"Hmm...very interesting. I haven't seen one like this in a long time."
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Andrew Ravenwood is an English pure-blood wizard who attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry where he was sorted into Ravenclaw between 1984 and 1991. His brother Jacob's expulsion from Hogwarts for endangering fellow students in his quest to find the Cursed Vaults had an impact on his younger brother's first year at Hogwarts when many other students whispered about them for his elder brother's breaking of school rules which had disgraced their shared schoolhouse. The incident was well-covered in the Daily Prophet, as was Jacob's running away from home, which had a profound effect on the younger brother.


Early life (73-1983)

Troubled childhood

Born into a pure-blood wizarding family around 1973, he grew up in a magical household and resided in close proximity to Muggle dwellings. He had one older brother, Jacob, who was five years older than him. When Andrew was five or six years, he and Jacob pretended to duel with Liquorice Wands. At one point, Jacob convinced his brother to steal Sickles from their mother's coat pockets. During his childhood, his parents worked together to teach their youngest son, as well as their older son Jacob, that they could not go around flaunting their magic. In particular, his mother was strict about the use of magic outside of school, refusing both of her children to ride a broomstick before they began attending school.

At some point during his childhood, tragedy struck the family when he received an owl from Professor Albus Dumbledore, informing them of Jacob's search for the fabled Cursed Vaults, and his subsequent expulsion for endangering his fellow students in his attempt to prove that they really existed. Shortly after being sent home, Jacob ran away and went missing; many believed that he went on to serve Lord Voldemort, whereas other rumours said he had returned to Hogwarts after his expulsion to resume his search. He would, years later, reject the former possibility.

Meeting Rowan Khanna

Shortly after receiving the Hogwarts acceptance letter, he travelled to Diagon Alley to buy school supplies, and met and befriended future fellow student and housemate Rowan Khanna, who came from a wizarding family of tree farmers. Rowan suggested to start at Flourish and Blotts. While picking up The Standard Book of Spells, Andrew excitedly remarked how they looked forward to learning all the Charms; upon picking up Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, they said they were familiar with it and thought it to be brilliant. Afterwards, they journeyed to Ollivanders Wand Shop to purchase their first wand: Garrick Ollivander expressed both concern and curiosity about what sort of effect their brother's choices had made on this individual, but still looked forward to seeing what kind of life they would lead. When the shopping concluded, he and Rowan promised to see each other again on the train.

Hogwarts years (1984-1991)

First year

On 1 September 1984, Andrew boarded the Hogwarts Express on Platform Nine and Three-Quarters, through the magical barrier at King's Cross Station. Upon arrival, they were greeted at the Great Hall by the rest of the students and the staff. Professor McGonagall proceeded to provide them with a short explanation of the four Hogwarts HousesGryffindor, the brave and chivalrous, Hufflepuff, the kind and diligent, Ravenclaw, the witty and wise, and Slytherin, the cunning and ambitious — voicing her hope that all of the newcomers would make fine additions to the ranks of great witches and wizards that each House had produced in the past. When Andrew was called to be Sorted, the Sorting Hat remarked that "[it hadn't] seen one like this in a long time", and took his choice of House into account — which was the same as their brother Jacob's. Later, they found that Rowan had been Sorted into the same House as them.

When the sorting was done and all first years having found places to sit among their new housemates, Professor Dumbledore rose and stood behind the Owl Lecturn in front of the High Table. He gave a brief speech of welcomes, educated the new arrivals on the rules of the House Cup and on what a great honour it would be to win it. At the end of the Start-of-Term Feast, Andrew's Head of House moved to stand beside the Headmaster, announcing to the students of his house that it was time for them to move to their Common room. Once there, he reunited with Rowan, and the two briefly discussed their shared excitement over finally attending school and their new House before agreeing to go to bed, as they would have to be up bright and early for Charms first thing in the morning.

As Charms was one of the subjects he had most looked forward to, when arriving at the Charms Classroom, they courteously greeted the Charms Master, Professor Flitwick. Recognising him as Jacob's brother, Filius Flitwick answered in kind, claiming that he was certain he would do just fine, as his older brother had been one of his most skilled students at Hogwarts prior to his expulsion. Even so, he subtly warned them against trouble-making, adding that Jacob had been one of his most rebellious students as well. Later on, Andrew encountered Merula Snyde, an imperious and cruel Slytherin student, who tried to bully Rowan into admitting her as the most powerful witch to ever attend Hogwarts. Andrew attempted to defuse the argument, but before it went further, Professor Severus Snape ordered them to get into the Potions Classroom for the subsequent class. The animosity formed between Merula and Andrew grew in that lesson, for at the end of the class, Merula sabotaged the Cure for Boils he brewed with Bulbadox powder, which caused the potion to explode, resulting in them and Rowan Khanna being punished unfairly by Snape for their presumed clumsiness.

Not long after the incident, he was introduced to Ben Copper and the House Prefect. The mutual dislike between him and Merula Snyde led to a duel, which was interrupted by the arrival of Professors Snape and Flitwick. Snape instructed both Merula and Andrew to arrive in the West Towers to receive their punishment. He lost house points for their house, while Merula did not. Afterwards, he overheard Severus Snape and Argus Filch talking about the mysterious Cursed Vaults and decided to try to find them.

He discovered the cursed ice, but when Merula tailed them, he was forced to rescue her. Albus Dumbledore summoned Andrew to come see him, making him fearful he would be expelled for his actions. On the contrary, Dumbledore awarded him one hundred points for his courage and compassion, and year one came to a close for him.

Second year

During the 1985–1986 school year, Ben Copper went missing, and he tried to search the castle for him. While doing so, they found a note in the Artefact Room. With help from Rowan, the note was deciphered, signed by someone using the initial "R", it contained instructions to locate a Black Quill hidden in a common room different from his own, which would turn into a note with additional information when untransfigured. These instructions were allegedly meant for Ben to follow, and the note was speculated to have a connection to his disappearance. Andrew was puzzled, but decided to do as the note said in hopes of finding Ben. He learned the Shrinking Charm and Engorgement Charm in order to enter the other house's common room by using them on themselves and sneaking in undetected when the common room was empty, during a game of Quidditch between Gryffindor and Slytherin. In preparation for this, he questioned Flitwick about the ramifications of using such spells on living things, but Flitwick became suspicious and strictly forbade it. Nevertheless, the infiltration was partially successful: Andrew found the Black Quill in the common room, but while exiting they were caught by the common room's corresponding Head of House, who asked them to explain their behaviour.

Shortly after this, Andrew untransfigured the Quill using Reparifarge, and it transformed into another note from R, instructing the reader to go to the farthest corridor at the end of the fifth floor, re-transfigure the scroll into a Black Quill, and return it to the common room in which it had been hidden. He did so, and while inspecting the corridor, they found out the professors were already there. They also found Ben frozen in the cursed ice, but the professors saved him by casting the Fire-Making Spell, explaining that the cursed ice appeared to have developed resistance to the Knockback Jinx.

Third year

Andrew Ravenwood took Care of Magical Creatures and Divination as electives. In the beginning of the year, he was initially not allowed to attend Hogsmeade because he had broken a lot of school rules. A professor offered to let him go if they studied hard, which he did, eventually gaining permission. There, they went to the Three Broomsticks and asked Madam Rosmerta about Jacob. She gave him a black quill that belonged to Jacob. Using Reparifarge, Andrew transformed it back into a notebook and told Rosmerta what it was. But Filch, who overheard, seized the notebook and took it to his office, as ordered by Professor Snape.

