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'''[[Borgin]]''' {{Comment|Deleted Scenes}}
'''[[Borgin]]''' {{Comment|Deleted Scenes}}
'''[[Mad-Eye moody]]'''
'''[[Mad-Eye Moody]]'''
==Known Places==
==Known Places==

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Trailer year one

Two Different Trailers,very cool

Trailer year Two

it Contained deleted scenes from the movie

Two Trailers year three

one Trailer was on the year three video game and one on the DVD

New Trailer

just like the WB thing

Known deleted scenes

Potions Class

Snape takes Five Points From Gryffindor because Harry said clearly Hermione Knows.


Peeves was omitted From the deleted scenes section of the DVD and cut from the movie series

Nearly a Big ben crash

Ron and Harry are flying on the Flying Ford Anglia and nearly crash into the Big ben

Sir Cadogan

he beacomes the portrait for gryffindor


Albus Dumbledore Harry Potter Ron Weasley Hermione Granger Severus Snape Draco Malfoy Gregory Goyle Vincent Crabbe Professor McGonagall Sir Cadogan (Deleted Scenes) Borgin (Deleted Scenes) Hagrid Mad-Eye Moody

Known Places

Trophy Room

it was mentioned in one of the deleted scenes that Ron was in the Trophy Room. on the DVD of the chamber of secrets, I did not see that deleted scene

Knockturn Ally

and more.

Magazine issues

Nickelodeon Magazine 2001 issue

an october 2001 issue that featured Harry Potter at times and more.File:1380.jpg

SFX Magazine issues


Sci Fi Magazine

unknown issue

Starburst 2004 issue

unknown issue

and more.


Elder Wand

Ron Weasley's Wand

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