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==Characters from [[Harry Potter]]==
==Images ive uploaded==
Image:TomRiddle.jpg|[[Tom Riddle]]
Image:SeverusSnape.jpg|[[Severus Snape]]
Image:DoloresUmbridge.jpg|[[Dolores Umbridge]]
Image:Voldeglass.jpg|[[Lord Voldemort]] in the [[Ministry of Magic]]
Image:Voldemortreborn.jpg|[[Voldemort]] reborn
Image:Voldemad.jpg|Lord Voldemort destroys the [[Ministry of Magic]]
Image:Voldefire.jpg|Voldemort summons Fiendfire to kill [[Dumbledore]]
Image:VoldemortHollow.jpg|Voldemort in [[Godric's Hollow]]
Image:Voldemort.jpg|The Dark Lord
==Promotional Images==
Image:SiriusBlack.jpg|[[Sirius Black]]
Image:SiriusBlack.jpg|[[Sirius Black]]
Image:LuciusMalfoy.jpg|[[Lucius Malfoy]]
Image:LuciusMalfoy.jpg|[[Lucius Malfoy]]

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Hi im KickAssJedi im a regulor wiki editor and can be found at Wookiepedia, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Die Hard. I was brosing this wiki one day and noticed it was in very bad shape, with badly thought out infoboxes and most of the articles being copied from wikipedia so im here to help get it into shape.

Infobox templates I have created

Template:Umbridge infobox

Characters from Harry Potter

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