With the help of Nymphadora Tonks, Andrew Ravenwood tricked Filch and got the notebook back. To hide in his office again, they used the Shrinking Charm. Rowan Khanna deciphered the notebook, and they learn about a room where Jacob researched the Cursed Vaults. The room was closed with a double lock, and no spell worked against it. Andrew and another student read that the lock was the property of a Ravenclaw girl named Tulip Karasu and asked her for help. After testing their character, Tulip told that she had one of the keys from that lock, and Merula had the other one. Understanding that Merula would not return the key, Tulip and Andrew pranked Merula's comrades into leaving, and when she was alone, they asked her to return the key. She agreed after he defeated her in a duel again, but she tells them she had already taken what she needed from there and warned them not to trust Tulip. In the room, Tulip and Andrew encountered a boggart, who took the form of Voldemort.

Fourth year

During the 1987–1988 school year, a sleepwalking epidemic spread throughout the school due to the opening of a third, unknown Cursed Vault, with victims apparently heading to the Forbidden Forest. When he visited Tulip, one of the first victims, in the Hospital Wing, the two talked about the incident and concluded that the third vault was likely located in the forest.

Andrew began attracting the attention of Madam Patricia Rakepick, a Curse-Breaker invited to the school by Dumbledore. Rakepick taught them the Shield Charm and told them to stay away from the Cursed Vaults, but later changed her mind and planned to recruit them along with some of their fellow students to find the next vault. Andrew decided to investigate Rakepick and asked the professors their opinions about her, which were mostly negative. Rakepick found out about that and invited him to a private conversation, in which she told them to stop doing so, while continuing with her plan of using their assistance.

At a certain point, Rakepick repeatedly invited Andrew, their friends, as well as their enemies Merula and Ismelda, to meet at the Training Grounds for a little competition to elect an assistant to her.

Andrew asked Professor Kettleburn what is the best way to go to the Forbidden Forest, and he agreed to answer that question if they studied enough about bowtruckles. At some point, they received a forged letter supposedly signed by Kettleburn, which was actually a bait to lure them to the Courtyard, where a cloaked figure attacked them with the Full Body-Bind Curse and told them to stay away from the Cursed Vaults, the Forbidden Forest and Rakepick, further adding that "death is coming to Hogwarts" and may come to them as well if they disobey. The figure told that someone would eventually remove the binding curse, but it is unknown who did so. After freed, Andrew Ravenwood only told about this incident to a few friends.

Kettleburn, after satisfied with his study on bowtruckles, answered their question. He said that by using a broom they could get to the forest mostly undetected. They then proceeded to try to get a broom, first by asking Madam Hooch to borrow one, which she refused due to the Black Lake incident and not trusting them, and later by attempting to steal one from Filch's office, where all brooms they found were broken. (They incidentally found, however, another message transfigured into a black quill, which was a threat from R to Rakepick telling her to leave Hogwarts). As a last resort, they asked another student to borrow their broom; the student was reluctant at first, but Andrew Ravenwood managed to convince them to borrow the broom by talking to them at Three Broomsticks.

Andrew later went to the Forbidden Forest by broomstick together with Charlie and another friend.

Fifth year

At the start of their Fifth year, Andrew Ravenwood met Penny's younger sister Beatrice, who gave them a hand-made Puffskein. They later went to the Library to speak with Bill Weasley who was studying for his N.E.W.T. Exams. After this they met Madam Rakepick on the Training Grounds who along with Bill and Merula had been chosen as Rakepick's apprentice curse-breakers in their pursuit of the fourth Cursed Vault. She taught him how to cast the Incarcerous Spell and had Andrew demonstrate it on Merula much to her chagrin. That night, he went to meet Ben Copper in the Courtyard where they discussed Ben attacking the former last year. Before he could finish their conversation, both were confronted and attacked by another figure in a red cloak. The figure subdued both with a Full Body-Bind Curse before repeating their previous warning that death was coming to Hogwarts and telling him that they needed him alive and that before the school term ended, one of their friends would die.

He was later invited to the Three Broomsticks by Merula Snyde along with Bill Weasley. The three talked about how they should start co-operating. Soon, Penny Haywood came to inform that Beatrice was missing. The four decided to split into pairs. Andrew and one of the three searched the Red Cap's Hole and Spider's Lair, but could not find Beatrice. In the latter location, he fought the same Acromantula who was guarding the Forest Vault the previous school year.

Andrew got O.W L.s in at least Divination and Astronomy, two subjects which he continued to take in his sixth year.

Sixth year

Seventh year

After Hogwarts (1991 - 1995)

Grand Tour

After he and his friends graduated Hogwarts, they went on a Grand Tour of the world together.

1994 Quidditch World Cup

Andrew attended the 1994 Quidditch World Cup with his close friends and older brother Jacob. They stayed in his tent at the campsite. During the riot, he and his friends protected each other and a handful of other witches and wizards present.

Career as a (1991-)

Second Wizarding War (1995-1998)

Recruiting foreign wizards

Bill and Fleur's wedding

Battle of Hogwarts

Later life

Physical appearance

Personality and traits

Andrew was extremely compassionate and, while not as perceptive as his best friend Rowan Khanna, still possessed a keen intellect. He was very talented and academically competent, being skilled in a number of magical fields, receiving much praise from the majority of their teachers, often responding to such praise by grinning. He was also skilled at coming up with things quickly and lying effectively, though he never lied if they could avoid doing so.

Thanks to the actions of his brother Jacob, he was often the subject of dislike and apprehension and had difficulty making friends. He was unfazed by this, and instead chose to be nonjudgmental and accepting of those around them. He was very loyal to his friends. He was always eager to help them, such as when he helped Ben Copper overcome his fear of riding a broomstick and convinced him to stop isolating in a closet, and when he acted like they could see through Talbott Winger's apparent lack of desire for friendship in general. He was also very empathetic, as best shown by how they treated Talbott Winger, Barnaby Lee, and Merula Snyde.

He was very courageous, as he stood up to Merula Snyde, Severus Snape, and even Fenrir Greyback, and sought out the Cursed Vaults relentlessly in spite of the teachers warning him not to. He believed that in finding the vaults, they would gain new knowledge and treasure, but most of his drive came from wanting to find their brother, whom they loved unconditionally.

Though never a defining trait, he had a cheeky and occasionally sarcastic sense of humour, such as when they encouraged Ben to stop isolating and added "though the skulls might miss you". In his first year, Merula told them they were unwanted to which they replied "You're the one everyone wishes would just go away". When Chiara Lobosca accused him of having ulterior motives for chatting, he replied, "It's possible my ulterior motive might be trying to get to know you better."

In his second year, Andrew developed a passion for Quidditch as well as possessing a natural talent for it, which caused them to bond with Skye Parkin. Their skills were best served as being a Chaser.

For Andrew, their years at Hogwarts have been a journey of growth and renewal. Despite being a lonely child who frequently watched his brother closely with immense concern and kept to themselves, he has found a family at school that can relate to them and give them new purpose and meaning. His social skills improved phenomenally during his magical education. Indeed, he tends to form the closest relationships (positive and negative) with students who bring out his own strengths: being around Rowan Khanna has made him more intellectual, being around Ben Copper has made him more compassionate, being around Penny Haywood has made him more extroverted, being around Nymphadora Tonks has made him more unafraid of being themselves, being around Skye Parkin has made him more sports-minded, and being around Merula Snyde has made him more empathetic and less vulnerable. He tends to have some of those effects on their friends in turn, as people like Haywood and Talbott Winger have pointed out, they are both a safe place and dependable source when his friends are vulnerable, endangered, conflicted, or all of the above.

