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[Source]Lacee was a pure-blood witch who attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from 1988 to 1995 and was sorted into Hufflepuff House. She was the daughter to the late Delphane Goshawk who died giving birth in 1977, and her one time fling Fabian Prewett, who never knew of his child's existence, and was raised by her famous author Grandmother Miranda Goshawk. She later went on to marry famous Bulgarian Quiddich Seeker, and former Triwizard Champion contender, Viktor Krum in 1999 and had three children: Larien, Viktor, and Sophie.


Early years

Living a wealthy, higher class life with her grandmother, Lacee began Charm School at age four and continued there until she entered Hogwarts at age 11. After being sorted into the same house as her mother and famous Charms master and writer grandmother, Hufflepuff, Lacee found it easy to make friends and become a popular student at the school. Unknown to anyone but her deceased mother, Lacee was unaware of her blood status from her father or even who her father was. Her mother was a pure-blood witch from the Goshawk family, but nobody had any clue whom the father was and if he was a muggle, muggle-born, half-blood, or pure-blood.

In Lacee's third year at Hogwarts she was asked out by Slytherin Marcus Flint, as he understood her to be a pure-blood because of her mother's family. After dating a few months rumors began to fly about Lacee's blood status. When Marcus got word her father was unknown, and there was a possibility she was not a pure-blood, he took it upon himself to humiliate her after a Slytherin vs Gryffindor Quiddich first match in 1991. Slytherin had just been beaten by new seeker Harry Potter and Marcus was already angry and hostile, so after the match he sprung a Leek Jinx at Lacee when she tried to comfort him after the loss. He declared that no non-pure-blood deserved to be in his presence never mind have the privilege of being his girlfriend. Gyrffinfor Keeper, Oliver Wood witnessed the attack and retaliated by letting a bludger spring out at Flint and hit him straight in the chest. A duel almost broke out but Madam Hooch stopped it before the two Captains went at it. Wood then brought Lacee to the Hospital Wing to let Madam Pomfrey fix her ears from the jinx. Oliver whilst there asked if Lacee would want to grab some butterbeer with him that night at the Hogs head bar in Hogsmeade. They dated till the end of the school year but broke it off due to Oliver focusing on the new Quiddich strategies for the next season.

Lacee was a focused student on Arithmancy while at Hogwarts. With the help and influence from her grandmother, she was able to start workshopping some concepts and essays about the subject much before her graduation from Hogwarts. In her last year the Tri-Wizard Tournament was held at Hogwarts. Lacee entered her name into the cup for Hogwarts but it was fellow Hufflepuff and friend Cedric Diggory who represented the school, along with Gryffindor Harry Potter. Two other competing schools stayed at Hogwarts that year as well; Beauxbatons Academy of Magic and Durmstrang Institute. Lacee was one of the many girls to swoon over Durmstrang champion and Bulgarian National Quiddich Seeker, 17 year old
Yule Ball Dancing Lessons
Viktor Krum. Unfortunately Krum had his eye on young Gryffindor Hermione Granger. When the Yule Ball came about Lacee went with good friend and fellow Hufflepuff Michael McManus. There was no romance as Lacee and many other girls oogled over Krum the entire time. At the end of that year her good friend and Hufflepuff student Cedric Diggory died at the claimed "dark lord" Voldemort's return on the night of the final task. Extremely saddened, Lacee mourned her friends death and then graduated from Hogwarts those next few weeks.

After Hogwarts

Once graduating, Lacee moved back with her grandmother and became a home Arithmancer, studying numbers and focusing her time on writing text books like her grandmother for the next few years. In the summer of 1996 rumors were spreading of attacks upon muggle-borns and certain half-bloods from what were believed to be Death Eaters, servants of Lord Voldemort. Lacee's grandmother began to panic, as her name was cleared but it was unknown if her grand daughter would become a target as with no proof could have been assumed a "half-blood with a muggle father" and a target for a possible future attack. Miranda and Lacee decided for their own safety to look through Lacee's mothers old things to try and find a possible clue to whom her father really was. After almost giving up hope and collecting fear, they found a diary protected by a charm in the back closet in a small locked box. After breaking and figuring out the counter for the charm, they were able to look at her mother's diary. In the diary lied the key secret to whom her father was. The entries stated: October 1976, 20 --I had believed he could care, for his determination and heart lie so strong to protecting the world, it would seem silly I could not be apart of that plane. I have not seen him in three weeks. Who you may ask? Fabian. Fabian Prewett the true epitome of a hero. I swear he will come through to me. November 1976, 8 --Still no sign. Well there was a sign. Forever I will be burdened with his closed mind. A tragic tale of a witch alone in this world. I'll play the fool. Only you and I will know diary. ===

