aka James Mahoney

  • I live in Huntington, Indiana
  • I was born on November 2
  • I am Male

Well, hey. I'm Deathislife2011, and my real name James. I've been a lifelong fan of the Harry Potter. I love ths series, and I've read all seven books multiple times. Also, I've seen all the movies, and while they aren't perfect, I do enjoy them.

Ever since I discovered this wikia, I've loved it. Though I didn't join immediately, I've been a fan of this site. It's a great site, and I'd like to help where I can on these pages.

Also, I'm in the parody wizard rock duo The Secret Broom Cupboard of Salazar Slytherin. Along with my brother, we do bad parodies, but have fun doing them. Look us up if you want to know more.

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