aka Olivia McLaggen

  • I live in Glasgow Scotland
  • I was born on May 29
  • My occupation is Hogwarts Student
  • I am Female
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[[File:1D1707C0-4A1E-4FEB-977A-83B04ECD39F8.jpeg|thumb|220px|right]]Role-Play Character Name : Catriona Olivia Crystal Jenna Gamblewood-McLaggen<br>
[[File:1D1707C0-4A1E-4FEB-977A-83B04ECD39F8.jpeg|thumb|220px|right]]Role-Play Character Name : Olivia Crystal Jenna Gamblewood-McLaggen<br>
<nowiki> </nowiki>Role-Play Character DOB 29/05/2001<br>
<nowiki> </nowiki>Role-Play Character DOB 29/05/2001<br>

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Role-Play Character Name : Olivia Crystal Jenna Gamblewood-McLaggen

Role-Play Character DOB 29/05/2001

Role-play Character AGE 17

Gender: Female

Height : 5ft 6inc

Blood Status : Pure-Blood

School : Hogwarts School

House : Gryffindor






Studies: Potions,Transfiguration, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Care of Magical Creatures, Ancient History and Divinations

Year : 7th

Wand: 11 inc vinewood with Veela hair core

Patronus: Wolf

Animagus Wolf-Dog

Personalty Kind, Loving , Friendly

Sexualty : Straight

Role-Play character's Family Members

■ChanningTobias McLaggen (Father)

■ Stacey Claire McLaggen nee Gamblewood (Mummy)

■Kris Joe Gamblewood-McLaggen (Brother)

■Amber Rachel Robinson nee Gamblewood-McLaggen (Sister)

■Nicola Gamblewood-McLaggen (Sister)

■Joseph Cameron Gamblewood-McLaggen (Brother)

■Alexis Marie Gamblewood-McLaggen (Sister)

■Kayla Mollie GambleWood-McLaggen (Sister)

■Joel Tobias Mason Gamblewood-McLaggen

■Tina Michelle Gamblewood-McLaggen(Sister)

■Bailey Aaron Gamblewood-McLaggen (Brother)

■Emily Jane Gamblewood-McLaggen (Sister)

■Ava Chloe Gamblewood-McLaggen (Sister)

■Tori Lucy Gamblewood-McLaggen(Sister)

■Elladora Gamblewood-McLaggen

■Corrine Ava Courtney Susan Gamblewood-McLaggen (Sister)

■Pansy Rose Gamblewood-McLaggen (Sister)

■Brianna Evie Gamblewood-McLaggen (Sister)

■Nevaeh Christina Gamblewood-McLaggen (Sister)

■CormacTiberius Gamblewood-McLaggen (Twin Brother)

■ Freddie Justin Gamblewood-McLaggen (TwinBrother)

■Luke Leo Gamblewood-McLaggen (TwinBrother)

■Faye Gamblewood-McLaggen (Sister)

■Jacob Gamblewood-McLaggen (Brother)

■Noah Freddie Francis Gamblewood-McLaggen (Brother)

■Grace Gamblewood-McLaggen(Sister)

■Tiberius Adam McLaggen (Uncle)

■Leanne Joanne McLaggen nee Whitehead (Auntie)

■ Elisha Alicia Katie McLaggen (Cousin)

■ Matthew McLaggen(Cousin)
■ Other Relatives


■Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
■Slug Club
■Gryffindor Quidditch team
■Dumbledore's Army
■McLaggen family Biological family
■ Gamblewood Biological family
■Auror Office
■Order of the Phoenix .

Olivia McLaggen

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