. He revealed he heard Gorski whispering about treasure one evening. He then suggested they talk to the portraits that he overheard talking about a map that led to a family heirloom though Gorski was also looking for it. He told them treasure could be lost for a good reason. They tried to listen to the portraits with their friends with no success so they split up. Lottie noticed a portrait that reminded her of her missing father. Cassandra saw her crying so she walked over with the Freys to tease her. Daniel told her to stop but Lottie invited her to help them find treasure.[39]

Cassandra scoffed at her offer because she considered their group losers. When Daniel disarmed one of the Freys, they tried to help him while he was attacked with the Dangling Jinx. Their ensuing duel was eventually interrupted by Filch. Cassandra ran away but Filch was going to report them to the headmistress before Gorski defended them. Gorski wondered if they had found anything, noticing that they were interested in the paintings. They were going to tell him about the map they were looking for but Lottie intervened because she suspected Gorski of spying on them. Daniel thought it was strange he appeared when he did. Instead, they agree to ask Gossamer for help.[39]

In the meantime, they helped Hagrid capture a Diricawl that was injured, after he realised it was eating his food.[40] Daniel also needed help getting his confiscated cauldron back off Filch. They helped him brew an Invisibility Potion so they could sneak into his office to get it. While invisible, they overheard their friends talking in addition to the Freys admitting they lied to Filch about Daniel. Mrs Norris saw through their invisibility, alerting Filch to their presence. Professor Slughorn intervened to tell Filch he would deal with it. He told them how they should have asked a teacher for help but he was impressed with their skills. They received detention for a few days.[41] Having overheard the Freys planning to create a time-turner, Ivy told them about it in the Great Hall. Fortunately, they were already caught by Professor McGonagall so they were prevented from doing so. She then told them the story of when Hermione Granger had one during her third year at Hogwarts.[42]

Talking to portraits[]

To find a treasure for their History of Magic homework, they helped their friends talk to Gossamer in the library. Daniel left when Kevin was talking about duelling, which they revealed was because he was sensitive about losing a duel to Cassandra. Once they retrieved his portrait which was trapped behind a bookcase, they asked for help in finding a map which led to a rare artefact. He suggested they ask the portraits in the Dungeons.[43]

While searching the dungeons, they walked into Nearly Headless Nick who was preparing for his Deathday Party. They didn't have an invitation but he agreed they could attend the party. However, he was surprised they found a way get by the security troll he had hired to stand outside. When he spoke the keyword to bring it in by accident, they fought the troll until they knocked it out. Nick agreed they could with decorations by sorting out the portraits. They spoke to Prentiss Pagett-Goggins who hadn't heard of a map but wanted their help to be returned to the Grand Staircase.[43]

She soon admitted she did know about a map but wanted to be returned to her preferred location first. Nick agreed they could take her. When she was put back in the Grand Staircase, she revealed she had hesrd about it off her old neighbours. She told them one was in the Chamber of Secrets.[43] While trying to figure out how to find it, they saw Moaning Myrtle crying in a flooding bathroom after being teased by the Freys. She told them how Draco Malfoy had been kind to her. She was very upset when Harry Potter had used Sectumsempra on him but she forgave him. They were shocked to learn Harry had once used Dark magic.[44]

They returned to her bathroom while they were trying to help Daniel prove the Freys were cheating at duelling. They found bottles of Scintillation Solution they were using to boost their skills. They helped teach them their lesson.[45] They also helped Lottie retrieve her sketchbook off the Freys when they were upset about her drawing their picture.[46]

Entering the Chamber[]

While searching for the Chamber of Secrets, they found a book in the library about Harry Potter which led them to the bathroom of Moaning Myrtle. She wouldn't help until Kevin flirted with her. She told them they could open the Chamber of Secrets by speaking Parseltongue. In the Chamber, the portrait of Basil Aurelius III told them to find Harold in the Hog's Head Inn for help finding a map to treasure. He also pointed out someone else was in the Chamber but when they looked, their face was hidden with a cloak. The person ran away with a Basilisk Fang when they tried to stop them. In the Grand Staircase, they were returning Basil's portrait to its original place when Professor Gorski appeared with Bly. They asked if he saw anyone running in the corridors but he responded that he hadn't.[47]

