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Santiago Rodriguez (b. July 25, 2005) is a half-blood wizard son of two half-bloods.


Early Years

Before Santiago got his letter from Hogwarts, Santiago studied in a Muggle school. Although his parents are both wizards he learned math, reading and writing Muggle-style.

IMG 0205

Santiago's house in the Muggle world

IMG 0204

Santiago's house in the Wizarding world

At Hogwarts

In Santiago's first months at Hogwarts (up until now), he made some friends, all first-years Hufflepuffs' and some teachers.


Physical Apperance

Santiago has black hair, brown eyes, and almond skin.

Personality and Traits

Santiago is not very strong, but he is somewhat strong. He is smart enough to pass and get a little to get extra-credit.

Magical Abilities and Skills

Santiago is a great wizard. He is very experienced in some skills, but not so good in others.


Being a Hufflepuff, Santiago is advanced in Herbology.


Santiago is horrible at Flying class. He has a fear of heights. His parents even tried to convince Madam Hooch that he shouldn't be in that class.


Santiago is somewhat good at Charms. He demonstrated an improvement in the Levitation Charm, he also made an excellent impression of Professor Flitwick, not that its related.


Santiago is excellent at Transfiguration. He was one of the first people to transfigurare a match into a needle.


Being taught by his parents how to do the Patronus charm (Santiago tried to do his first Patronus with his father's wand). Santiago's patronus is a Red Squirrel.[1]


Santiago, read about Animagi, he found them very interesting, and, indeed, wanted to become one. He is now only able to grow fur at will.
IMG 0203

A Red Squirrel, his patronus



Santiago's wand is made of Black walnut wood, Unicorn hair core, has unyielding flexibility and is 10 ¾"

IMG 0188

Santiago's Wand


Athena is Santiago's owl. Athena is very loyal and fond of him.

IMG 0198


Copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard

Santiago has a copy of "The Tales of Beedle the Bard" given by his mother which he forgot to pack in his trunk.


Ronald Weasley

Santiago met Ron in an occasion. He was not nervous as he was also a human being. The way he met Ron was because he met Hugo and made him a friend.

Hugo Weasley

Hugo and Santiago became good friends, they are not too much alike, but they Santiago is fast at making friends and good at keeping them.

Hermione Weasley (neé Granger)

While he was at Hugo's, Santiago also met Hermione.


Santiago has a rocky relationship with one of his brothers. Although they overcome it easily, they fight a lot.


His other brother on the other hand never gets out of his room, so they neither fought or spent time together.


Santiago's father is always encouraging Santiago to do better, even when he doesn't want to.


Santiago's mother is caring, lovely, sweet and a great cooker. Santiago, like his brothers, don't mess with her.

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