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"Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end. If not always in the way we expect"-Luna Lovegood

About me

Hello, thank you for visiting my profile! I'm a rather obsessive Harry Potter fan and enjoy drawing. When I'm not reading Harry Potter books, I also enjoy reading Warrior Cats and books about mythical creatures. I love animals, and spending time with my wonderful cat, Rosie, and my dog, Gracie.
I left for Seattle, Washington on the eighteenth of January, and visit the long-awaited Harry Potter Exhibition on the ninteenth. I was Sorted first: The woman asked for voulenteers and my family pushed my forward with force, and I was aked my favourite House and was Sorted into Gryffindor. I pulled a Mandrake from a dirty brown pot, and it was suprisingly heavy. I threw the red Quaffle through the middle hoop on my first try, it dinged when I scored, though I nearly missed by hitting the edge of the hoop slightly. I sat in Hagrid's chair, which was huge, and was the very same chair Hermione sat on in Philosopher's Stone. I saw Buckbeak up close, and Aragog and the Hungarian Horntail's head. Voldemort's robes where placed on a platform in the dark room resembling the graveyard in Goblet of Fire. Dolores Umbridge's office was horribly pink and with the Blood Quill on her desk, along with a Decoy Detonator. Fawkes the phoenix looked down at me from his perch and blinked in greeting. The baby Thestral was small and fragile-looking, but beautiful. Rita Skeeter's acid green quill was very long. Tom Riddle's diary was covered in ink and had a Baskilisk fang through the center. Of course, photography wasn't aloud, otherwise I'd have posted pictures in a heartbeat. i did manage to get a picture of the outside building, though, and a picture of me standing in my Gryffindor scarf, large and heavy shopping bag, in front of the large poster for the Harry Potter Exhibition: A day I'll never forget.

What Harry Potter means to me

(Note: This was the comment I submitted to try and win the Wizarding World giveaway)

