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Bonjour. I am a year 10 student in the land of Engers. I am completley in love with the Harry Potter books. They take over my life- seriously. Re-read the series about 30 times, and still not sick of them!! I know everything about the books. My friends think im vairrryy weird, cant see it myself ;)

Lily Potter fullcoloured This user is a Muggle-born.
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Movies ootp stills photobook 009 This user can't help but wonder just what Aberforth was doing to those goats.

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My favorites

  • Favourite Books
  1. Half Blood Prince
  2. Goblet of Fire
  3. Order of the Phoenix
  • Favourite Movies
  1. Half Blood Prince
  2. Order of the Phoenix
  3. Goblet of Fire
  • Favourite Characters

Cant put these in order! My absolute fave would have to be Luna. Others are: Albus, Dobby, Harry, Ron, Hermione, McGonagall and Ginny.

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Dumbledore This user is a fan of Albus Dumbledore.

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  • Favourite Subjects
  1. Charms
  2. Transfiguration
  3. DADA



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Worst Harry Potter Moments

It was soooo sad when Sirius died, Harrys reaction in Dumbledores office made me cry so bad!! Also, when Albus died it left me heartbroken. Whhyyyyy?!?!?! Why did he have to die :( and poor little Dobby. Died saving Hazzer. Aww.

Harry Potter and Hedwig This user was very sad when Hedwig died.

Sirius Black Profile This user was saddened by the death of Sirius Black.

Lupin-class This user was saddened by the death of Remus Lupin.



 I love love love reading. I play lots of sport, including quidditch (on my firebolt, duh), and Muggle sports such as netball, basketball and tennis. Other things I like to do do is draw (doing an art GCSE atm and loving it), listen to music, talk to friends on the phone, go to the beach, sleep and eat. Hahah.

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