This witch worked at the Ministry of Magic during the time of Lord Voldemort's reign over the Ministry as part of the Muggle-Born Registration Commission's many pamphlet-makers.[2]


She was described as being young, and she seemed to dislike Dolores Umbridge as she referred to her as an "old hag". She could possibly have been prejudiced towards Muggle-borns, as she referred to them as "Mudbloods", but as the term was so common during Voldemort's reign at the Ministry it is possible she harboured no strong feelings about Muggle-borns and was simply throwing out the term casually. She was puzzled when Harry Potter (disguised as Albert Runcorn) used a Decoy Detonator to sneak into Dolores Umbridge's Office. She later blamed it on Experimental Charms, asking her colleague if he remembered the poisonous duck.[2]


Notes and references

  1. She was not persecuted by the Muggle-Born Registration Commission whilst working at the Ministry, so she was not Muggle-born.
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