Unsure of how to get to Hogsmeade to speak to Harold, the student agreed with their friends that they had to find a way to do it soon. After deciding a Polyjuice Potion would take too long, they asked Gossamer if he knew a secret way to sneak out the castle. While Kevin created a diversion, the student and their other friends snuck into the One-Eyed Witch Passage to Honeydukes. Harold told them the map was back at Hogwarts Castle in the Grand Staircase, and agreed to let the students move him back. When they were about to leave, the student noticed Professor Gorski giving something to the cloaked wizard they encountered in the Chamber of Secrets. After escaping the landlord who realised they weren't supposed to be there, they returned to Hogwarts Castle.[48]

The student saw Kevin the library one day after his favourite Ancient Runes textbook was stolen by an Acromantula in the Forbidden Forest. He told them Robyn also lost her signed Quaffle there too. They agreed to sneak into the Acromantula colony to get it. After fighting off the spiders, they overheard two dark wizards planning to get Acromantula venom. Upon realising the student and Kevin were there, they decided to erase their memories with a Memory Charm. After luring the wizards into a nest, they escaped to Hagrid's Hut. He figured out they had snuck into the forest and shouted at them, but he decided not to punish them upon learning about the poachers.[49]

Later on they met Robyn and Kevin at the Quidditch pitch where she saw strange thunder and lightning. She thought it was a thunderbird so they flew around the pitch to try and find it. The student thought it was too dangerous and told Robyn they should land but she wouldn't. She was hit with lightning and fell to the ground. They checked on her and gave her an Invigoration Draught but she didn't feel well. Hagrid arrived to help and used his umbrella to get rid of the storm. He told the student that it wasn't a real storm but a group of students learning Atmospheric Charms.[50]

When Kevin didn't show up to any classes one day, they helped Robyn find him. After persuading Cassandra to help, she revealed that he was in Moaning Myrtle's bathroom reading a book. They found Kevin reading a cursed book that he could not stop reading. They tried to pry it off him but he tried to fight them by duelling. When they used the Expulso Curse on him, he finally broke free of the book.[51]

The truth[]

During detention, the student and their friends heard Lottie's story about her missing father. They also considered whether Professor Gorski was a dark wizard after what happened in the Hog's Head Inn. They confronted him in his office where he accidentally revealed he knew about the cloaked wizard in the Chamber of Secrets. He then admitted to being involved but started incoherently talking about someone who "made" him do it. He revealed he was spying on them the whole year while they tried to find the map for him. Bly then appeared with a wand and put a spell on armoured knights. When the armoured knights suddenly sprang to life, Gorski shouted at them to run but they had no choice but to fight them.[52]

After dispatching the knights, the group watched Bly flee. McGonagall arrived and confirmed that Gorski was under the Imperius Curse. She demanded they return to their common room where it would be safe while they searched the castle for Bly. However, on the way back, they decided to revisit the portraits in the Grand Staircase to figure out where the map to the treasure could be. They realised the paintings weren't in their original places and thought putting everything back would show a different picture. The pictures guided the students back to their original places, after which they realised the paintings didn't lead them to a map but rather they were the map. A painting of a field in the corner was then illuminated by a butterfly and opened up like a door to a room hidden behind it.[52]

After entering the room, Lottie noticed the paintings in there looked familiar including one of a hill near a cottage her family visited. She realised the butterfly was her father's and followed it to a vial with red liquid inside it. It was in front of a mirror in which the student pointed out only Lottie was reflected. When a Dark wizard appeared, they briefly fought him until he grabbed Lottie and pulled her through the mirror.[53]