Magical abilities and skills

  • Magical mastery: An academically strong student, Andrew quickly achieved such good results in their schoolwork that they received praise from most of their teachers. He demonstrated tremendous ability and proved a cleverer student than most of his classmates, quickly mastering and becoming the best in most of the fields of magic taught in Hogwarts with little effort. Andrew has become a highly skilled, accomplished wizard, proficient and knowledgeable in most branches of magic.
  • Potions: Andrew displayed a proficiency for potion-making, being able to brew everything from basic to moderately difficult concoctions to the desired effect. Most notably, they were able to brew a Fire-Breathing Potion flawlessly after only seeing the Potions Master do it once. Despite his personal dislike of the student, even Severus Snape himself had to admit that this individual had an undeniable gift for potions. He was so skilled in potions that he was selected to be Hogwarts potions champion in the Wizarding Schools Potions Championship and won. He even invented the legendary Potion of All Potential. He later successfully brewed the Animagus potion so his friends can become Animagi.
  • Charms: Andrew cast the best Wand-Lighting Charm that Professor Flitwick had seen from a first-year in a long time in their very first lesson, and was not only usually the first to master any new spell Professor Flitwick taught, such as the Disarming Charm, the Levitation Charm, the Unlocking Charm and the Knockback Jinx with little difficulty, and by his second year, they were capable of Shrinking Charm to such an effect that they became the size of an insect and thus, virtually invisible to the naked eye. He could also just as easily reverse the effect with an Engorgement Charm without any experiencing any side effects. During class, Professor Flitwick would often commend him for his 'fine technique' and even request them to assist him in teaching the charm and demonstrate how to cast it properly to fellow classmates, with great effect. By his fourth year, he produced a Shield Charm that was strong enough to deflect a Blasting Curse from the much older and more experienced Patricia Rakepick when the latter educated them on said spell, visibly impressing her. He even performed a rather advanced Memory Charm to erase the memory of Merula Snyde when she overhead some important information about Talbott Winger. Furthermore, they had the ability to conjure a fully-corporeal Patronus Charm by his fourth year, an outstanding feat for a Hogwarts student, given the immensely advanced and powerful nature of the said spell, and magic way beyond any magic normally taught at Hogwarts, meaning their abilities in charm-work were truly remarkable. He mastered Underwater Charms when he studied at the Merge School of Under-Water Spellage. Before the Battle of Hogwarts, he was one of the individuals who cast the many powerful protective enchantments — such as Protego Maxima, Fianto Duri, Protego horribilis and Protego totalum — over the school.
  • Duelling: Andrew quickly became a very skilful duellist, outclassing the likes of the more experienced Merula Snyde and even Bill Weasley, one of the most skilled students at Hogwarts, who had two years of education over them. Though usually coming out triumphant in most duels against their peers, he was unable to beat Ben Copper in a duel to the death, who trounced them but was quickly defeated when Patricia Rakepick came for the rescue, striking him with a Blasting Curse. His skills were so great that they could even hold off Fenrir Greyback while he was in his werewolf form by some swift-spell-casting. By his fifth year they were able to out-duel a dark witch in the Knockturn Alley, despite being there for the first time. However, he was no match for Patricia Rakepick, as she easily subdued them before they could even cast a spell. They also acknowledged the vast gap between them and Dumbledore, noting that it would be suicide for them to try to infiltrate his office. He was able to out-duel the more experienced Peter Pettigrew after he revealed himself to them. His ability to fight both skilled duellists and dark wizards showed them to have considerable proficiency in martial magic. While in the Portrait Vault, he was able to single-handedly defeat an Hungarian Horntail. During the Reappearance of the Dark Mark and the Battle of Hogwarts, he was able to single-handedly defeat multiple Death Eaters.
  • Transfiguration: Andrew has considerable talent in transfiguration, casting the best Reparifarge spell (an untransfiguration spell) during their first class on their first try, impressing even Professor Minerva McGonagall with their talent, who deemed their abilities in transfiguration to belay their years. McGonagall was so impressed that she even offered to give this individual advanced transfiguration lessons outside the class. His skill in this subject was so advanced that he was able to become a fully-fledged Animagus, with immense dedication and hard work.
  • Herbology: Andrew has considerable skill in Herbology.
  • Flying: Andrew's flying skills were also above average, given they were barred from their mother to owning a broom after Jacob's disappearance. While never being fast enough to catch up to Quidditch players like Charlie Weasley or Andre Egwu, their skills were adequate enough to beat Merula Snyde in a fast sprint, or keep up with Rowan Khanna, Ben Copper and Bill Weasley when flying into Forbidden Forest. Andrew is able to fly without support after using Legilimency on a Death Eater.
  • Curse-Breaker: Like Bill Weasley, Andrew is a gifted curse-breaker, even when it was due to urgency to find his brother Jacob. He was able to unlock the secrets behind the Cursed Vaults. He went on to become one of the best, most talented Curse-Breakers at Gringotts and later an exceptional Head Curse-Breaker.
  • Indomitable Willpower: Andrew's was extremely strong, and while not above self doubt, they have never been known to give up on anything or anyone, tirelessly seeking the Cursed Vaults for the sake of his brother. His willpower gave them great courage, enough to stand in the face of Merula's antics, Snape's cruelty, and Greyback's murderous intent.
  • Leadership Skills: Andrew is a natural leader and led his friends during the search for the Cursed Vaults. He was later regarded as an exceptional leader as Head Curse-Breaker.
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts: When he was tutored, alongside the rest of his year, by the famous Patricia Rakepick, in Defence Against the Dark Arts, Andrew soon became the best student of the subject, seamlessly mastering Hex Deflection and proving quite adept in repelling the dark creatures of the lessons. Rakepick herself praised their abilities in this field. He also successfully learnt many defensive and offensive spells during their DADA education, including spells taught by their classmates. For an example of their defensive skills, in his Third year, they were successfully able to subdue a Boggart in the form of Lord Voldemort with the Boggart-Banishing Spell.
  • Healing magic: After taking care of an injured Rowan, Andrew became an assistant of Madam Pomfrey, and studied healing magic on their own, who would eventually denote them as a natural Healer and an exceptional assistant, to the point of beginning to wonder if he might eventually proceed her in being responsible for the Hospital Wing one day, which certainly highlighted his skill and knowledge in medical magic.
  • Quidditch Knowledge: Andrew confessed to Andre Egwu that he is knowledgeable in Quidditch, despite not playing the sport themselves.
  • Quidditch skills: Andrew became the house's new Chaser which would be the individual's second year. He already showed natural courage, instincts, agility and stamina, which convinced Skye Parkin to teach him to play, first as a Chaser due to needs.
  • Care of Magical Creatures: Andrew has a talent for handling and communicating with various magical creatures, along with the understanding of them. He took Care of Magical Creatures class in their third year of Hogwarts education, and was known to have been rather good in the subject, showing his interest and skill in the field of Magizoology.
  • History of Magic: Andrew is highly knowledgeable in magical history and lore. He was aware of what happened in Albus Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald's past.
  • Legilimency and Occlumency: Andrew is a natural born and powerful Legilimens, like his brother Jacob, thus giving him the magical ability to read and navigate the minds of others. He is a skilled Occlumens to the point that more powerful Legilimens such as Voldemort couldn't penetrate his mind.
  • Singing: As a singer in the Frog Choir, he is a talented singer.
  • Spell creation: He helped Badeea Ali invent the Star Shower Spell.
  • Household magic: Andrew is proficient at Household magic and has a talent for cleanliness and household spells. He mastered highly the Pack Charm, getting stuff to fit itself in neatly and even getting socks to fold themselves.
  • Divination: Andrew has considerable talent for Divination. As a Seer, he can receive genuine visions of the future using his inner eye.
  • Arithmancy:
  • Study of Ancient Runes:
  • Astronomy:
  • Apparition: Andrew is extremely skilled at Apparition, capable of Apparating with pin-point precision and speed, even while in a quickly moving frame of reference. He mastered Apparition his first attempt. He is a master of Apparition, being able to Apparate by making a slight popping sound and even not making any sound at all.
  • Non-verbal magic: Andrew is highly proficient at non-verbal magic.
  • Wandless magic: Andrew is highly proficient at wandless magic. He can discreetly use Legilimency to read other people's minds.
  • Dark Arts: Andrew is proficient and has considerable skill in the Dark Arts. He cast William Weasley's modified Cursed Barrier. He later successfully mastered Fiendfyre in his Sixth year. He is able to cast the Unforgivable Curses. During the Reappearance of the Dark Mark and the Battle of Hogwarts, he conjured an incredibly powerful protective ring of cursed fire, which he was able to manipulate to an extraordinary degree, effectively turning the defensive spell into a devastating weapon, easily killing most of the Death Eaters present at the riot and a handful of Death Eaters at the battle.
  • Indomitable Willpower: Andrew wielded tremendous willpower and incorruptible morals.
  • Animal magic:
  • Plant magic:
  • Native American magic: Andrew has considerable talent in Native American magic.
  • Earth magic: Andrew has considerable talent in Earth magic.
  • Love:
  • Muggle Studies: Andrew is considerably adept at the subject, as shown by his ability to flawlessly interact with Muggles of many countries while on his adventures and travels.
  • African magic: Andrew has considerable in African magic. He studied African magic when he visited Uagadou School of Magic.
  • Author Skills: Andrew was an exceptional, accomplished author, having written and published multiple books about his search for the Cursed Vaults, fictional novels, his travels and adventures and on different magical subjects. He also wrote a guide for Curse-Breakers that is still used today worldwide.


