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Hi! It's me, Cinnamonk! And I strongly support Ravenclaw. On another site, I wrote an article about being a Gryffindor. You can check it out on wikiHow, search "Be a Gryffindor".

New Book: Harry Potter and the Badly Drawn Lightning Scar

I love Hermione! She's a role model to me. And I'm hoping to collect all the HP books and movies (I already have 2 books and 2 movies), plus, I wanna be just like Hermione!

Harry and Hermione! Yayz!

I also love to create articles about any Harry Potter thing, so be on the lookout!

Hermione and Patronus: Now acquainted!

A little bit about my obsessive fandom:

I found out about HP through my friend who owns all the books and released movies. I borrowed the first book from my school library, and I got hooked as soon as I got to the 2nd page.

I saved up and bought the first book, and soon after that the 2nd. In June 2009, I bought the first and second movies (special edition with tour of Hogwarts and interviews with the cast), and also started researching on Hermione and Ginny.

Not satisfied with the Wikipedia articles, and wanting photos of Luna, Pansy and Fleur, I stumbled across the HP Wiki and got hooked too. It's a bit like sugar, you need it....

This is what people would write about me if I'd be a character in Harry Potter media:

Cinnamonk Monkey

Born Cinnamonk Cleopatra Monkey, Cinnamonk was an exceptially fine student. She could do spells at an early age, surprising her possible half-blood father. As time grew on, at the age of 9 she could do most simple spells and at 11 years old entered Hogwarts for the very first time.

She graduated at age 17 as most Hogwarts students do and was close friends with Ginny Weasley and Hermione Granger.

That's a bit about me. Off to edit!


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