Transcripts of Fantastic Beasts: Cases from the Wizarding World. All references to "Edgar Croptwig" refer to Mathilda Grimblehawk's partner.

Case 1: Something in the Air

"Welcome to the Ministry of Magic! Glad to see you found the Beast Division okay. I'm Mathilda Grimblehawk, your new partner! We don't just investigate incidents involving magical creatures here; we also get to deal with the beasts! Sounds dangerous, right? Don't worry, I expect your first day will be pretty quiet..."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
Cerberus Langarm: "Come with me, quickly! You're needed at the Chudley Cannons training grounds."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "That was Officer Cerberus Langarm from Magical Law Enforcement! We'd better follow him; I hope you're ready!"
— Langarm and Mathilda

Cerberus Langarm: "This is where the Chudley Cannons train."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Best Quidditch team in the league! Not that you'd know by watching them play last season..."
Cerberus Langarm: "A groundskeeper heard terrible screeching from the pitch and fled for help. I'll secure the area while you two see what you can find."
— Langarm and Mathilda at the Chudley Cannons training grounds

"I don't believe it! This is Gordon Horton, the Cannons' Keeper, and he looks hurt! You're right, we should get him to St. Mungo's right away - he needs a Healer!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk

Omar Abasi: "Ah, you're from Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, yes? I am Healer Abasi. The Quidditch Keeper you found - Mr Horton - has a mild concussion from his fall. It's nothing we can't deal with. However, his kit has been badly torn by... something. The damage suggests sharp claws."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "It must have been a beast! Okay, we need to have a chat with Gordon to find out what happened."
Omar Abasi: "You intend to interrogate him? Now?... Very well. But make it quick, he needs to rest."
Omar Abasi and Mathilda Grimblehawk

Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Glad to see you're awake, Gordon. How are you feeling?"
Gordon Horton: "I feel like I caught a Bludger to the head. Wouldn't be the first time..."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Well, that was quite a fall you took! We're from the Ministry. Can you tell us what happened?"
Gordon Horton: "I was just getting in a bit of extra practice with the Quaffle when something came swooping out of the sky and hit me! It all happened so fast, but... whatever it was came from somewhere near the old bell tower, I think."
— Mathilda Grimblehawk and Gordon Horton

"Poor guy. The Chudley Cannons have got enough problems as it is. But we've got our next lead! We should go to that bell tower he mentioned and see what we can find."
—Mathilda Grimblehawk

"What's that you've found? A nest? Well, that confirms we're not dealing with a dragon, at least. But there could be something in there that tells us more. Let's search through it!"
—Mathilda Grimblehawk in the Old Bell Tower
"What could this nest be hiding? Let's clean up a bit and see if there's anything under there."
—Mathilda Grimblehawk
"Great work! So what have we got here? Fragments of something... We should take a closer look!"
—Mathilda Grimblehawk
"Let's try putting these fragments back together with a Mending Charm."
—Mathilda Grimblehawk
"It's an egg! And a big one, at that. The beast we're looking for must've laid this."
—Mathilda Grimblehawk
"A Hippogriff, nesting in the old bell tower! Of course! No wonder it attacked Gordon! The poor thing was just trying to defend its young."
—Mathilda Grimblehawk

"Excellent work on your first case! The Hippogriff will be relocated, so it won't interfere with the Cannons any more... Not that it'll help their chances in the league. But what a find - and on your first day, too! It looks like we can expect great things from you!"
—Mathilda Grimblehawk

Case 2: The Smell of Fear

Act 1

Mathilda Grimblehawk: "You did splendidly managing that Hippogriff, Edgar. We should find somewhere to celebrate!"
Cerberus Langarm: "Grimblehawk! Croptwig! We just had an owl from the Leaky Cauldron. The place has been smashed up! Something went through there like a whirlwind. Sounds like a beast is on the loose to me. You'll want to take a look right away!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Looks like we'll be going to the pub sooner that I planned! I hope the pea soup's still on..."
— Mathilda Grimblehawk and Cerberus Langarm

"Look at this place! The door has been smashed clean off its hinges. What could've caused this chaos? The destruction is very scattered. It certainly looks like an angry beast was set loose! Can you find anything that might tell us more?"
—Mathilda Grimblehawk at the Leaky Cauldron
"Spilled pickled eels? It's worth cleaning it up if you think there's something underneath all that mess. And you've found some broken metal. Maybe repairing it will tell us something! If we need help, I'm sure we can ask Sage Bragnam. He's our historian back at the Ministry."
—Mathilda Grimblehawk