Jacob's sibling second wand

Andrew's second wand



Jacob Ravenwood is his older brother. They are extremely close. When Jacob came home after his first year of Hogwarts, he bonded with Jacob and Jacob tried to teach him all the magic he learned at Hogwarts, but he wasn't able to do any of it. When he went missing, he was upset and determined to find him. He was sad and a little angry when Jacob left the Portrait Vault after finally being reunited and was constantly avoiding him.

Rowan Khanna

Andrew Ravenwood met Rowan Khanna at Diagon Alley. The two became best friends at school. They both bonded over the fact that both of them did not truly have anyone else going into Hogwarts - he was regarded as insane thanks to his brother's actions, and Rowan was socially inept and mostly talked about trees. They continuously helped each other get through both everyday and life-threatening situations.

Penny Haywood

Andrew Ravenwood admired Penny Haywood for her popularity, kindness, and overall competence. She treated them cordially, but they got her attention by standing up to Merula Snyde. They brewed a potion together to neutralize Mrs. Norris. Penny was grateful for him putting her in a life-threatening situation, as she loved excitement more than they did. She always seemed to know what was going on at Hogwarts, which made her very useful as well.

Ben Copper

Andrew Ravenwood was quite friendly with Ben Copper, although not as close as Rowan. They cared deeply for his well-being, as they became very worried when he went missing, and showed their loyalty to him by infiltrating Gryffindor Tower merely because it may or may not lead to him. They also helped Ben to get over his fear of flying.

Merula Snyde

"There are so many things at Hogwarts you're not smart enough to understand, Jacob's sibling. Trying to uncover those things is going to get you killed..."
—Merula Snyde[src]
Merula Snyde became the archrival of Andrew Ravenwood almost immediately upon arriving at Hogwarts. Merula came from a supremacist family and desired to surpass all others, thus she considered herself superior to virtually everyone. She bullied him for allegedly being cursed, though he did not truly hate Merula and merely wished she would leave them alone. He first met when Merula tried to force Rowan Khanna into claiming she was the most powerful witch in the wizarding world, and she baffled them by already knowing who they were. He learned she was born of two Death Eaters, and while it made them realize why she was a bully, it did not soften their mutual enmity at all.

They were forced to resort to violence when Merula antagonised them and again when she antagonised Ben Copper. During their first round, Merula bested them with a Trip Jinx, but they bested her the second time via the Disarming Charm. They were forced to challenge her a third time in their second year, and while Merula agreed to no more duelling, she refused to stay off his tail. They were also enemies because they both sought to find the Cursed Vaults, albeit for different reasons. When he arrived with Rowan Khanna and another friend, she used the Trip Jinx against all three of them, confusing Andrew who did not understand why she wanted to solve the mystery as much as he did. She believed he was going to meet a sticky end someday.

Andre Egwu

Bill Weasley

Charlie Weasley

Nymphadora Tonks

Tulip Karasu

Barnaby Lee

Diego Caplan

Talbott Winger

Hogwarts staff

"The only thing I value less than you, Jacob's sibling, is your apology. Sit down."
—Severus Snape[src]
Andrew Ravenwood generally had a positive relationship with the staff at Hogwarts, who were all impressed by his academic prowess. However, he was also looked at with apprehension because of Jacob, and was looked at with particular apprehension for their wrongdoings. They generally got along with Filius Flitwick, though he hesitated teaching them the Trip Jinx. They also had a good relationship with Rubeus Hagrid and frequently came to his rescue. His worst relationship, inevitably, was with Severus Snape, who always treated them with contempt and frequently looked for reasons to take House Points from him. He was never fair with him either, such as when he gave them a single point for making a better potion than Merula Snyde, whom he pretended to like when he actually despised her.


Patricia Rakepick

Presumably well aware of the events that lead to the expulsion of former Hogwarts student Jacob Ravenwood long before she ever met his younger sibling, given her own interest in the vaults, Rakepick took interest in the latter individual for their first-hand experience with the Cursed Vaults, and is known to have kept an eye on them, possibly even before she was invited back to Hogwarts by the Headmaster of the day, Albus Dumbledore, to help put the threat of the Cursed Vaults to rest. Though she did not waste any time soliciting the help of said student and their group of friends to make her own, sanctioned search for the vaults easier, and even assured him she meant them no harm and even were investigating the identity of the mysterious wizard that had attacked them in the Clock Tower Courtyard after curfew by forging a letter with the handwriting of Silvanus Kettleburn. Severus Snape, however, the Potions Master and former schoolmate of Rakepick's, did not trust her at all, going so far as to saying she had ulterior motives for being at Hogwarts and that she was after the Cursed Vaults for her own gain, and quite possibly meant to kill both them and anyone else who stood in her way. Rakepick continued, however, to request the assistance of Andrew, teaching them the Shield Charm to test their abilities and, getting impressive results, continued to offer guidance, such as lending them her own Niffler to help in the search for clues and eventually teaching them the Spider repelling spell in order to prepare them for a potential fight with Acromantulas.

