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I am a Qudditch version user controlled by Hellabore. In my fanfiction stories, I am refered as Elizabeth Hooch. Join the Fred Weasley fan club


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Ollivander's Wand Shop is the sole wand shop of Diagon Alley. Peeling gold letters over the door of the shop read: Ollivanders: Makers of Fine Wands since 382 B.C.. The shop's display consists of a solitary wand laying on a faded purple cushion in the dusty window. The shop is tiny, empty except for a single, spindly chair in the corner. Thousands of narrow boxes containing wands are piled right up to the ceiling of the tiny shop, and the whole place has a thin layer of dust about it.

"Welcome to Ollivanders, fine wands since 382 B.C. Please answer the following questions on my talk page to recieve your fine wand."
—Madam Hooch
Star sign/birthday: 
Personality in one word:

This will be needed to be answered so I can use my wood chart and use your personality to conjure what powers shall your wand have.

Thank-you, you will recieve your wand soon!

Wands sold

This is my personal folder of wands I have sold.

Quidditch Lover

14", Hawthorne with Essence of Phoenix Feather.

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