While trying to figure out how to get inside the mirror, Gossamer appeared to tell them only Lottie's family could enter but that they don't have to be blood related. The student, Daniel and Ivy walked through the mirror and successfully entered the room behind it. There they discovered the Dark wizard was Bly (which was his Animagus form). After he admitted to killing Lottie's father for a special artefact he owned, Bly told them the artefact was in that room and Lottie was the key. She agreed to open the vial but when Daniel knocked it out of her hand, the student and their friends defeated Bly in a duel. The student was with Lottie when she later discovered it was her father's prized painting brush inside it.[53]

Other adventures[]

While at Hagrid's Hut, they overheard Lottie calling Fang cute but they thought he slobbered too much. Hagrid then told them about Fluffy, the three-headed dog he once kept and lent Dumbledore to guard the Philosopher's Stone. The student thought a three-headed dog would be great to have on their side in a battle. They also thought it would be scary to encounter one in the wild but were glad when Hagrid told them it would be okay if they put it sleep with music.[54]

Daniel asked the student to meet him in the Potions Classroom where he was trying to make the perfect potion for Alma. They were confused because he had already made two for her but he replied that he wanted to give her a Beautification Potion so she would be the centre of attention while she was dancing. They spoke to Alma in the Viaduct Courtyard where she was upset because she wasn't having a good time like everyone else. The student told her their hair looked great but was upset because she couldn't stand out in the crowd. They realised she needed someone to ask her to dance and persuaded Daniel not to give her the potion. They invited her to dance instead and after they grabbed everyone's attention in the Dance Club, Alma was very happy when the student told her they thought more people would be asking her to dance now.[55]

One day, the student saw Kevin shopping in Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes which they thought was unusual because he didn't like pranks. He told them he wanted to buy Robyn a birthday gift there because she loved them and was always pulling them on him. After giving Kevin a suggestion, he decided on a Weasleys' Firework Box which George Weasley called an excellent choice. He told them how it works and invited them to give them a try.[56]

Before the end of the school year, the student heard her friends talking about Side-Along Apparition in the Great Hall. They heard Lottie's story about when she visited the Swedish dragon reservation, to which the student responded they had heard of that "magnificent" place. At the end of the story, the student thought Apparition sounded scary but very useful and imagined what it would be like. After Kevin and Robyn started talking about the annual broom race, the student reminded them Lottie was still telling her story.[57]

Daniel told the student that Robyn was panicking about their History of Magic examination which she was sure she would fail. He was brewing her a Baruffio's Brain Elixir. The student thought it was cheating but he promised them it wouldn't be like that. They helped him find the ingredients he needed and then they gave it to her right before the examination. After they took it, she told them how great she felt and that she thought she had aced it. Daniel then revealed he didn't actually give her the potion and the student pointed out she passed it because she was confident and had studied the night before. Daniel then gave the real elixir to the student, telling them they should keep it in case they ever needed it.[58]

Third year[]

Daniel's backstory[]

Other adventures[]

Raising a dragon[]

Meeting Abigail[]

In the 2010–2011 school year, during their first Hogsmeade visit, they met another student called Abigail Grey, who was very upset when hearing former shop owner Renka Rabblehauser protesting about the dangers of werewolves. After arguing with Renka, the student intervened to support Abigail. However, Renka wrote them both off as naive students and Abigail ran away in tears.[59]

The student followed her and comforted her. Back at Hogwarts, the student realised Abigail was following them around. Abigail told them nobody had ever supported her before. She told them that Professor McGonagall was considering banning students from visiting Hogsmeade until the danger had died down. They agreed to help the student investigate what was really causing the problems, but that she had to be back before dark. In the Three Broomsticks Inn, they watched when Renka, shortly after walking in, was ordered to leave by Rosmerta. They asked the villagers around for any details they had on the recent events. However, Abigail ran off when she realised it was dark. The student tried to catch up with her only to discover a werewolf in a cave wearing Abigail's scarf, and worried that it had hurt her, not realising that the werewolf was Abigail herself.[59]

