Early Life

Rose had a distinct fear of disapointing her dad,and prayed that she was Gryffindor.Her cousin Albus shared her wish too and bonded.She was proved to be as intelligent as her mother and shared her fathers sense of humor.She was often seen staring at the sky.

Education at Hogwarts

In 2017 she set of for Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry with her cousin Albus and James.She was called out for sorting and felt slightly nervous.He recognised her as a Weasley and was about to shout out Gryffindor when the hat realised that she was Hermione's daughter and,to make up for putting her mother in Gryffindor,placed Rose in Ravenclaw.She saw the smile from Albus's face fade,as he was placed in Gyffindor.

First Year

Rose proved to be brilliant at Transfiguration,Charms,Potions and Defence Against the Dark Arts.She also befriended a Slytherin boy called Scorpius Malfoy,but remenbering what her father said: Don't get to friendly with him (Scorpius) though,Grandad Weasley would never forgive you if you married a pure-blood,she spent more time with her other friend,fellow Ravenclaw student,Jessica Thompson.She also almost instantly became enemys with Slytherin student Becca Rookworth,after she called her mother a Mudblood and lunged at her.

House Points Earned:120 House Points Lost:30

Second Year

Rose returned for her second year at Hogwarts.She became more friendly with Scorpius and found out that he wasn't that bad.The same couldn't be said for Becca Rookworth,whom she caught making fun of her cousin Albus calling him Blood Traiter and making rude signs at him.She almost gave her a series of bruises,but her other cousin James beat her to it.It took 3 people to get him of her.Scorpius said he would speak to her-his father was good friends with her mother-ending with:"She's not going to get away with this!"

House Points Earned:90 House Points Lost:20

Third Year

Rose suddeny felt confident all of a sudden.Like a great weight had been lifted from her shoulders.She also noticed that she didn't spend as much time studying and spent much more time with Scorpius,much to her brother's(who had been placed in Gyffindor in her third year)and her best friend Jessica's displeasure.Due to great marks in Transfiguration,after the Christmas holidays she began to study on how to become an Animagus.When her teacher caught wind of this,he warned her of the dangers,but asured him their was nothing to worry about.

House Points Earned:100 House Points Lost:0

Fourth Year

Scorpius:I want to tell you something.A secret.


Rose had a giddy feeling in her stomach every time Scorpius passed and smiled at her.But she didn't want to admit it to anyone.To be honest,she didn't know what was wrong.She just thought she was ill.Her uncle Harry came to lecture about D.A.D.A temperarally and taught the class about Patronuses.He said that today they would work on the theory and tomorrow they would work on actually producing a Patronus.After the class had ended,he called her back and asked her what was wrong.She told him that she just felt a bit peaky.He said that on Friday she come to his office if she doesn't get better.She also thought that Miss Trawney was acting weirder than usual,saying that something about a special man that will reveal himself in July.When D.A.D.A came,she seemed to be able to produce a Patronus rather easlily.Her Patronus turned out to be an owl,syblising her wisdom.Harry asked the class to keep practising Patronuses.He also caled Rose back after class again.What was all the fuss about?Even her friend Jessica asked what was wrong.July came so fast it was unbelivable.At sunset,the day before being sent back,Scorpius asked if he could have a word with her.He lead her into an empty classroom and drew close.

Scorpius: I want to tell you something.A secret.

Rose: What?

Scorpius: Your different from everyone else.Special

Rose: You've got something one your face.

Scorpius: I like that about you-so much attension to detail.What?

Rose: Me.

And they kissed.It could have been years before they broke apart,it felt so long."Not interupting am I?" came a voice from behind them.They quickly swung round.Harry winked."Your secrets safe with me".Rose and Scorpius laughed as he slid out the classroom.

