I've been a fan-fiction writer for the better part of eleven years. I write on a fun little fan-fiction called Hogwarts Revolutions, and have, in the past, run numerous fan-fiction sites based off of a wide range of genres. I'm one of those crazy people who like to express myself in every way...writing...drawing...inventing stuff...and I don't say no to a bit of video-gaming either. (GO XBOX!)

I have been a Harry Potter fan since the series started. I clearly remember the day when I walked into my local book store, and asked the cashier whether or not she knew of any good new books. She told me they just got something in that she thought I would like, and handed me a copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. I didn't get halfway through the first chapter before I realized that I would be freakin STUCK on this story...and so I was.


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