IlvermornyWizard is an American wizard. He is a Metamorphmagus, a gifted Seer, a natural Legilimens and Parselmouth. He attended Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where he was sorted into Horned Serpent. After graduating Ilvermorny, he became an employee in the Body for Protection of Magical Species in the Magical Congress of the United States of America.


Early life

Ilvermorny years (2008-2015)

During his youth, he attended Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where he was sorted into Horned Serpent.

MACUSA career

Physical description

Personality and traits

Magical abilities and skills

  • Magical aptitude: An academically strong student, he quickly achieved such good results in their schoolwork that they received praise from most of their teachers. He demonstrated tremendous ability and proved a cleverer student than most of their classmates, quickly mastering and becoming the best in most of the fields of magic taught in Hogwarts with little effort.
  • Metamorphmagus abilities: Unlike most other wizards and witches, he possesses the ability to change his physical appearance without the need for a potion or a spell to assist. With simply a thought, he is capable of changing his facial features, nose shape, and even the color of his hair and eyes or even his entire form. Unlike wizards and witches that use a potion or a spell, the process is painless and instantaneous.
  • Charms: He has exceptional talent in Charmswork. cast the best Wand-Lighting Charm that Professor Flitwick had seen from a first-year in a long time in their very first lesson, and was not only usually the first to master any new spell Professor Hicks taught, such as the Disarming Charm, the Levitation Charm, the Unlocking Charm and the Knockback Jinx with little difficulty, and by their second year, they were capable of Shrinking Charm to such an effect that they became the size of an insect and thus, virtually invisible to the naked eye. They could also just as easily reverse the effect with an Engorgement Charm without any experiencing any side effects. During class, Professor Hicks would often commend them for their 'fine technique' and even request him to assist her in teaching the charm and demonstrate how to cast it properly to fellow classmates, with great effect. By their fourth year, they produced a Shield Charm that was strong enough to deflect a Blasting Curse from the much older and more experienced Nicholas Potter when the latter educated them on said spell, visibly impressing him. After attending Merge School of Under-Water Spellage, he excelled at Underwater Charms. Furthermore, he had the ability to conjure a fully-corporeal Patronus Charm by his fourth year, an outstanding feat for an Ilvermorny student, given the immensely advanced and powerful nature of the said spell, and magic way beyond any magic normally taught at Ilvermorny, meaning his abilities in charm-work were truly remarkable.
  • Flying: He is proficient in Flying.
  • Transfiguration: He has shown exceptional talent in Transfiguration. Professor Calderon-Boot was so impressed that she even offered to give him advanced transfiguration lessons outside the class. As a matter of fact, their skill in this subject was so advanced that already before graduating, he became a fully-fledged animagus with help from his friends and his Transfiguration professor.
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts: He has shown considerable talent in Defense Against the Dark Arts. hen they were tutored, alongside the rest of their year, by the famous Nicholas Potter, in Defense Against the Dark Arts, he soon became the best student of the subject, seamlessly mastering Hex Deflection and proving quite adept in repelling the dark creatures of the lessons. Potter himself praised their ability.
  • Legilimency and Occlumency: He is an exceptionally accomplished, skilled Legilimens, who could relatively easily look deep into the story of someone if he really wanted to. However, an Occlumens of immense power is able to fully conceal their true thoughts from him. He was born a Legilimens and did not need any training at all. He is a fairly skilled Occlumens.
  • Herbology: He has a fair share of knowledge on magical plants and their properties.
  • History of Magic: He has excellent knowledge of magical history and lore.
  • Parselmouth: He is a Parselmouth and could thus magically speak with snakes. He uses this ability to speak with the Horned Serpents near the school.
  • Duelling: He is an exceptionally skillful duellist.
  • Care of Magical Creatures: His knowledge and understanding of many magical creatures were exceptional, even being sufficient to be comparable to outstanding masters of the subject of the level of Newton Scamander.
  • Divination: He has considerable talented in Divination. As a Seer, he receives genuine visions of the future using his Inner Eye.
  • Native American magic: He has considerable talent in Native American magic.
  • Healing magic: He is a skillful healer. He became an assistant to the Matron and studied healing magic on their own, who would denote him as a natural Healer and an exceptional assistant.
  • Household magic: He has a talent for cleanliness. He mastered the Cleaning spell and the packing charm.
  • Elemental magic affinity: He is very capable in using magic to manipulate the elements, especially fire, water and wind, although he seemed to prefer the former, for both combative and supplementary purposes.
  • Magical Multilingualist: He had an uncanny expertise in mastering many foreign magical languages, as not only could he speak Mermish, he can also speak obscure magical languages he learned at the Euro-Glyph School of Extraordinary Languages.
  • Dark Arts: He is able to successfully cast all three Unforgivable Curses. During a battle with Dark wizards and witches, he conjured an incredibly powerful protective ring of cursed fire, which he was able to manipulate to an extraordinary degree, effectively turning the defensive spell into a devastating weapon, to easily kill many Dark wizards and witches.
  • Nonverbal spell: He is adept at nonverbal magic and learned how to use magic non-verbally when he was only a First year.
  • Wandless magic: He mastered wandless magic before any other student in his year and even some of the older students. He can discreetly use Legilimency without the use of his wand.
  • Apparition: He is extremely skilled in Apparition, capable of Apparating with pin-point precision and speed, even while in a quickly moving frame of reference, having mastered Apparition in his Third year.


  • Wand: He obtained his wand after his sorting in his First year. It is made of ebony with a Horned Serpent horn core.
  • Rabbit: He adopted a rabbit from a rescue organization prior to attending Ilvermorny which was named Echo.
  • Owl: He purchased a female Barn Owl at the local pet shop which he named Athena after the Greek goddess of wisdom and battle.
  • Starsweeper XXI: He bought a Starsweeper XXI in his Fourth year.
  • Crup: He purchased a female Crup at the local pet shop which he named Hecate after the Greek goddess of magic, witchcraft and the crossroads.
  • Raven: He purchased a female Raven at the local pet shop which he named.
  • Appaloosa Puffskein: He purchased an Appaloosa Puffskein at the local pet shop.
  • Dress robes: All black dress robes. Some of his dress robes have special designs and accessories.
  • Scrying mirror: He uses a scrying mirror to see visions of the future and spy on other people.
  • Enchanted mirrors: He owns various enchanted mirrors for different purposes.
  • Talking mirror: He owns a Talking mirror to help him get ready whenever he goes out.
  • Magical Exposure Threat Level Measurer: He owns a miniature version of the Magical Exposure Threat Level Measurer.
  • Crystal ball: He uses a Crystal ball for Divination.
  • Thunderbird-embossed book: He owns a book that he uses to communicate with other wizards around the country.
  • Phoenix-embossed book: He owns a book that he uses to communicate with other wizards around the world.
  • Identity Card: As an employee in the Magical Congress of the United States of America, he has an identity card.
  • Abraxan: He owns an Abraxan which he uses for transportation.
  • Hippogriff: He owns a Hippogriff which he uses for transportation.


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