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Hello, I'm Ahoskinson 95 (Lover of Ginny Weasley). I am a Ravenclaw. I have a weird hair color. I am a great wizard that now works as the Astronomy Professer at Hogwarts. I think. I would like to. Anyway, my favorite book is Deathly Hallows.

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Stuff About Me


Book: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Film: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (film)
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (film)

1. Ginny Weasley
2. Luna Lovegood
3. Hermione Granger
4. Ron Weasley
5. Harry Potter
6. Teddy Lupin
7. Nymphadora Tonks
8. Fleur Delacour
9. Bellatrix Lestrange
10. Andromeda Tonks 11. Molly Weasley
12. Cho Chang

Pictures Added by Me


A promotional poster for the Order of the Phoenix film.


Nymphadora Tonks.


Queen Maeve.


Rowena Ravenclaw.


Fleur Delacour.


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