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Current checks and corrections include:

  • Update all previous individual infoboxes types to Template:Individual infobox with theme
  • All major sources use short codes for consistency (PS, COS, etc)
  • Change to British spelling
  • Add root page to links using redirects
  • Add Spoiler tophats for Fantastic Beasts film and Cursed Child for any page that has {{FB|F}} or {{CC}}
  • Remove date pipes when single year given as link
  • Remove redundant pipes:< nowiki>Dementors -> Dementors</nowiki>
  • Remove end punctuation from image captions
  • Consolidate templates: {{{Mentioned}} >> {{Mention}}, {{PSF}} >> {{PS|F}}
  • Correct section titles: Behind The Scenes >> Behind the scenes, References >> Notes and references
  • Removes spaces around header formatting and before ref tags
  • Update Pottermore references when possible to new Pottermore/writing-by-jkrowling
  • Update Pottermore references to archived articles as needed (Quidditch World Cup 2014)
  • Remove Redundant Categories (e.g. Hufflepuffs, Hogwarts students - all Hufflepuffs are already included in Hogwarts students)
  • Sort Categories alphabetically
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