The student followed the werewolf to the Shrieking Shack where they realised with Daniel and Ivy that the werewolf was Abigail herself. She had taken a Wolfsbane Potion and was sleeping in a room. Instead of waking her up, they left her a note telling her it was okay and to meet them the next day. Abigail met the student in the morning where she told them she was grateful for them keeping her secret and being understanding. She answered their questions about her condition and told them about her father who she was trying to reconnect with. She hadn't received a response and wanted to investigate her father's whereabouts but was worried about asking too many questions. The student agreed to help her in Hogsmeade.[59]

While they were in Hogsmeade, they noticed a crowd gathering and asked a resident what was happening. She told them there had been another round of break-ins the night before and that Renka claimed she was also attacked in her own shop. They argued with Renka who was blaming werewolves, with Abigail telling her they were victims of a disease and could control it with the Wolfsbane Potion. Renka thought it was interesting that Abigail cared that much about werewolves and wondered if there was a reason for that. Abigail decided to leave and Renka told her they should go back to the safety of their castle and leave the werewolves to her.[59]

After they both questioned residents in the village about the break-ins the night before, the student told Abigail that it really did look like werewolves were responsible. Abigail pointed out the break-ins didn't even happen during a full moon so it couldn't be werewolves. The student told her nothing was stolen other than potion ingredients. Abigail realised those ingredients were used in Wolfsbane Potions. She told the student that she needed to make a new batch for herself and that she knew a spot where they can pick up ingredients like aconite. She told them that even Professor Slughorn was struggling to find ingredients recently and that she had to pick wild herbs whenever she can.[59]

After finding the ingredients she needed, she took the student to her own secret potion-brewing kit in the Forbidden Forest. She helped the student brew the Wolfsbane Potion by telling them what to do. After they had made a batch, they saw a cloaked wizard picking ingredients nearby in the forest. He ran away and they chased him until he ran into centaurs. After he attacked them to escape, the centaurs turned on Abigail and the student. When they told them they were not with the wizard, they agreed to let them go. Abigail told the student the wizard was collecting aconite and wondered if he was also a werewolf.[59]

Werewolf pack[]

The student and Abigail later went to the Hog's Head Inn to investigate break-ins. Aberforth warned them about danger, especially if it involved witches or wizards. Abigail suggested werewolves were framed, and they discussed Renka's involvement. Despite being told to stop, they continued investigating, facing suspicion from Hogsmeade residents. Later, they encountered cloaked witches and wizards who took Abigail.[59]

They tracked them back to the Hog's Head, where Gerard Grey, Abigail's father, revealed they were werewolves hiding from Renka. Gerard's pack needed help brewing Wolfsbane Potion, and the student offered to assist them.[59]

On the full moon night, Abigail and the student provided their self-brewed Wolfsbane Potion. However, Abigail's father's pack accidentally drank the faulty potion and turned into fully-fledged werewolves. The pack surrounded the student, ready to attack. Abigail tried to communicate with the pack, while the student and arriving Aberforth faced another group. Renka then beguiled the student into her shop, but Abigail intervened and stopped her from using a Memory Charm on them just in time. Afterwards, they subdued Abigail's transformed father and took him to the Hog's Head Inn's cellar.[59]

Next morning, the pack, including Abigail, gathered outside. Renka accused them, but evidence revealed her wrongdoing. Renka was arrested, and the pack decided to leave, though Gerard chose to stay. Abigail also decided to continue her Hogwarts journey.[59]

Mysterious Malady[]

Spell journal[]

Nearly a century after Miranda Goshawk's spell journal was stolen and hidden by its owner Miranda Goshawk's sisters Diadema and Romilda, a gone-astray Chocolate Frog brought the student and their friends (Kevin Farrell and Robyn Thistlethwaite) to find it in the Hogwarts Library. When the three students realised whom the book belonged to, they were amazed and surprised.[60]

