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"Think of it as a House-elf that can clean up all the little things (or even big things) in the wiki."
Cavalier One

User:DarkJedi613 bot is a Bot (read: automated user) controlled (hopefully) by DarkJedi613 to perform mundane tasks on Harry Potter Wiki. He does automated tasks such as moving a categories to a new name, or changing all references to the Sorcerer's Stone to Philosopher's Stone, or other maintenance tasks across the wiki. He is powered by the Pywikipedia bot framework. Please use this talk page if you have an questions/comments/requests. Thanks!

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  • Misspellings
    • née --> neé
      • -start:! -always neé née
    • British spellings
      • -start:! -always "Sibyll Trelawney" "Sybill Trelawney"
      • -start:! -always -excepttitle:"Minister for Magic" "Minister of Magic" "Minister for Magic"
      • -start:! -always "Defense Against the Dark Arts" "Defence Against the Dark Arts"
      • -start:! -always -excepttitle:"Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" -excepttitle:"Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (video game)" -excepttitle:"Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (film)" -excepttitle:"J. K. Rowling" -excepttitle:"Mary GrandPré" -excepttitle:"Scholastic" -excepttitle:1998 -excepttitle:"Harry Potter books" -excepttitle:"Harry Potter series" -excepttitle:"Philosopher's Stone" -excepttitle:"Ripper" "Sorcerer's Stone" "Philosopher's Stone"
  • Enforce policy
    • Layout
      • -start:! -always -nocase -regex "== ?(In the real world|Trivia|Behind the Scenes) ?==" "==Behind the scenes=="
      • -start:! -always -regex "(={1,7}) +(.+) +\1" "\1\2\1"
      • -start:! -always -regex "([\s\S]*){{(FA|fa)}}([\s\S]*)" "{{FA}}\n\1\3"
      • -start:! -always -regex "(<small>)?<references ?/>(</small>)?" "{{reflist}}"
    • -start:! -always -nocase -regex "=+ *References *=+" "==Notes and references=="
    • -start:! -always -nocase -regex "== ?History ?==" "==Biography=="


  • "Correct" American spellings
    • Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans
  • Second Battle of Hogwarts --> Battle of Hogwarts


Bot Settings

First off make sure the bot's account preferences are set to use MonoBook as a skin.

Place in pywikipedia

#pywikipedia bot settings
import os, re
family = 'harrypotter'
mylang = 'en'
usernames['harrypotter']['en'] = u'DarkJedi613 bot'
minthrottle = 1
maxthrottle = 4
put_throttle = 4
noisysleep = 2.0

#General Settings
#Do not ring bell on expected input
ring_bell = False

Should already be placed in pywikipedia (Originally seen at Memory Alpha Bots)

  1. Find:
return self._putPage(newtext, comment, watchArticle, minorEdit,
  1. Directly above that line insert the following (make sure the indention is the same as the return line you found):
        # This is a fix to make the bot work properly with the behaviour of Wikia's [[Special:Export]]
        # which adds a "credit line" to the XML dump:
        # ATT: This assumes that this id is NOT used in the article text itself!
        newtext = re.sub(r'\<div id=\"wikia-credits\"\>.*\<\/div\>','',newtext)
        comment = comment+' !!wikia-credits fix!!'

Placed in pywikipedia/families

# -*- coding: utf-8  -*-
import family
class Family(family.Family):
	def __init__(self):
		family.Family.__init__(self) = 'harrypotter' #Set the family name; this should be the same as in the filename.
		self.langs = {  # All available languages are listed here.
			'en': None, # Because the hostname is the same for all languages,
						# we don't specify it here, but below in the hostname()
						# function.
		# Most namespaces are inherited from family.Family.
		self.namespaces[4] = {
			'_default': u'Harry Potter Wiki',
		self.namespaces[5] = {
			'_default': u'Harry Potter Wiki talk',
		self.namespaces[110] = {
			'_default': u'Forum',
		self.namespaces[111] = {
			'_default': u'Forum talk',
		self.namespaces[400] = {
			'_default': u'Video',
		self.namespaces[401] = {
			'_default': u'Video talk',
		self.namespaces[500] = {
			'_default': u'User blog',
		self.namespaces[501] = {
			'_default': u'User blog comment',
		self.namespaces[502] = {
			'_default': u'Blog',
		self.namespaces[503] = {
			'_default': u'Blog talk',

		# A few selected big languages for things that we do not want to loop over
		# all languages. This is only needed by the module, so
		# if you carefully avoid the options, you could get away without these
		# for another wiki family.
		#self.languages_by_size = ['en'] # Not very important
		self.biglangs = ['en'] # Not very important

	def hostname(self,code):
		return '' # The same for all languages

	def scriptpath(self, code):
		return '/'
			#The relative path of index.php, api.php : look at your wiki address. 
			# This line may need to be changed to /wiki or /w, 
			# depending on the folder where your mediawiki program is located.

	def version(self, code):
		return "1.14.1"


Merlin Bronze Order of Merlin (Third Class)
The Order of Merlin is awarded to you by Freakatone for having over one-thousand edits on the Harry Potter Wiki.
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