My sister,Nymphadora


Andromeda Fidellius Tedalin Tonks
Born: 27th August 1972
Died: Not yet...
Blood status: Half blood
Marital status: Girlfriend of Dean Thomas
Alias: Anny, Ann, Tonks
Title: Metamorphmagmus, Auror.


Human, Wizard
Gender: Female
Height: 5"11
Hair colour: Dark red
Eye colour: Dark green (emerald colour)
Skin colour: Pale as pale

Andromeda Tonks (mother)

Ted Tonks (father)

Nymphadora Lupin (sister)

Teddy Lupin (nephew)

Remus Lupin (brother-in-law)

Black Family (mother's side, disowned)

Muggle Tonks Family (father's side)

Loyalty: Hogwarts, Lupin family, Tonks family, Harry Potter, DA, Order of the Phoenix
Animagus: Dove
Boggart: Me being sensible
Patronus: Dove
Wand: Dragon heartstring, holly, 12 inches, flexible
Job: Auror
House: Ravenclaw

Hi!I'm AlexioGinny is so cool!I named this after two people.My cousin and Ginny Weasley.She is my best friend here at Hogwarts.My wand is holly and dragon heartstring,12 inches,and flexible.My wand is unique,as the wood and the core are used by only 2 other wands.The wood,Harry Potter,one of my best friends,and the core,Bellatrix Lestrange,my deadliest enemy(I'm her niece and her murderer. Don't look at me like that,she was trying to kill Dora.).I'm in Ravenclaw,in the same year and house as Luna Lovegood,another of my dear friends.My sisters are called Nymphadora Lupin and Elizabathena Tonks,and I am a Metamorphmagus
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School Years

First year:

I was sorted into Ravenclaw and soon became friendly with the Weasley twins.

Second year:

I was the first person exept from Ron,Hermione and Harry that knew Sirius Black was Harry's godfather,and that he meant no harm to Harry.

Third year:

Spent the whole year duelling people who said Harry was lying about the whole Goblet of Fire thing.Sent Malfoy to the hospital wing for 1 week with a jinx that I invented that makes you sprout extra limbs.Even Fred and George were proud.

Fourth year:

I saw Sirius die,joined Dumbledore's Army and made Umbridge go away!:( to the first fact:(

Fifth year:

Voldemort got his grip on the Muggle and Wizarding worlds.

Sixth year:

Forced to stay at Hogwarts because I'm half-blood.Hid at Hogwarts to fight at the Battle of Hogwarts.Knocked 12 unconcious,killed 2,helped Dora kill Aunt Bellatrix aswell(Rita Skeeter said it was Molly Weasley,but it was us!:)And good riddance!)Avenged Fred by helping Percy KILL Rookwood,as well as Aunt Bellatrix,Travers and Dolohov. (No matter what others say, yes Dolohov and Traver are dead, I remember crying for Dad when I killed them both with a Stunning Spell to the heart.)

Seventh year:

Dropped out of Hogwarts,as Kingley Shacklebolt said all the people who were in The Battle of Hogwarts could train as an Auror,so I did,and was mentored by Dora. I am now a fully fledged Auror.

PS:I have forgotten my password,so Juliet Cullen will now be making changes.Thanks!

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