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Hello! My name is Fleur Granger.

I'm a huge fan, of the Harry Potter series. I needed a good foundation, I needed to find a place; where I can find people to talk to. I found this wiki—I've been on Wikipedia, not as a user—but I've been editing as an IP address for a couple of years now. Since, I've been on wikipedia. I know a little of about coding, it might be the same, it might not. So please, If I do a mistake in coding, please don't be afraid to message me on my talk page. I might be a little of assistance in MediaWiki and HTML coding (the only one I'm good at)   Well, as you read above, I am a little good at HTML coding. Signatures, user pages etc. Just don't ask me to do too much! If you do, I usually get a little caught up and end up messing it up. So please, if you ask me to do a HUGE project, at least bear with me, since I need to find a foundation and a code similar to it, to make it work. I also like to chat, and If I'm not on the chat, please don't be hesitant to leave a message on my talk. You could leave anything on my talk! Just please, I don't want any harrassment or speculation

Al though, I don't really consider myself as a "Wiki Helper", I like to help people a lot, I helped people in Wikipedia (skype) I also helped people in many ways. I'm still a student, so if you leave me a message, I will get back to it, between 7AM - 5PM or longer. As I'm now, starting college, I might be in a rush. So please again, wait at least 48 hours for a response. If you don't get a response, in those 48 hours. Don't be hesitant to message me again!

I just learned the ropes on this wiki so now I know. If you have worked on other wiki's you might know, the template {{stub}}. You use this template, to inform maybe, Wiki Contributor's, or any users to expand the page. Well... On this wiki, you don't use that template; you use the template {{Expand}}. This tells reader, that they can help by expanding. The article; if you were confused don't worry. I got confused too.


Can be located here. It's nothing big, just a little coding.

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