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During her fourth year at Hogwarts Barbie prepares to ask Draco Malfoy to The Yule Ball.

Lego2 Draco



Barbie:(looks at instructions from letter)It says go into 9 and 3 quarters,but there is just a barriar there!Oh well!(runs into barriar)Woah!I look like I'm 11 again!

Harry:Hello!I am Harry Potter!Are you a first year ,too?

Barbie:Yeah I guess!

Harry:I'll help you!

(later on train)

Harry:How about you sit with me and my new friend I just met Ron?


Draco:How about you sit with me,Crabbe and Goyle?BTW I'm Draco Malfoy!


Draco:OK right this way!(takes her to his compartment)

Barbie:Bye Harry!(waves bye)

Barbie:(sits down)So um...Hello!

Draco:Say I know a friend who already wants to go on a blind date with you!


Draco:What house do you hope to be in?

Barbie:There are houses?I want one in Florida along the coast with a pool!

Draco:No not that kind of house!Gryffindor,Hufflepuff,Ravenclaw, or Slytherin?

Barbie:I don't know.I guess Slytherin!It sounds like a nice house!

Draco:My father was in Slytherin so I bet i'll be in Slytherin,too!

(at the Sorting)

The Sorting Hat:Slytherin!

Draco:Yess!I'm in Slytherin!

Professer McGonagall:Next,McClean,Barbra!

Barbie:Here it goes(gulps)

The Sorting Hat:Hmm...GRY--- no.HUF--- naw!Slytherin!

Barbie:Oh yay!


Barbie:(blushes and sits at the Slytherin table)So Draco is my blind date in this house?

Draco: Yeah!He told me that you should meet him in the common room at midnight!


(At midnight in the Slytherin common room)

Barbie:(yawns)I wonder where my blind date is?


Draco:(in the darkness of the stairs up to the boy's dormintory)I'm right here!

Barbie:(fixes her hair)Who are you?

Draco:(steps out of the darkness)Malfoy.Draco Malfoy.

Barbie:It's you?


Barbie:What ya wanna do?(starts walking twords him)

Barbie:(trips on rug)Woah!Oh!Oh!


Barbie:(accidentally falls on him and kisses him)

Barbie:(gets up)OMG!I am sooo sorry,Draco!

Continued later


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I LOVE this tee!

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