In the end, however, Snape's suspicions were proven partially correct when she fooled Andrew into breaking into the office of Argus Filch for a wild goose chase, only to swoop in and retrieve something she herself had been looking for. This eventually left him uncertain if Rakepick can be trusted or if they are playing right into the hand of their potential enemy. Rakepick did redeem herself for her indiscretions, however, when she saved his life by coming to their rescue just as their attacker was about to deliver the coup de grace, casting a Blasting Curse so powerful that the attacker was blasted backwards, across almost the whole length of the Clocktower Courtyard and into a wall, knocking them out cold. Upon undoing the Disillusionment Charm the attacker was under, they discovered that the person in question was Ben Copper, whom Rakepick transported back into the castle to prevent him from hurting himself or others while Andrew went after the Forest Vault.

Cedric Diggory

Oliver Wood

Roger Davies

Andrew looked after Roger Davies as a favor to Roger's older brother Chester Davies who was his Prefect and taught him a lot. He helped Roger and gave him guidance whenever he needed it.


Aurèlie Dumont

Olympe Maxime

Skye Parkin

Orion Amari

Murphy McNully

Unnamed Japanese wizard

Ilvermorny staff

Andrew Ravenwood generally had a positive relationship with the staff at Ilvermorny, who were all impressed by his academic prowess.

Gianni Fedele

Robert Green

Ariel Singleton

Debbie Muntz

Troy Duvall

Maximus Brankovitch III

Greg Ruczinski

Ralph Heidelberger

Davet Dumont

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Vasily Dimitrov

Peter Hansen

Konrad Weiss

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Ryotaro Tanaka

Harry Potter

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Hermione Granger

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Edric Vosper

Keaton Flintley

Viktor Krum

Fleur Delacour

Sirius Black

Remus Lupin

Andromeda Tonks

Ted Tonks

Teddy Lupin

Victoire Weasley

Victoire Weasley is his friend's Bill Weasley's firstborn daughter and he was chosen to be Victoire's godfather. She is like a daughter or niece to him sometimes.

Dominique Weasley

Louis Weasley

Jacob Ravenwood II

James Potter II

Albus Potter

Scorpius Malfoy

"You did splendidly on this case. Even that mermaid took a liking to you! Pretty impressive — you've only been with us for a short time, and you're already making quite a splash! Ha ha!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk congratulates her partner, after successfully retrieving and healing an injured Grindylow[src]

Nicholas Hawthorne is an English wizard employed by the British Ministry of Magic as an Investigator of creature-related incidents, and later became the Head of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures.



Sometime after attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, he joined the Ministry as a new recruit. On his first day, he helped investigate the attack on Gordon Horton, Quidditch keeper for the Chudley Cannons.

By 2018, he and Mathilda was working with the newly-created Statute of Secrecy Task Force to aid them in dealing with the results of the Calamity. As a Magizoologist, he ministered the several courses for its members interested in pursuing a career as Magizoologists, including an intensive, week-long centred on how to ride on a Kelpie, along with his partner, Mathilda Grimblehawk. He ministered courses for Magizoologists in the Magical Congress of the United States of America and other Ministries.

Physical appearance


Magical abilities and skills

  • Magical mastery: Highly skilled, incredibly well-trained and rather powerful, Nicholas is a very accomplished and talented wizard despite his young age.
  • Charms: Nicholas has exceptional talent in Charms. He was able to successfully cast the Scouring Charm, Mending Charm, Unlocking Charm and Tergeo with relative ease. He successfully obliviated Laura Thorn and Bethany Harrison. He casts the Silencing Charm on his Fwooper every day. He mastered Underwater Charms and Scuba-Spells when he studied at the Merge School of Under-Water Spellage.
  • Care of Magical Creatures: As a Magizoologist and Investigator for the Ministry of Magic's Beast Division, he is highly knowledgeable of magical creatures. Nicholas was interested in Magizoology from a young age and throughout the years, he gained an outstanding knowledge of a wide variety of magical creatures from all over the world, which was what allowed him to advance within the ranks of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures at a meteoric rate, becoming an Investigator of the Beast Division within months and quickly achieving a series of prestigious promotions. As a Magizoologist, Nicholas contributed so much to the advancement of Magizoology that he was awarded an Order of Merlin Second Class and honoured with a Chocolate Frog Card named after him. Newt was shown to have a particular way with animals in a manner most wizards do not. He possesses an innate ability to communicate and bond with beasts of all shapes.
  • Herbology: Nicholas is highly knowledgeable of magical plants.
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts:
  • Potions: Nicholas is highly proficient in potions. He brewed the Animagus potion in order for him to gain the ability to fully transform, a potion known for being highly difficult, complex and time-consuming, showing his very impressive talent in the art of potion-making.
  • Transfiguration: Nicholas has considerable talent in Transfiguration, casting the best Reparifarge spell (an untransfiguration spell) during their first class on their first try, impressing even Professor Minerva McGonagall with their talent, who deemed their abilities in transfiguration to belay their years. McGonagall was so impressed that she even offered to give this individual advanced transfiguration lessons outside the class. His skill in this subject was so advanced that he was able to become a fully-fledged Animagus, with immense dedication and hard work.
  • Duelling: Nicholas is a highly accomplished and a very skilful duellist.
  • Flying: Nicholas is a natural, considerably talented flyer. Nicholas is able to fly without support, a remarkable magical feat few wizards and witches have ever been capable of doing, after using Legilimency on a Death Eater to learn the spell.
  • Animal magic: Nicholas has exceptional talent in Animal magic.
  • Plant magic: Nicholas has considerable talent in Plant magic.
  • Native American magic: Nicholas has considerable talent in Native American magic.
  • Earth magic: Nicholas has considerable talent in Earth magic.
  • Legilimency and Occlumency: Nicholas is a natural born and powerful Legilimens, thus giving him the magical ability to read and navigate the minds of others. He is a skilled Occlumens to the point that more powerful Legilimens such as Voldemort couldn't penetrate his mind.
  • Household magic: Nicholas is proficient at Household magic and has a talent for cleanliness and household spells. He mastered highly the Pack Charm, getting stuff to fit itself in neatly and even getting socks to fold themselves.
  • African magic: Nicholas has considerable in African magic. He studied African magic when he visited Uagadou School of Magic.
  • Nonverbal magic: Nicholas is highly skilled at nonverbal magic.
  • Wandless magic: Nicholas is highly proficient at Wandless magic.
  • Apparition: Nicholas is extremely skilled at Apparition, capable of Apparating with pin-point precision and speed, even while in a quickly moving frame of reference. He mastered Apparition his first attempt. He is a master of Apparition, being able to Apparate by making a slight popping sound and even not making any sound at all.
  • Divination:
  • Muggle Studies:
  • Mermish: Nicholas can speak Mermish fluently.
  • Author Skills: Nicholas was an exceptional author when it came to writing books related to magical creatures, with tireless passion, which contained detailed information regarding many magical creatures in existence and it was of such a high quality that Nicholas quickly became famous for it.
  • Leadership Skills:


Mathilda Grimblehawk's partner's wand

Nicholas' wand


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Jacob Ravenwood (born 1964) was an English pure-blood wizard who attended the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from 1974 and 1980.