House Points Earned:80 House Points Lost:0

Fifth Year

Her Fifth Year felt like it would never end:all the lectures and revision and homework.Jessica was over the moon-she loved to study.She often fell asleep on her books from bordem.At least she had Sundays to look forward to.She went to her Secret Hiding Place (or the Room of Requirement to you and Me) with Scorpius.They would spend hours in there,passing the time by talking,snogging,flirting,snogging,writing,snogging, you get the picture.At 10.30pm,they left for their common rooms.This often lead to suspicons about her where-abouts.On January 16th,it became the second worst day of her life.She had come out of the R.O.R. as usual,only to find Jessica and Albus there.When she asked how he and Jessica found out,he said:"James was spying on Dad and Mum,mentioned about your little friend.James sent me to investigate when we got back over the holidays.Jessica was just as suspicus as me,so she came along." She and Scorpius exchanged sheepish looks.After that,she and Albus became frostier towards each over.She was still friends with Jessica,but was still frosty toward her as well,mainly because it was her fault that the whole school knew of her and Scorpius' relationship.She ended up getting more nicknames from Slytherin,Ravenclaw and even some Gyffindor students (Slytherin Snogger,Wormy Weasley and Man Manipulator).Only the Hufflepuffs stood up for her.One in particular,Cassidy Nelldome,was always sticking up for her (Leave her alone will you,Just wait till your in love,people will call you names too,I'll make sure of it!)She soon became friends with Cassidy.Once the day of leaving came,she prayed that her dad didn't know yet. House Points Earned: 50 House Points Lost: 30

Summer of 2022

During her summer holidays,she dreaded any phone-call incase it was for James,Albus or even Uncle Harry or Auntie Ginny.Lily and Hugo were basicaly the only people that didn't know that she was at Hogwarts with.If her dad found out,it would be disaster with a capital D.I.S.A.S.T.E.R.The day before heading back to Hogwarts, that dreaded call came.It was the worst day of her life."WHAT!!ROSE MARY WEASLEY GET DOWN HERE THIS INSTANT!!" When she got downstairs,she had had to cover her ears to block out most of the shouting. "HOW COULD YOU! AFTER ALL HIS DAD DID TO ME!...I WARNED YOU...DON'T GET FRIENDLY WITH HIM...SNOGGING HIM HERMIONE...YOUR DAUGHTER!...I CAN'T BELIVE YOU!!!..." When he finally pause for breath, Rose asked calmly,"Who told you?" His reply pierced her like a knife:"Harry told me".With that,she got up angerly,knocking the chair to the ground,walked away towards the phone."DON'T YOU DARE WALK AWAY FROM ME,ROSE WEASLEY,IF YOU'RE SNOGGING A FREAK LIKE TH..." SMACK! She didn't hear the rest of his sentence.One moment he was yelling at the top of his lungs,the next,cluching the right side of his face in pain."HE IS NOT A FREAK!"She shot up the stairs at what seemed like the speed of light.Only when she slamed her door shut she realised what happened.She had slapped her own dad.She avoided eye-contact with her dad,whose right side of his face was still swollen and red,who avoided eye-contact with her.When she met up with the Potters she called Harry aside for a moment.

Rose: Why did you tell my dad about Scorpius.

Harry: I thought he knew.

Rose: You thought he knew!?! If he knew,he wouldn't be so cheerful would he?

Harry: I guess...

Rose: And tell me,would he over the moon about me dating a Malfoy?Would he be encouraging?

Harry: Probably not.

Rose: And another thing,next time you say you'll keep a secret,KEEP IT!Because of you,blabbering to Auntie Ginny,James found out,told Albus,who told Jessica,who somehow told the whole school,and now,only the Hufflepuffs are sticking up for me!

Sixth Year

Her Fifth Year nicknames didn't go away.At least Cassidy was still there for her.She was more reliable than Jessica,who had joined in the name-calling in order to fit in.She also had Lorcan and Lysander Scamander,who were starting their first year at Hogwarts,at her side.And despite all the names, taunts and shoves,she stuck by Scorpius no matter what,and he stood by her.And if someone insulted him,she gave them her `Power Slap' she gave her father.

House Points Earned:40 House Points Lost:70 (-10 points each slap)

Summer of 2023

Rose's summer was even frostier than the one before.Her meals were brought up by her mother on a tray and left by her door,she had no company apart from her cat Roberto, she couldn't join in with social gatherings,she was unable to leave her room apart from 10.00am,1.00pm and 3.30,and spent halve the day crying.Her mum only came into her room to tell her about semi-important stuff.Her dad never came up.She knew what it was-the silent treatment.She didn't care,it just showed how much of a coward he was.Then one day,when she was in the middle of a crying fit at 9.30pm,sitting on her window sill,the door opened.She didn't even turn round.She knew it was her mum."Don't tell me,you and Ron are having a big party and I have to stay up here because Ron still hasn't got over me slapping him."