Miranda went looking through everything she could find to try and hunt down who the Prewett was. In a desperate panic she used her connections at the Ministry of Magic to trace down who Fabian Prewett was and prove he was the father of Lacee. To both their disappointment they learned Fabian was dead, but he did have one remaining sibling alive that, if willing, could help prove the magical genetics in Lacee's blood. The remaining sister was to Lacee's surprise many of her fellow classmates mother; Molly Weasley.
G f prewett
Miranda wrote her a letter, begging for her help. Molly was more than willing to help, and her husband Arthur worked at the Ministry and helped get the test's done ASAP for the young witches safety. Surely enough the tests proved the shared the same blood, making Lacee a pure-blood witch legally, and out of any harms way for the time being. Molly gave Lacee Fabian Prewett's watch as something that could connect her to her father, a man she never even knew existed at one point. The following summer of 1997 Lacey and Miranda, now family, were invited to the wedding of Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour. They graciously accepted. While at the wedding Lacee discovered her former crush, Viktor Krum, was at the wedding as well. Wearing a grass green short dress, the red headed Lacee was extremely noticeable and talked about. Her now cousins, Fred and George even discussed how they never found out she was related to them because in the past few years she had grown even more attractive then they remembered at school. Another man who noticed her was indeed her crush, Viktor Krum. After being told Hermione was "sort of" seeing Ron Weasley, Krum was depressed, but upon seeing Lacee he approached her and asked her to
dance with him, as it would be an honor to. After a few dances Viktor asked for Lacee's address so he could Owl her. Just as they exchanged papers, Death Eaters came and attacked the wedding. Being unintentionally seperated from Krum, Lacee ran for her grandmother, grabbed her and apparated away. After a few hours Lacee was alerted by Arthur Weasley to go into hiding. The Death Eaters discovered she was the daughter to a former Order of the Phoenix member and was on the top of their list for hits. Lacee knew she was harming her grandmother, the only person who ever truly cared for her. So she packed her things, and against her grandmother's will, disapparated away without telling her where she was going.

Second Wizarding War and Post-War

After very brief thought, Lacee bought a muggle train ticket and headed away from Great Britain. Whilst on the train she sent Krum a letter saying what had happened and how she was unsure where she would be or what her location we be from then on, and sending Owl's was probably unsafe for both of them, but it was nice to have had such a wonderful time at the wedding with him. When her Owl returned a day later, it had a muggle plane ticket he had aquired through his agents from the Bulgarian Leauge, to his country of Bulgaria, and a note that said be safe, I'll see you soon. In complete shock, Lacee apparated to the muggle airport, completely frightened, and horrified of an airplane, but knew it was her only choice, and only safe choice to get away from the evil surrounding Britain.

When Lacee got off the airplane, four men on broomsticks stood near the gate. They instructed her to get on and not make any noise. With nothing to lose, she held onto one of the mens broomsticks and went off. She was amazed muggles were so oblivious to any kind of magic. They drew near a giant brick castle-like home. On the front of the lawn in front was Viktor. They brought her to him and he embraced her. Although I may not know you well Viktor said I know you are the woman I must protect. And even after one night with you I knew it was you who I was to be with. Our time just came quicker than I thought. He then smiled at her and brought her inside. The two began a romance. On May 2, 1998, news broke out that the war was over and Voldemort had been killed. So overjoyed Viktor asked if she would marry him. Lacee accepted and sent her grandmother and Owl saying she was alive, well, and newly engaged.

After the war they had Miranda move out to Bulgaria near them, were married in 1999, and eventually had three children; Larien, Viktor Jr., and Sophie where Lacee was a stay at home mother while Viktor continued to play Quiddich for the Bulgarian National Team. Larien and Viktor attended Durmstrang while Sophie asked to attend Hogwarts in which she was sorted into Hufflepuff house just like her mother.

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