Early life

Jacob was born in 1963. He had one younger brother. When his younger brother was five or six years old, he and his younger brother pretended to duel with Liquorice Wands. At one point, During his childhood, their parents worked together to teach their youngest son, as well as their older son Jacob, that they could not go around flaunting their magic. In particular, their mother was strict about the use of magic outside of school, refusing both of her children to ride a broomstick before they began attending school. Jacob convinced his younger brother to steal Sickles from their mother's coat pockets.

Hogwarts years

At age eleven, he went to Ollivander's in Diagon Alley, and caused Mr Olivander's favourite inkpot to explode when trying out [[wan He attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for an unknown period of time and was sorted into an unknown house.

However, at some point during his later school career, Jacob began searching for the fabled Cursed Vaults, breaking all sorts of school rules and endangering the entire school in the process. At some point before he disappeared, he went to the Forbidden Forest and ran into a centaur named Torvus. He told Torvus of the Cursed Vaults and convinced him to help. Jacob wanted a Centaur's arrow for his search of the Cursed Vaults, but when Torvus refused, Jacob used magic to steal it from the camp.

Although the exact consequences of his search are not widely known, his former peers and later students alike would discuss it long afterwards, chief among the many rumours being that he unleashed several curses upon the school, and even was cursed himself and that he eventually went mad. Ultimately, however, he was expelled from school. His expulsion was covered in the Daily Prophet.


Shortly thereafter, he ran away from home and had been missing ever since. It was widely believed that Jacob joined Lord Voldemort following his disappearance. Jacob became one of the most feared wizards in Knockturn Alley. When his younger brother eventually attended Hogwarts, they ended up being sorted into the same house he was, and were haunted by his negative reputation. Even so, Jacob's younger brother rejected the idea of Jacob having ever had anything to do with "He Who Must Not Be Named", maintaining that Jacob loved his family, and he loved Hogwarts, expressing naught but concern for his well-being. Duncan Ashe revealed that he took the blame for R.


During the end of the 1988–1989 school year, when Jacob's brother and their friends along with Rakepick entered the portrait vault and defeated the Hungarian Horntail inside, it is revealed that Rakepick entered this vault with Jacob and Peter Pettigrew (who ran out in fear of the dragon) and that Jacob opened a door with his Legilimency as it was the 'key' to the treasure inside. Rakepick had unwillingly left Jacob in there and used his younger brother, who had his same talent for Legilimency, to open the door and use their friends to help along the way. Rakepick shows her true colours as she decided to kill them all and used the Cruciatus Curse on Merula, Jacob's brother and their friends initially tried to disarm her, but a powerful Shield Charm she had cast over herself blocked their spells. Jacob's siblings however managed to subdue her with Garrotting Gas, causing her to choke, allowing them all to knock her out, although she managed to disapparate away afterwards.

Jacob was found by his brother in a portrait and they had an heartfelt and emotional reunion, with Jacob calling his younger brother "Pip". He said that they must have come a long way to get him and apologised for his absence; Andrew friends then entered and were equally shocked and surprised to see him. After telling him that Rakepick brought them into the vault, he became angry and informed them of Rakepick being "evil", and that he had to go and stop her before she could find the 'treasure' and give it to "R". His younger brother tried to make him stay, as they had only just been reunited, and that together they could stop her, but Jacob told them that, because he was the one who caused all the mess, he should be the one to stop it. He told his brother that they will meet again and told them to stay safe before leaving via Apparition.

Second Wizarding War (1995-1998)

Battle of Hogwarts

Later life

Physical appearance

Jacob's hair is black and his head is shaved. He wears a brown coat, a grey vest with a red button down shirt, a leather brown sash over his vest, with brown trousers and black boots.

Personality and traits

While known among students and staff at the school as a troublemaker (whose apparent disregard for school rules and the safety of those who dwelt at the school proved outright dangerous), there were indicators that suggested that there was more to him than the circulating rumours would suggest. For example, while a rebellious young man, he was still a clever and talented student, being one of Professor Flitwick's most gifted students prior to his expulsion, and is remembered fondly by the school's Head of Herbology, Professor Sprout, for being a kind and caring individual. This was later reinforced when Jacob's own younger brother reacted with righteous anger over being confronted with even the possibility of Jacob ever having had anything to do with Lord Voldemort when Merula Snyde confronted them with the rumour claiming he worked for him.

From what Jacob had shown after he was freed, he showed guilt and remorse for the mess he had started by tampering with the Cursed Vaults and lack of fear in pursuing Rakepick despite the warnings of his sibling, proving he was indeed a good-hearted man with a strong capability for remorse and desire to make up for his mistakes along with great courage. Jacob also returned the great concern of his sibling by refusing to bring them with him to pursue Rakepick.

Magical abilities and skills

  • Magical mastery: An academically strong student, Jacob quickly achieved such good results in their schoolwork that they received praise from most of their teachers. He demonstrated tremendous ability and proved a cleverer student than most of his classmates, quickly mastering and becoming the best in most of the fields of magic taught in Hogwarts with little effort. Jacob has become a highly skilled, accomplished wizard, proficient and knowledgeable in most branches of magic.
  • Charms: Professor Flitwick, the school's Charms Master, claimed Jacob had been one of his most gifted students, meaning he was very proficient with more or less all the charms that the curriculum had to offer up until his expulsion. His charm-work would have to be very sophisticated and strong indeed for him to be able to locate and deal with the Cursed Vaults.
  • Transfiguration: Jacob was proficient in transfiguration, as he was capable of transfiguring his notebook into the form of a black quill to keep other suspicious parties from seeing it's contents, a method of concealment that would later be duplicated by R when this individual began leaving messages to different residents of Hogwarts. His skill in this subject was so advanced that he was able to become a fully-fledged Animagus, with immense dedication and hard work.
  • Potions:
  • Flying: In his brother's very first lesson with Madam Hooch, one of the classmates of his brother mentioned that they had heard he was a "fairly good flyer". His skill on a broomstick would have to be very impressive indeed, if this was the manner in which he entered and exited the Forbidden Forest to find one of the vaults and leave afterwards safely (a feat that was very notoriously difficult and required an impressive amount of control and even his brother, themselves a highly talented flyer, had to improve their abilities first before able to perform such a feat). Jacob is able to fly without support after using Legilimency on a Death Eater.
  • Herbology: Professor Sprout noted that Jacob had been among her favourite students, meaning he would have been rather gifted and skilful in this field.
  • Legilimency: Jacob was a natural born Legilimens, same as his younger brother, thus meaning he had the magical talent of navigating and reading the minds of others.
  • Apparition: Jacob is extremely skilled at Apparition, capable of Apparating with pin-point precision and speed, even while in a quickly moving frame of reference. He mastered Apparition his first attempt. He is a master of Apparition, being able to Apparate by making a slight popping sound and even not making any sound at all.
  • Care of Magical Creatures:
  • Household magic:
  • Nonverbal magic: Jacob is highly proficient at nonverbal magic.
  • Wandless magic: Jacob is highly proficient at Wandless magic.
  • Occlumency:
  • Animal magic:
  • Plant magic:
  • Native American magic:
  • Earth magic:
  • Auror skills:




Andrew Ravenwood is his younger brother. When he came home after his first year of Hogwarts, they bonded with him and he tried to teach him all the magic he learned at Hogwarts, but they weren't able to do any of it. When he went missing, his brother was upset and determined to find him.

