"There are many ways to pass through locked doors in the magical world (see the Fire-Making Spell, Gouging Spell, and the Reductor Curse) where you wish to enter or depart discreetly, however, the Unlocking Charm is your best friend."
—The introduction in the Book of Spells[src]

The Unlocking Charm (Alohomora), also known as the Thief's Friend is a charm that unlocks the target, including doors, windows or other objects.[2][3] It is also able to open doors locked by the Locking Spell (Colloportus), and as such, is its Counter-charm. There also exists a spell to prevent this charm from being used on a locked target.


The earliest person known to master the charm was an Ancient African sorcerer, who taught it to thief Eldon Elsrickle during the latter's trip to Africa in the 17th century. After returning to his native Britain, Elsrickle used it to terrorise London, stealing from homes of Muggles and wizards alike, until Blagdon Blay invented the Anti-Alohomora Charm.[4]

Before Alohomora, the most popular unlocking spell was Portaberto (used to splinter a lock from a door; though known to occasionally leave a smoking hole where the key should have gone) and, before that, Open Sesame (which ripped doors from their hinges and tore them into firewood). All of these were more rudimentary and by far less subtle than Alohomora.

Descriptions of this spell are written in numerous books, including the first volume of the Standard Book of Spells series, where it is described in chapter seven.[5] and a spellbook that can be found in the Hogwarts Library.[6] This spell is also taught in Charms class in the first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and is one of the first spells students learn.[7]


There is a spell called the Anti-Alohomora Charm which is used to counteract this spell. Magical locks also existed and were placed on several doors, but could be unlocked with this charm.

Known uses


Caster(s) Date Notes
Eldon Elsrickle 1600s The first wizard to use it in the western world. Elsrickle had learnt the spell from an Ancient African sorcerer and used it to ransack the houses of London, Muggle, and wizarding alike.[4]
Newt Scamander 6 December 1926 Used it to open a safe at Steen National Bank to retrieve his escaped Niffler.[8]
Lord Voldemort 31 October, 1981 Used it to break into the Potters' house, before murdering James and Lily Potter and trying to murder their son Harry Potter.[5]
Albus Potter Used it after time-travelling to the day his grandparents were killed to unlock the doors of St Jerome's Church in order to let Harry Potter's friends come and help him to duel Delphini.[9]
Jacob's sibling 1984–1985 school year Jacob's sibling and Rowan Khanna used this charm to unlock the door of the room that contains the Cursed ice.[7]
Hermione Granger 1991 Used it to open a forbidden entrance on the Third-floor corridor of Hogwarts Castle.[10]
6 June, 1994 Used it to open the window to Professor Filius Flitwick's office to rescue Sirius Black.[11]
2 August, 1997 Used it to open Regulus Black's bedroom in 12 Grimmauld Place.[12]
Death Eaters 18 June, 1996 One of the Death Eaters used it to open doors to Time Room shut by the Hermione Granger.[13]
St Mungo's staff Unknown The Janus Thickey Ward at St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries can only be entered by using this spell. Healers and visitors may enter, but patients are unable to get out.[14]
Scorpius Malfoy 1 September, 2020 Used it to open the Minister for Magic's office at the Ministry of Magic. He want to get into with Albus Potter and Delphini under the disguise of the trio.


Caster(s) Date Notes
Eldon Elsrickle 1600s He eventually found that all wizarding households placed an Anti-Alohomora Charm on their doors and could no longer unlock their doors.[4]
Queenie Goldstein 7 December 1926 Tried to unlock Percival Graves' office at the Magical Congress of the United States of America using this spell and Aberto, discovering he had secured it with advanced spells.[8]
Hogwarts staff 1991 The door guarding the Philosopher's Stone was protected against the Unlocking Charm; a winged key was necessary to open it. A single door in the Department of Mysteries was impervious to this spell as well; it may be presumed that it opens in the room where the British Ministry of Magic studies the power of love in the Department of Mysteries.
Hermione Granger 4 June, 1992 Tried to unlock the locked door in the Flying Key room, but the door could only open with the key.[15]
18 June, 1996 Tried to unlock the locked door to the Love Chamber in the Department of Mysteries, shortly before the Battle of the Department of Mysteries.[13]
Harry Potter 1 September, 1996 Tried to unlock the Hogwarts gates with no effect since Albus Dumbledore had bewitched them.[16]
Harry Potter 17 June 1996 Harry Potter assumed that Umbridge's office door had been bewitched so that this spell wouldn't work.[17]

Known practitioners

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J. K. Rowling stated that the word was from the West African Sikidy figures used in geomancy and has the literal meaning "Friendly to thieves".[21]

Behind the scenes


Harry opening Dolores Umbridge's Office with this spell


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