"I'd prefer it if you called me dad."

She whipped round.It was him:flaming red hair,bright blue eyes and a smile plasted on his face,which was still puffy.But as he saw her stoney face and blood-shop eyes with tears running down her cheeks,his smile faded.She turned back round with a look of disgust at him.She felt his hand on her shoulder,but she rejected it.

Ron: Harry told me whats been happening at Hogwarts.He says he's sorry about James.

Rose:And he can't say it to my face.Where's my apology?

Ron: From who?

Rose: You,you bloody idiot!

Ron: Oi!What have I done wrong?

Rose: You called my boyfriend a freak!

'Ron: ''I didn't mean it.It just slipped out.Anyway,I think that Mal-I mean Scorpuis-isn't right for you.

Rose: Well I do!You're convinced he's just like his father!But he's not!I've stuck by him and him by me.I've put up with cruel names:Slytherin Snogger,Wormy Weasley,Man Manipulator and GOD!What Myrtle saying is unbeliveable!I've pushed away taunts from Becca Rookworth saying "Scorpius,what are you doing with a filthy halve-blood like that.You should stick with the pure-bloods like me.Chuck her in the lake and meet me at 3 in the common room."I felt ISOLATED with-out him.And you just sat their like the big COWARD you are and watched!I'M NOT AS POPULAR AS YOU WERE!

Ron: ...Rosie,you think I was popular.

Rose: Yeah.Thats what I always thought.

Ron: Listen, Rosie. When I was 15, I got in the Gryffindor Quidditch team, but not because I was a really good player like Uncle Harry. I had people laughing at me and singing mock songs about me.Harry was famous and your Mum was the brightest witch of her age, but me - I was always the ordinary one, never number one.

Rose: ...I think your number one.

Was that a tear in her dad's eye?He squeezed her and kissed the top of her head.She felt his tear run into her hair.

Seventh Year

When she arrived at for her seventh year,she knew something was different.The names had stopped,people were more friendly,someone even asked her if she wanted to come to the Quidditch try-outs.She agreed and became the Ravenclaw Seeker.She and Scorpius became rather competitive during Slytherin vs Ravenclaw matches.But they always made up with a quick snog.Even Becca Rookworth had shut her mouth (up to a point).Then it finally hit her-Dad.She had been so stupid.She sent an owl home asking how and why he done it.His reply said he didn't want him to be annoyed when he came over for Christmas.

Christmas of 2023

This was the best Christmas she ever imagined.No Potter vs Malfoy fights,a Christmas dinner without quarreling.Christmas became the best day of her life (so far...).She was slow dancing with Scorpius when her mum pointed out "Look who you've got under the miseltoe darling".Both she and Scorpius looked up.There,plainly above them,was a load of miseltoe."You don't have to kiss me,you know.It's just a stupid tradition.It doesn't mat..." His kiss was so powerful she staggered backwards.She felt higher than the birds,higher than the clouds,higher than the stars."Malfoys never break a tradition." he said dreamily.

"I can see why" Rose muttered,her eyes still closed.

Later Life.

Rose later went on to marry Scorpius,whom she had four children:Freddrick (14 and named after her late uncle Fred),Harold (12 and named after her other uncle Harry) and twins Fiona (6 and the first girl in the Malfoy family for years) and Gabrille (6 and named after a sacred angel).She went on to open up a Wand shop called Malfoy's Magical Wands since 2025 and gave the buisness up to become a transfiguration teacher at Hogwarts after becoming an Amigus.

Physical Apearance

Rose Weasley
Rose has bright blue eyes,big,brown,bushy hair that goes down to her shoulders,is tall and has numerous freckles dotted over her nose.


Rose is very bright child with a sweet personality.She can often be protective of people she loves.

Real me

I am not realy a witch (or mabey I am and haven't realised it yet).I am a lot like Rose though.

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