Duncan Ashe

Duncan Ashe was his friend since their first year until the day he died. During their fifth year, they briefly became lovers.


Barnaby Lee (born c. 1973) was an English pure-blood wizard born to Mr and Mrs Lee. At the age of roughly eleven he learned he had been accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He began attending Hogwarts on 1 September 1984 and was sorted into Slytherin House. Barnaby possessed a less than exceptional academic mind, but he still excelled in his Care of Magical Creatures class.


Early life (Pre-1984)

"STOP FIGHTING! Please, Rowan. No more fighting. It's like I'm back home, and I don't want to think about being back home."
—Barnaby breaking up a fight between Rowan and Andrew[src]
Barnaby Lee was born between 1 September 1972 and 31 August 1973. Both his father and mother were Death Eaters that supported Lord Voldemort.

Barnaby was raised in a highly toxic and abusive atmosphere, with his father scolding him for showing emotion. His father was often cruel and unloving towards him, and even made degrading insults about needing to buy Barnaby brains for his birthday. Barnaby was a very sensitive boy when he was helping his father exterminate Pixies, he began to cry, for which Mr Lee proceeded to yell at his son for being weak. Strength was a trait drilled into Barnaby by his father, which became very important for him as he grew older.

As a young child, Barnaby was often looked after by his grandmother, who was just as abusive as his parents. While he stayed with her, the only toys he had to play with were Dark Artefacts.

When he was a child, before the end of the First Wizarding War, he remembered seeing the Dark Lord when he came to meet with his parents. After Voldemort's demise on 31 October 1981, his parents were captured and sent to Azkaban.

Barnaby: "What did you find in my brain?"
Jacob's sibling: "I saw your parents treating you horribly..."
Barnaby: "Yeah. I try to shove all of that far away..."
— Jacob's sibling practising Legilimency on Barnaby[src]

Hogwarts years (1984-1991)

First year

In September 1984, he began attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and was sorted into Slytherin. He became friends with fellow Slytherin Merula Snyde and became part of her gang. This was the first year in which students were able to take at least two elective classes, it is unknown which electives Barnaby signed up for. In the 1984–1985 school year while speaking with an unknown Slytherin girl, Barnaby mentioned that he liked to think of Kneazle's as the him of cats.

Third year

Barnaby took Care of Magical Creatures, as Magizoology was one of his strongest passions, hanging out in the Great Hall with Barnaby and Divination as electives.

Meeting Andrew and Rowan

In the 1986–1987 school year, Barnaby joined Merula and Ismelda Murk in Potions Class with Andrew Ravenwood and Rowan Khanna. He threatened to remove every bone from Andrew's body if they get too close to Merula. When Merula left, Andrew spoke with Barnaby and made him take note of Merula's manipulation of him, asking him why he was friends with her. Barnaby was shaken up, but left.

HM y3ch2 Merula's gang

Barnaby when he was still a member of Merula's gang

Later on, Tulip Karasu came up with the idea of including Barnaby in their plan. Tulip told Andrew that Barnaby was the strongest guy in their year, and knew Merula better than anyone. They decided to persuade him to join their team, and Andrew found him in the Great Hall.

Following a duel, which Barnaby hoped would prove they were tough enough, they went to the Three Broomsticks Inn where Andrew Ravenwood managed to make Barnaby open up, and he eventually agreed with their plan, being fed up of Merula bossing him around every day. During the conversation, Barnaby remarked that Slytherins had "interesting" childhoods and predicted Harry Potter to be sorted into Slytherin.

The Vault of Fear

With their friendship solidified, Barnaby joined Tulip, Andrew (and either Bill, Tonks, or Rowan), to break into the Restricted Section of the Hogwarts Library. Once they managed to sneak inside, the group was confronted by Merula and Ismelda. Whom Barnaby volunteered to duel, allowing the rest of the group to proceed into the Cursed Vault.

After defeating his former friends in a duel, Barnaby revealed after rejoining the group that it wouldn't be long before Merula and Ismelda had alerted professors to their presence in the vault. The group proceeded further into the Vault of Fear, when they were confronted by three Boggarts whom took all but Andrew captive. Thinking quickly, Andrew rescued everyone with a Boggart-Banishing Spell. But all was not well, another Boggart appeared as Lord Voldemort, whom Andrew had to duel. After the Boggarts defeat, the friends had to make the ultimate sacrifice by giving up magic to reap the rewards and answers the Vault held. Luckily Andrew had Jacob's broken wand to present to the vault allowing the group to hold on to their magic without having to sacrifice anything. The vault revealed a map of the Forbidden Forest and a broken arrow. The group took the peculiar items and escaped the vault prior to professors arriving.

Everyone met up at the Three Broomsticks to discuss the items found in the vault. Andrew and Rowan admitted to Ben they found letters addressed to him from the mysterious R. Ben claimed to have no memory of it, [William Weasley|Bill]] said it could wait for another day.

Later at the fair well feast Barnaby said his good-byes to his friends before returning home on the Hogwarts Express.

Fourth year

When returning to Hogwarts for the 1987–1988 school year, Barnaby was met with the announcement from Dumbledore advising the students that world famous Curse-Breaker Madam Patricia Rakepick would stationed at the school. A sleepwalking curse quickly took over the castle, causing students to unknowingly walk into the Forbidden Forest.

In Professor Silvanus Kettleburn's Care of Magical Creatures, Barnaby along with Charlie Weasley, and Jacob's Sibling, began studying Fire Crabs Bowtruckles, and Nifflers among other magical animals. It was during this time that Andrew asked the professor the best way to enter the Forbidden Forest. It was determined the best way to do so would be to fly.

Celestial Ball

During a special announcement in the Great Hall, Professor Dumbledore revealed that Hogwarts would be holding special dance. The Celestial Ball, which would only be for fourth years and older was of great excitement. Barnaby after the announcement asked whether the students were allowed to bring dates to the ball. While Penny was curious about if students could help plan it. Dumbledore said yes to both and the festivities began.

There was a vote to see who would lead the Student Committee, Penny Haywood or Emily Tyler. While they were trying to get people to vote for them Emily continued to trash talk Penny, but in the end Penny won. Barnaby along with Tonks were both invited to help make decorations for the Ball. In the end, Barnaby wore a maroon pair of Dress robes with light red floral detailing around the cuffs, and enjoyed the evening with his friends.

Explore the Forbidden Forest

Barnaby, along with Charlie and Andrew flew to the Forbidden Forest at night in search of the Cursed Vault located within which has been causing the Sleep Walking epidemic. The flight to the forest wasn't easy, and they quickly lost Charlie. After a brief search, he located Barnaby and Andrew, but were unable to locate the vault.

After Andrew returned from the Forest a second time, this time with the need for information on Centaur's. Barnaby, Tulip and Rowan helped search through the library for information that could aid in the search of the Forest Vault.

At the Three Broomsticks, Barnaby met with Andrew as they tried to convince him to join them in their hunt of the next Cursed Vault. Barnaby agreed, returning to the Forbidden Forest with Charlie and Jacob's sibling. The three of them proceed into the Red Cap's hole in search of the rest of the arrow which was found in the Vault of Fear the previous year. When they were interrupted by the Red Cap's return, Jacob's sibling splashed the Red Cap with Beautification Potion. The Red Cap, looking at its reflection, was so disgusted that it ran away, leaving Sickleworth the Niffler, free to search for the arrowhead.

