Hp7.jpg This user's favourite book is Deathly Hallows.
Veil - Death Chamber.jpg This user has loved ones beyond the Veil.
American Flag.png This user is from the U.S.A.
Luna-moving-her-Spectrespecs2.jpg This user supports Luna Lovegood.
Em1.jpg This user thinks the casting for the Harry Potter films was done very well.
This user is a Gryffindor player
in the House Points Game.
{{{1}}} This user has made over {{{1}}} edits on the Harry Potter Wiki.
Bertie Beans.jpg This user loves Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans.
Golden Snitch.gif This user is a fan of Quidditch.
Ministry2.JPG This user supports the Ministry of Magic.
Order of the Phoenix logo.png
This user supports the
Order of the Phoenix.
Hogwarts crest.jpg This user supports Hogwarts.
Ravenclaw emblem PM.jpg This user supports Ravenclaw.
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