Mathilda Grimblehawk: "You found a gold tooth under all that mess? Strange... I can't think of any beast with golden teeth."
Leaky Cauldron bartender: "Oi! Gimme my tooth back! It got knocked out in all that mayhem."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Oh! Awfully sorry. Of course, here you go..."
— Mathilda Grimblehawk and the Leaky Cauldron bartender
"Well, that's one sort of gold-toothed monster! Let's find out what the bartender saw."
—Mathilda Grimblehawk
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Hello there. My name's Grimblehawk, and this is Croptwig. We rushed in when we heard the commotion! What happened here?"
Leaky Cauldron bartender: "It were chaos! Some great force came out of nowhere and smashed the place up! A jar of pickled eels hit me in the face! That's when me tooth popped out. I didn't see much after that. Whatever did this must've escaped into the streets! Oh, I knew today'd be awful. Only one boring customer all day long - that old wizard with all the camping gear. I hate camping!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Another witness! I wonder if he saw anything..."
— Mathilda Grimblehawk and the Leaky Cauldron bartender
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "You're the owner of that tent, I presume? Did you see what smashed up the Leaky Cauldron?"
Percival Shacklehorn: "Not a sausage! The name's Shacklehorn, by the way. Percival Shacklehorn. I've only just returned from an expedition, you know. Just as I arrived, something barged out of my tent and hit me on the head!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "You were keeping a dangerous beast in your tent?!"
Percival Shacklehorn: "Don't be ridiculous, girl!... At least I don't think I was? Since that whack on the head, everything's been a bit of a blur..."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Sounds to me like something sneaked into your tent, then escaped into the Leaky Cauldron! You should rest, we'll take a look."
— Mathilda Grimblehawk and Percival Shacklehorn
"Yep, this is a wizard tent, alright. Larger on the inside, of course. Look at all this damage! Let's see if we can find any clues left by the beast that was in here."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"This tent has seen better days. Find anything, Edgar? Some kind of device, all smashed up? I bet we could repair it and work out what it is. Hello, a big track of mud! The beast must have left this. We should take a closer look."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"That's a Sneakoscope! Well done, Edgar, not the easiest thing to put back together. Oh no, the Sneakoscope just lit up! That means someone untrustworthy is nearby... It isn't me, I swear!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"There's something underneath all this mud and ice... A golden feather! That's a bit unusual. This must belong to the beast! Let's get it sent over to Sage right away. We'll see what he thinks."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Sage, what can you tell us about that feather? Please tell me it's from a phoenix, please!"
Sage Bragnam: "I wish I could, but that feather's not from a magical beast - it's from a golden eagle. They nest on mountains all year round."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "So Shacklehorn must've been camping in a mountainous area?"
Sage Bragnam: "Aye, that must be where your wee beastie came from!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Sage Bragnam

"Brilliant repair job, Croptwig! Is that a teapot? Oh, I recognise this - it's the Leaky Cauldron's floating teapot! I've had my share of strong brews from this beauty. Smashed in the line of duty... it brings a tear to my eye. I wonder what could cause this kind of damage? Good idea! Sage's deep knowledge of magical beasts - and teapots - might tell us what did this."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Sage, we're truly stumped. Do you have any idea what smashed this poor teapot?"
Sage Bragnam: "Not exactly, but I can tell you that this was quite a sturdy teapot. Whatever smashed it must've been large and powerful!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Large, powerful... and lacking manners, clearly. Thanks, Sage!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Sage Bragnam

Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Strange. Something snuck into this tent, then burst out when Shacklehorn stopped at the Leaky Cauldron... And why is this Sneakoscope still lit up? Maybe it's broken."
Ruffled stowaway: "H-Has it gone?... I've been hiding in here for hours! Where am I?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Where did you-?... You're in a tent, inside the Leaky Cauldron. Why didn't you just magic your way out?"
Ruffled stowaway: "For starters, there's no such thing as magic!... And this tent is enormous! Ooh, my head..."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "No such thing as magic?... Edgar, I think that was a Muggle!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Laura Thorn

