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I have been a Potter fan since day one the books first came out. I love movies a lot, I like reading, I like the show Golden Girls a lot. I love 30 Rock a lot. My favorite animal is a cat. My favorite color is blue. I have Bellatrix's wand, Voldemort's wand, Dumbledore's wand, the time turner, Harry's wand, Lucius's wand, Slughorn's wand, Hermione's wand, Narcissa's wand, Snaoe's, Bellatrix's replacement wand, Draco's and that's all I can think of. I'm related to a famous American movie actor/producer named Robert Redford. I am great at remembering quotes from movies. My favorite cartoon is Avatar: The Last Airbender and my favorite character is Azula.

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Book: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Movie: Sleepy Hollow (Johnny Depp, Christina Ricci), Mrs. Doubtfire, Good Morning Vietnam, Baby Mama, The House Bunny, Alien, My Cousin Vinny, It's a mad, mad, mad, mad, mad World, the King's Speech

Game: Super Smash Bros Brawl (Wii)

TV Show: Avatar The Last Airbender, Golden Girls, The Twilight Zone, Tales From the Crypt


Death Eater: Bellatrix Lestrange Template:Infobox Order of the Pheonix: Dumbledore

Instrument: Violin

Cartoon: Tom and Jerry, Avatar the Last Airbender


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Least Favorites

Book: The Spiderwick Chronicles

Movie: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Game: Wii Sports

TV Show: iCarly

Death Eater: Peter Pettigrew

Order of the Pheonix: none

Music: Rap

Instrument: bass

Cartoon: adventure time

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I support Bellatrix Lestrange

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