All members of the Harry Potter Wiki are invited to attend the occasional Harry Potter Wiki Conference. Kindly don't be scared away by the name; we like to have all opinions at the meetings.

Next meeting

The next Conference will take place -----, ----- at 0:00 UTC. Please check the infobox on the right to see when this is in your timezone, and remember that daylight savings time may be in effect in your area.

How to join the meeting

IRC: #wikia-harrypotter

For a list of clients, see HPW:IRC. Wikia provides web access to our IRC channel at (Hint: You only get 16 characters in your IRC nickname.)


  1. New name for Harry Potter Wiki?
    • Weasleypedia
    • Harry Potterpedia (or just Potterpedia?)
    • Hogwarts, A Wikia
  2. Naming conventions for articles
    1. Multiple articles with the same name
      • Parenthesis vs. Roman numerials vs. other?
    2. When to use disambiguation page
    3. Full name use
    4. Maiden name use
  3. Using Cross to designate "dead" characters
  4. Ideas for community portal/main page
    • Projects
  5. Forums
    • New forums?
  6. Cap on number of admins/bureaucrats
  7. Difference between "Appearances" and "Sources"
  8. Cleaning up the Image Gallery so as to save space.





Meeting transcripts

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