"With power follows responsibility"

Hi! My name is Adam and I am 13 years old and come from Sweden so that´s the reason why my English is not the best but i will give it a try.

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Noble Contributions

Sacrificial protection

Spell Creation

and more small edits and discussions that did lead to edits.

Not so much I know, but more will come! ;)

My O.W.L

If I was a Hogwarts student my O.W.L (I hope) would look like this

Defence Against the Dark Arts: Oustanding

Charms: Outstanding

Transfiguration: Outstanding

Potion: Acceptable

Herbology: Exceeds Expectations

History of Magic: Poor

Astronomy: Poor

Care of Magical Creatures: Exceeds Expectations

Divination: Dreadful

My character

My made up character is Adam Kraftword, He is grown up me if I was a wizard.

He has used his entire life to search for "the Prophecy of Power" because his highest which is to become almighty. He is born 1911 so he is pretty old.

Kraftword is a master wizard and is not so very unlike Dumbledore and they where friends since long time ago. Kraftword is one of the few wizards to own a dragon. The dragon is all white and belongs to the spices Ukriane Ironbelly. He might have used this dragon as mount.

Powers and abilities

  • Charms Master: Kraftword showed early while in Hogwarts to be a talented wizard , particularly in Charms. At his O.W.L in 1927 he get the grade Outstanding in the subject. He learnd spells far to advanced his age, his hobbie was to learn new spells.
  • Transfiguration Expert: Although, Charms was his favorite subject, Transfiguration was pretty similar and he was one of the best in this subject as well, Particularly Conjuration witch he already did practice in his fourth year.
  • Legilimency: Kraftwords thirst to learn new magic made him begin practice Legilimency and he had masterd the rare at hte young age of seventeen.
  • Spell Inventor: He began to experiment with new spells in his sixth year and have created the spell Rhinocortis witch conjures a Rhino.
  • Duel Mastery: He did get the Outstanding grade in his Defence Against the Dark Arts in his O.W.L. His skill in magic allowed him to become a very talented duelist.

The Prophecy of Power

the Prophecy of Power is made up by me. One person must do a list of tasks and if he survives be rewarded with the power of almightiness.

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