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I cringe. Hard. I can't believe I somehow remember my password after 11 years... I won't delete any of the stuff down below though. It's like my own personal time capsule. Cute.


You're a fool, Harry Potter. And you will lose everything.

About me

Hey i'm nigel, i live in the Netherlands... that's everything i think :)


This is me :D

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I belong to slytherin because i don't like being good and i even hate gryffindor! If the wizarding world was real i would like to be voldemort or a death eater :) sounds weird but this is how i am.

My Top 5 Favorite Characters

1: Voldemort 2: Draco Malfoy 3: Bellatrix von detta 4: Salazar Slytherin 5: Lucius Malfoy


Diz Guy Iz Da Best! :P


File:Albus Dumbledore vs Lord Voldemort
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