Harry Potter means a lot to me mostly because it taught me so many things and has improved myself as a person. It taught me the true meaning of friendship, and has brought knowledge to me of what having friendship like Harry could bring. I have never had any true friends, but reading the books made me feel as though I had every bit of the bond with a close friend as Harry did. I constantly felt lonely before I entered the world of Harry Potter, and felt the loneliness and bitter thoughts sort of lift away when I began to read about this young boy who felt the same way I did and soon found friendship that a common human would give anything to have. The books also taught me about how to stand up to people and for what you believe in. I sometimes feel a lot like Neville, saddened by the fact that I lack courage and friends. Neville is one of the characters I would pick to represent myself and what I would do if faced with the same situations as he was. I really do think I would be able to chop the head off of Nagini if I was in the same setting as Neville, maybe. Perhaps I could lead Dumbledore's Army in the time of need. The books taught me that it was okay to be different. My favorite character is Luna Lovegood because she's different, and I like to think myself to be like her. After discovering Luna when I read Order of the Phoenix, I found that I wanted to be different, and I wanted to be known as odd or "loony" because I admired Luna so much for just ignoring mean comments. I think that would also mean a lot to most teenagers in school. One of my favorite moments was when Luna and Harry are with the Thestrals and Luna says "People avoid them because they're a bit...different." Since then I became very interested in Thestrals and they became my favorite creatures from the series because I found that I could relate in just so many ways to them and Luna. Luna's happiness and the way she ignores what people think was just so comforting to me in many times in my life, and many times yet to come. The books taught me what it means to be a good person. The books change me as a person in so many ways, and I don't know what kind of person I would be if I didn't read the books and watch the films. I take immense joy in being kind to people and making them smile, and maybe using my words to change other people as well. I remember what Sirius Black said about the fact that we both have dark and light inside of us and what matters most is what part we choose to act on. I just love that one quote, it means so much to me and I want to share the same feeling with other people I meet. I learned that we all have different abilities, but what makes us who we are is what we use them for. A rich man could buy a mansion, or he could give food to the hungry. A giant could sneer down at others, or help them reach greater lengths. I now know how to use my thoughts and feelings to sculpt who I am as a person, and to improve. The books and films taught me that we all have flaws. There is so many people out there in this world that make fun of Harry because J.K. Rowling wrote him to have glasses. I think she did that for a perfectly clear reason: we all have our flaws. What makes a good book is not the fact that the main character is perfect and dreamy, but because the characters have flaws which makes them so much more relatable and so much more feelings and emotions are triggered. If you don't leave a flaw in a character, you won't feel anything at all. What I just said reminds me of when director of the fourth film said they left Voldemort's eyes blue and without slits because he won't scare you if you don't leave a chunk of the human being there. And I found that completely true. They taught me how to be smart and think before I leap. Hermione Granger is the best example of a intelligent person who thinks her choices through and then acts on them. That is one of the many important things in life, in my opinion. It isn't what we can do who makes us who we are, it is the choices we make as I learned from Albus Dumbledore. They taught me that a good sense of humor and a family can lead to great happiness. The Weasely family in my eyes are the perfect family anyone can hope for. Their family is bound together by love and hospitality. Fred and George are two of my favorite characters because their sense of humor lightened the darkest times for me and made me laugh when I didn't feel like I ever would again. I agree that the best medicine is laughter, and Fred and George have proven it true. The books and films taught me about love and what it can do. More than once, love acted as a sheild against darkest villian in the world. Lily Evans was such an amazing character to me and a great example of what love can do. That brings me back to what I wrote above about bravery. If my family were in danger, I would go to any length to protect and save them even at a severe cost, and I would do all of that out of love. J.K. Rowling wrote such an amazing part about love acting as a shield, and I think I'll remember that for the rest of my life. By reading the books for the first time as reluctantly as I did (Thanks to my wonderful sister who talked me into it), I found myself immersed into a beautiful world of so many life lessons and so many colorful characters that taught me almost everything that made me who I am today. A chance to be able to feel that way and feel it even greater than before by going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter would be the chance and amazing opportunity of a lifetime. What I wish the most is that more and more people will read Harry Potter and feel the same way I do, and so feel such a passion for it like I do. Harry Potter and the whole wizarding world means everything to me because it taught so many things to me that you can't just learn any day. I feel so blessed to be apart of the many people who read the books, and that is why I will probably cry when I see the final film. It may have ended, but the things I learned from it will last forever, and that's what really matters. J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter changed my life forever, and I shiver to imagine what I would be had I not learned what I did. To be so passionate about Harry Potter makes me feel almost like the luckiest person in the world. But to have even the slightest chance to go to Wizarding World makes me feel like the luckiest person in the whole universe. I would look into the Mirror of Erised and see myself grinning with my family, exactly as I would be doing. When I first saw this blog, I saw that is was a trip for four (the exact number of my family) and had a sudden realization that perhaps, maybe, this could actually happen. As they say, it was worth a try and I did my best. I hope people read this and realize that the series means as much to them as it does to me, and then share some of their own life lessons they learned from the magical world for somone else. Like a chain reaction. I am so grateful to be among the people who know that Harry Potter means so much to them that it's reached the maximun, and I know I'm not the only one. Long live Harry Potter, and, most of all, long live love, laughter, bravery, friendship, passion, loonyness, intellect, and Harry Potter fans!

Thank you for reading this far, is has been a blessing to share with everyone what Harry Potter means to me.

Love, *Luna. Year end

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How I started Harry Potter

I first became interested when I went to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in theaters. I was soon advised to read the books, wich I did, I admit, a bit reluctantly. But I soon found myself imersed with the vivid wold filled with magic and adventure. I also learned a few valuble lessons, such as the fact that love is more powerful than even power itself. I plan to keep those things in mind for as long as possible. Every time I read the books or watch the movies, I feel like it expands the horizon of my imagination.

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