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  • I live in limbo
  • My occupation is playing video games.
  • I am HerroPeople. Deal with it.
  • Bio herro there my bio shows my true personality of laziness
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Herro There.

I'm the creator of the Herro meme a Wiki guy.

I help undeveloped communities (sometimes) and I like playing video games, particularly I usually call myself HerroPeople, and clans I create are called HOPE. Why? HerrOPeoplE. Though sometimes, to mess around, I call myself the name of a local Staff member, like in, I might call myself Loading.

What do I do on Fandom? There are several Wikis I contribute to:

- Wiki: This is my main wiki, and I have Bureaucrat and Administrator rights.

- My Wiki: I was the founder (dur), and have Bureaucrat and Administrator rights.

- Clash Royale Wiki, Boom Beach Wiki, Brawl Stars Wiki: I'm a Supercell addict. And is it just me, or is the Boom Beach wiki just perfect?

Questions? Feel free to start a chat with me. Simply message me on my wall.

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