Hi all, just a casual editor here with an irrepressible fascination for the wizarding world. I apparently have an unhealthy obsession with the entire spectrum of spells/charms/curses/jinxes/hexes/etc. and information about the larger wizarding world, especially if they are from the less popular/newly-revealed fringes of the HP canon (e.g. WOMBAT from JKR's old site, old Pottermore, Pottermore Presents, FB: Cases).

My editing activity usually happens in bursts (many at one time, then not at all for a long time), though I am really happy that this platform exists to consolidate the ever expanding and remarkably intricate wizarding world, and will do what I can to support this wiki's ambitions. Meanwhile, the spell-obsessive part of me hopes that one day the following list of questions will be answered (despite knowing that they may remain forever unanswered):

  • The unknown incantations of canonic spells, some of which frequently seen, e.g.: Disillusionment Charm, Obliteration Charm, Bat-Bogey Hex, Homonculous Charm, Horcrux-creation spell, Hover Charm
  • The wand gesture symbols originally planned for all the spells by the old Pottermore site
  • Magic and incantations of other non-Western civilisations, and of ancient wizarding civilisations
  • The adventures, challenges, and magic in the life of a Curse-Breaker, wizarding academic, or charms experimentalist
  • A satisfying canonic description of the spell creation process
  • How JKR would have planned the Study of Ancient Runes and Arithmancy syllabuses
  • The intricacies on how transfiguration is actually achieved, especially a definitive canon explanation on the use of incantations ("-fors" spells and Vera Verto appear beyond the books and Pottermore)
  • How enchanting objects work, and how they differ from simply casting a charm on an object

Selected pages

List primarily consists of pages of great personal interest, some contain significant personal contribution:

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