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{Slytherin individual infobox
|name=Tj bond
|Title=Wand maker
|Boggart=Big boy
|Occupation=Wand maker
====Trailer year one====
Two Different Trailers,very cool
====Trailer year Two====
it Contained deleted scenes from the movie
====Two Trailers year three====
one Trailer was on the year three video game
and one on the DVD
====New Trailer====
just like the pure|WB thing
==Known deleted scenes==
====Potions Class====
Snape takes Five Points From Gryffindor because [[Harry Potter|Harry]] said
clearly Hermione Knows.
Peeves was omitted From the deleted scenes section of the DVD and cut from the movie series
====Nearly a Big ben crash====
Ron and Harry are flying on the [[Flying Ford Anglia]] and nearly crash into
the Big ben
====Sir Cadogan====
he beacomes the portrait for gryffindor
'''[[Albus Dumbledore]]'''
'''[[Harry Potter]]'''
'''[[Ron Weasley]]'''
'''[[Hermione Granger]]'''
'''[[Severus Snape]]'''
'''[[Draco Malfoy]]'''
'''[[Gregory Goyle]]'''
'''[[Vincent Crabbe]]'''
'''[[Professor McGonagall]]'''
'''[[Sir Cadogan]]''' {{Comment|Deleted Scenes}}
'''[[Borgin]]''' {{Comment|Deleted Scenes}}
'''[[Mad-Eye Moody]]'''
==Known Places==
====Trophy Room====
it was mentioned in one of the deleted scenes that [[Ron Weasley|Ron]]
was in the Trophy Room. on the DVD of the chamber of secrets, I did not see that deleted scene
====Knockturn Ally====
and more.
==Magazine issues==
====Nickelodeon Magazine 2001 issue====
an october 2001 issue that featured [[Harry Potter]] at times and more.[[File:1380.jpg]]
====SFX Magazine issues====
====Sci Fi Magazine====
unknown issue
====Starburst 2004 issue====
unknown issue
and more.
[[Elder Wand]]
[[Ron Weasley]]'s Wand
==My Favorite Magazines==
Electronic Gaming [[File:Jak_3_ad007.jpg|thumb|right|Magazine ad]]
==Other Favorite movie==
[[File:Home Alone cover.jpg|thumb|left|Home Alone cover]]
==Rons Image==
[[File:Ron bravery.PNG|thumb|right|Ron at the chess match]]

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