Inside A Book of Tells

Shortly after A Book of Tells was found

"Miranda Goshawk? Didn't she write the Book of Spells?"
— the student[src]

However, just before they began to flip through the pages of the book and take a glance at the "not-so-glorious past" of the wizarding genius who wrote the notebook, the librarian Irma Pince found the three with their Chocolate Frog, went furious, and gave them detention as a punishment for bringing chocolate into the library.[60][61]

When the time for their detention arrived, however, a group of fifth-year students triggered a Gemino Curse in the Restricted Section, causing Pince to have her hands full. Therefore, she had to let the unidentified student go with a warning.[62] Later, the student sneaked into the almost-deserted History of Magic Classroom, where they met Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington, the ghost of Gryffindor Tower. Upon finishing telling the tale of how he attempted to help Lady Grieve and died, Sir Nick left the room. When the student was finally completely alone, they picked up Goshawk's spell journal and began reading its pages.[62]

Magical abilities and skills[]



Hogwarts staffs[]

Minerva McGonnagall[]

Rubeus Hagrid[]

Other staffs[]


Ivy Warrington[]

Daniel Page[]

Kevin Farrel[]

Robyn Thistlethwaite[]

Lottie Turner[]

Cassandra Vole[]

The Freys[]

Abigail Grey[]


Behind the scenes[]

Unidentified Muggle-born Hogwarts student trailer

Unidentified Muggle-born Hogwarts student in trailer

  • This individual is the player's character in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened. Gender, physical appearance and house can be chosen by the player.[65]
    • They are shown with the same appearance in the teaser video released before the release of the Chinese version and in the opening cutscene in the game. This individual is wearing round glasses and the same outfit as Elliot Evers, which is not available in game, with 'Basic face shape-1' face type and 'Carefree' hair type applied.
    • They appear in the same appearance in the 2021 cinematic trailer and in concept art by the senior character designer as female character. They wear round glasses, have 'Basic face shape-4' face type with green eyes and 'Casual Elegance' hair type with red hair. This figure was present as an initial asset for female players in the early Chinese version of the character creation.
    • The designers chose to make the character look around 13 to 14 years old.[66]
  • Childhood impressions of this individual are very different in the Chinese and global versions. In the Chinese version, this person thought that their life had been very ordinary and would never change (until the letter from Hogwarts arrived). In the global version, this person has experienced problems as a Muggle-born wizard, suddenly using magic and causing friction with those around them, they felt alienated and wanted to go somewhere else where they would be accepted.
  • The male version of this character is voiced by Ry Chase,[67] while the female version is voiced by Lexi Fontaine.[68]
  • Rob DeBorde implied that the trio (the player, Ivy, Daniel) in the game were mirroring the Golden Trio.[69]
  • The player will try two wands in Ollivanders. The core, wood, length and flexibility of these wands is random. It can be any material or characteristic that can be found in canon. The first will not work properly, while the second wand will "choose" the player.
  • The player can attend classes including Care of Magical Creatures, Divination and Ancient Runes in their first-year even though these aren't available to students of Hogwarts until their third-year.
  • Even though the students of Hogwarts cannot leave without permission or have a way to travel there, the player can somehow get to Diagon Alley whenever they wish. Unless this happened during a school break like the Easter holidays, which is not indicated, this cannot be considered canon. These stories include:
    • Meeting Cassandra in Diagon Alley who offers to help them with a new outfit to improve their style. They also gift her with the newest product, Mythic Lavender Gloves.[70]
    • Agreeing to help Daniel buy new dragon-skin gloves there after he ruins his first pair brewing a potion.
    • Helping Daniel buy Erumpent musk where they encounter a dark wizard selling it illegally.[71]
    • Going to Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes to learn the charm Bewitched Snowballs.[72]


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