"I like to take a kip in the corridors when Pitts isn't watching"
—The House Elf talking to Jacob's sibling

This house-elf worked at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the 1980s. They worked in the kitchens along with the other Hogwarts house-elves. They were regularly seen stealing naps, whilst leaning against a wall, in a corridor near the entrance to the kitchens, infuriating Pitts, the House Elf tasked with overseeing their actions as well as those of the other elves. When woken by Jacob's sibling, the house-elf panicked, and quickly ran off. While Pitts was aware that one of his elves was taking regular naps in the corridors, he had no idea which elf it was, allowing this elf to get off scot-free.


The elf had long, pig-like ears and a pointy, beakish nose. They wore what appeared to be a potato sack emblazoned with a small Hogwarts crest.[1]

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