After finding the Jewelled Arrowhead and repairing it, the group tried to alert Torvus the Centaur, to return the arrow to him. When the returned it they hoped he would lead them to the Forest Vault, since with the arrow he could now rejoin his herd. But instead he instructed them to wait for Hagrid, because only he could explain the challenges the vault presented.

The Spider's Lair

After safely returning from the Forbidden Forest, everyone met at the Three Broomsticks to devise a plan which would allow them to get around whatever was guarding the Forest Vault and to get inside of it. It was decided they needed to learn everything they could on dangerous creatures, Barnaby and Charlie both recommended asking Professor Kettleburn.

In the end Barnaby missed out on the final battle against the Acromantula defending the Forest Vault. But in doing so he was safe from Dumbledore who ended up catching Andrew opening the vault.

At the end of the school year, Barnaby returned home for the summer of 1988.

Fifth year

Sixth year

Seventh year

Physical appearance

Barnaby Lee

Barnaby Lee

Barnaby had spiky, dark brown hair and bright green eyes. He was quite burly and tall, reaching the same height as William Weasley, and wore three silver rings on his right hand, and a silver bracelet on his left.

Ismelda Murk described him as having sparkling eyes and chiselled cheekbones. Her flattering description of him was most likely due to her romantic crush on him.

Personality and traits

"If what's inside the Cursed Vaults will make me stronger then I want it."
—Barnaby on the contents of the Vaults.[src]
Barnaby was shown not to be the brightest student, nor particularly cunning, however, Barnaby did possess the Slytherin trait of ambition, in his case the ambition to become stronger. He was not particularly brave or strong-willed in his early Hogwarts years, as he was often easily manipulated and pushed around by Merula Snyde and Ismelda Murk. He also suffered from Coulrophobia, the mortal and irrational fear of clowns, as his boggart assumed the form of one.

Despite his seeming cowardice, Barnaby was surprisingly adventurous, curious and daring, as he often participated in forbidden and dangerous missions with Andrew and their friends, showing the Slytherin traits of determination and fraternity. Unlike most wizards who depended solely on their magical ability, Barnaby readily relied on his brute physical strength, which often helped him to succeed over others, such as when duelling Merula. Although he was a strong duellist, Barnaby also tended to act impulsively, often when attempting to protect his friends, and also showed at times to be self-sacrificing. He demonstrated his bravery, for example when he prevented Rowan Khanna, who was bewitched at the time by "R", from cursing Andrew Ravenwood, saving them from harm.

His uncle, Cecil Lee, proudly told Andrew that Barnaby was the smartest person in the Lee family, meaning he was significantly more intelligent and logical than any other member of family, despite his often poor self-confidence. Barnaby primarily displayed his intelligence through his encyclopaedic knowledge of Magizoology, and his excellent academic performance in Care of Magical Creatures class.

Magical abilities and skills




Barnaby's relationship with his parents is nearly non-existent, even before they were both imprisoned in Azkaban, they did not get long. With his father being psychologically abusive, yelling at Barnaby for crying, and belittling his intelligence. It's understandable for the lack of relationship between them.

Merula Snyde

Merula Snyde was one of the first people to befriend Barnaby at Hogwarts. She quickly started to manipulate him, and convinced him to join her gang. He did her dirty work until they were in their Third Year, when Jacob's sibling befriended him and made Barnaby realise he was being used. Despite Barnaby leaving her gang, he still continued to worry about her, going so far as to tell Jacob's sibling to go easy on her and that she's going through a rough time.

Ismelda Murk

Andrew Ravenwood

Talbott Winger is an English pure-blood wizard who attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 1984 and was sorted into Ravenclaw house. He is also an Animagus and took the form of an eagle. At some point in the 1970s or early 1980s his parents were murdered by Death Eaters.


Talbott was born at some point in 1973. His mother taught him how to become an Animagus, taking the form of an eagle. During the First Wizarding War, his parents tried to help in the war efforts against Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters.

In response, the Dark Lord's Death Eaters attacked their home, a conflict during which both of his parents were murdered while Talbott himself successfully escaped with his life thanks to his Animagus ability.

Hogwarts years (1984–1991)

Talbott started attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry on 1 September 1984 and was sorted into Ravenclaw and excelled in Transfiguration. He also helped Care of Magical Creatures Professor Silvanus Kettleburn tame a Hippogriff once, a feat also achieved by Andrew Ravenwood in their fourth year.

In or prior to the 1986–1987 school year, he admitted the truth to Minerva McGonagall. While she understood his initial reasons for keeping it secret perfectly (namely the fear that if he registered, the Death Eaters might learn of it and come after him), she nevertheless sternly instructed him to abide by the law that all Animagi had to register with the British Ministry of Magic, to which he half-heartedly agreed.

During his third year, Talbott took Divination as an elective.

Talbott Winger Animagus

Talbott Winger in Animagus form

At some point, someone told him Garrick Ollivander owned a peacock. He later told Andrew Ravenwood about this in the Hogwarts Library.

Later during the same school year, when Andrew went into the Great Hall to discuss Potions with their friend Penny Haywood, the best in their year at that subject, he was seated at his house table, where he cryptically warned them that he thought "there [was] a storm coming...", suggesting he might have known something more about the events going on at the school than the average student.

Near the end of his fifth year, Talbott was in the Great Hall when it was almost time for him and the other fifth years to take their O.W.L.s, at which time he admitted to being anxious about getting a good score on his exams, as he harboured aspirations of becoming an Auror.

Sixth year

Seventh year

After Hogwarts


Later life

Personality and traits

Talbott Winger was a remarkably skilled and intelligent young wizard, who possessed many traits of Ravenclaws, in particular intelligence and individuality. He was known to be an extreme introvert and a loner, and before befriending Andrew Ravenwood, his only friends were Penny, Tonks, and despite being the Head of Gryffindor House: Professor McGonagall, due to her being a fellow Animagus (cat) and her previous work in the Ministry of Magic. Talbott Winger was academically minded, and was very passionate about his school work, as he wished to become an Auror, showing him to have been very ambitious in his life goals. He was also rather perceptive and intuitive, as shown when he warned Andrew about bad things that were going on, implying he knew much more about the dark happenings that were going on during his school time than the average student did.

Magical abilities and skills

  • Transfiguration: Talbott was remarkably skilful in Self-Transfiguration that he was able to become an Animagus. He was also a high academic achiever in Transfiguration class, showing his remarkable proficiency in this highly complex, scientific and even dangerous branch of magic.
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts:
  • Duelling:
  • Herbology: He was also known to be good in this subject at school, given he worked in the family garden helping his mother, handling both magical and mundane plants, who was a Healer.
  • Care of Magical Creatures: Talbott was shown to be interested and skilled in Magizoology, as he, like Andrew Ravenwood, had both successfully tamed a Hippogriff. This was an impressive feat indeed, given how Hippogriffs are rather difficult beasts to handle and tame.
  • Charms: Talbott appeared to be gifted with charm-work, as he was capable of casting the rather advanced Human-presence-revealing Spell.
  • Poetry: Talbott was known to very much enjoy writing poetry in his spare time, often due to his very solemn, mournful and solitary personality. He was evidently a talented poet, as he commented that several of his poems were published in the Daily Prophet, a newspaper which his father was once a writer for.
  • Apparition: Like most adult wizards, Talbott is able to Apparate at will.
  • Auror skills:




Andrew Ravenwood

Penny Haywood

Merula Snyde

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