Rainbow Shifter

aka Jade

  • I live in England
  • I was born on April 19
  • My occupation is a veterinary student
  • I am female

Hello everyone!

I am Rainbow Shifter but most people on Wikia call me Rainie, RS or Shiftey (for reasons you don't want to know). I love The Hunger Games and Harry Potter and I have been meaning to edit this wiki for a long time as it is the centre point for most of my information for roleplay sites and other Harry Potter information sites. I hope to become a permanent member here and I hope that we share many happy editing times together.

I am sorry if my User page isn't very pretty because I am not good with codes at all (not like all you fancy admins). If you have any question at all about the Harry Potter universe then please ask it on my talk page. I love helping people out and seeing messages on my talk page makes me so happy that I could cry! If you see something on an article that you are not sure about then message me and I'll have a little look at it.

I have created a Work Page so that I can start to help cleanup some larger articles and drastically expand others. Anybody who wants to help with the current project(s) must ask me first.


On 22nd July, 2012 I made my first edit to this wiki on the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets page. I thought it would just be an odd edit which I made on a random wiki which I would never edit again but I grew to love the wiki even before I made 500 edits. I used to make many edits every single day.

But upon the month of September, 2012 I edited less frequently and often made pointless and stupid edits. I would miss a whole week without even making one edit. I slowly became less and less confident in myself to make good edits so, on the 19th October, 2012 I left the wiki in order to train myself to edit well over at Wikipedia, Bulbapedia, Pokemon Wiki and became very active on The Hunger Games Wiki. I eventually became an admin on the Pokemon and Hunger Games Wiki. After time I forgot about this wiki and perfecting my editing skills. I thought that they had been polished enough until the faithful day I got an email from Pottermore a d I thought back to here.

So now I'm back and I hope to be a much better editor here!

Also I am a full time member of the Wikia Language Brigade (WLB) for short and I work in three of their many departments: EN, FR and JA. So I shall also be less active on this wiki but if you do need any help concerning translations then head on down to our hub on Community Central.

WLB-English EN | English Brigadier
This user is a Wikia Language Brigadier for the English language.
The Wikia Language Brigade is a voluntary project by Fandom users to help translate their own and other communities on in the many available languages. You can request translations and corrections from our Brigadiers (project members). Read more of our background story on this page.

Being Project Member: Advantages

  • We're a fun and active team you'd definitely like working together with.
  • You get your name "out there" and may attract contributors for your own wiki.
  • Your effort will give chances to communities that need a helping hand.

The Wikia Language Brigade can always use extra members! All you need to do to join, is putting your username and language level on the memberlist for English or other languages. Any further questions? Read up on the FAQ or contact the project leader.

WLB-French FR | French Brigadier
Cet utilisateur est un Brigadier de Langue de Wikia, qui traduit en et/ou du français.
La Brigade de langues de Wikia est un projet basé sur le volontariat créé par des utilisateurs de Wikia pour aider à traduire leurs propres communauté Wikia et d'autres communautés dans plusieurs langues différentes. Vous pouvez demander une ou des traductions ou/et des corrections par nos Brigadiers (membres du projet). Lisez-en davantage sur notre histoire ici.

Être membre du projet: Avantages

  • Nous sommes une équipe amusante, active, vous serez ravis de travailler avec nous.
  • Vous allez mettre votre nom "ailleurs" et ansi peut-être attirer des utilisateurs pour votre wiki.
  • Vos efforts aideront les communautés qui ont besoin d’un coup de pouce.

La Brigade de langues de Wikia a toujours besoin de nouveaux membres ! Tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour la rejoindre est de mettre votre nom et niveau de langue sur la page du projet en français, ou d'en d'autres langages. Vous avez des questions ? Contactez le chef de projet.

WLB-Japanese JA | Japanese Brigadier
ウィキア言語ブリゲードとは、wikia.com上の多くのコミュニティで、さまざまな言語の翻訳/訂正を支援する、Fandom利用者による有志のプロジェクトです。わたしたちブリガディア (プロジェクトメンバー) は、みなさんからの翻訳依頼や、訂正依頼を受け付けています。わたしたちの概要や活動は、WLBについてで紹介しています。

あなたもプロジェクトメンバーになりませんか? その利点は?

  • わたしたちは、楽しく活発なチームです。あなたもきっと、一緒に活動することを楽しんでくれることでしょう。
  • あなたが活動することによって、あなたのウィキアコミュニティーに興味をもつ人がいることでしょう。
  • あなたの力添えは、支援したコミュニティーをより活発にするでしょう。

ウィキア言語ブリゲードは、新しい仲間を歓迎しています! 日本語その他の言語のメンバー一覧に、利用者名と翻訳できる言語のレベルを書くだけで、メンバーになれます。ご質問がある場合は、よくある質問をご覧いただくか、プロジェクトリーダーにご連絡ください。

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