Act 2

"So, it wasn't just a beast that got stuck in that tent, a Muggle was trapped in there too! It's a wonder she wasn't hurt, given what the beast did to the Leaky Cauldron. Shacklehorn clearly failed to protect his tent with Muggle-repelling charms. That's a breach of the International Statute of Secrecy! We have to find our what that Muggle saw! And we'd better deal with Shacklehorn, too. I wonder if he's feeling any better yet?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Hello, feeling any better yet? Do you remember what happened?"
Ruffled stowaway: "My head really hurts... Last I remember, I was in the Austrian Alps, chasing down a Yeti sighting... I'm a professional monster hunter, you see - Laura Thorn, author of Hoax and Dreams. Perhaps you've read it? I found tracks leading into the tent. Next thing I know, something's tearing the place apart! I had to hide in a grandfather clock!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Right, Laura, you rest a moment. Our doctor is coming to check you over."
Laura Thorn: "... Who keeps a grandfather clock in their tent?!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Laura Thorn
"That explains why the Sneakoscope went off. Her aim is to reveal the creatures we're trying to protect! Good point, Edgar. She mentioned the Alps. That must be where Shacklehorn was camping. Fancy a trip to the mountains?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
Omar Abasi: "Back again so soon, Miss Grimblehawk? You neglected to introduce me to your new partner. Still, you must be Croptwig. I hope you will not cause me quite as much trouble as Mathilda. As for the Muggle, I have wiped her memory and she's in good health. Strange, though - she kept talking about a very distinct smell."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "A smell, Omar? Not very helpful, really."
Omar Abasi: "On the contrary! Smell is very closely bound to memory. Might I suggest you follow your noses on this case?"
Omar Abasi and Mathilda Grimblehawk

"This looks like the place the monster hunter described, Edgar. Let's see if there are any traces of the beast that snuck into that tent."
Mathilda Grimblehawk, in the Alps
"Any luck, Edgar? Interesting, a rucksack with a serious lock on it! Property of our Muggle monster hunter, perhaps? Try cracking it open. Some broken glass, too. That's an odd thing to find out here. Let's repair it and see what it was."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"You cracked it, Edgar! And this is definitely Laura Thorn's bag. Climbing gear, Muggle books about famous monsters... Hah! This one claims that fairies can talk! That'll be the day. What's that, camera lenses? Good find! But where's the camera itself? Perhaps she left it in the tent."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"Well spotted! That smashed-up thing looks Muggle-made. Could this be the monster hunter's camera? Let's repair it and find out."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"Swift work, Edgar. This is definitely a Muggle camera. That monster hunter, Laura, must've dropped it. We should take this to Myra Curio; she works in the Muggle Liaison Office. I wonder what she'll make of it?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Wotcha, Myra. This is my new partner, Edgar. What did you make of that Muggle camera we found in the tent?"
Myra Curio: "Nice to meet you! It's a lovely bit of kit... Seems your monster hunter is something of a specialist. I might buy one of these myself. Oh yes, and there was some film left inside, but all I could save was a close-up photo of some grey skin. Any use to you?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Yes! That grey skin can only belong to the beast! Great stuff, Myra."
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Myra Curio
"So, our smashed glass was part of a large bottle. What's that on the side? A label: 'EXTREME CAUTION'. What was so dangerous about it, I wonder? Maybe it was poison? I'm betting our beast smashed it! Let's see what our potions expert can tell us."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
Gethsemane Prickle: "Come in, both of you. Welcome, Croptwig. I'm Gethsemane Prickle, Herbologist and Potioneer. Pay attention and you'll do fine. The bottle you found contains traces of a potent invisibility potion! So if nobody saw the beast that destroyed the Leaky Cauldron..."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "... It must have been invisible!"
Gethsemane Prickle: "Like myself, this Shacklehorn looks to be a practised Potioneer. Brewed it himself, I assume."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Of course! We'll speak to him at once. Thanks, Gethsemane!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Gethsemane Prickle
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Percival, I know you're a touch confused, but why on earth are you taking Invisibility Potion on a camping holiday?"
Percival Shacklehorn: "Holiday? Expedition? I... Yes... That jogs my memory! I was in the Austrian Alps, looking for the majesting Graphorn! I'm sure someone in your profession can understand my desire to see such a beast up close! The potion was a great help."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Well, it seems something got hold of your potion when it climbed into your tent... which wasn't charmed against Muggles, by the way!"
Percival Shacklehorn: "I say! Are you insinuating that I somehow...?! Well, that's just... I... Ahem, I humbly apologise for my transgression."
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Percival Shacklehorn

"So, an invisible beast smashed up the Leaky Cauldron. It came from the Alps, and was carried here in Shacklehorn's charmed tent. Laura Thorn, a Muggle monster hunter also sneaked into the tent. Shacklehorn is either lazy, or just plain suspicious..."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
Leaky Cauldron bartender: "Now I've seen it all! There's a Muggle out on Charing Cross Road, telling people about a 'big grey monster' stalking the streets! Funny-looking she is, too, with binoculars and a woolly hat. She's going to scare folk!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "That must be Laura Thorn! We need to put a stop to this right away!"
Leaky Cauldron bartender and Mathilda Grimblehawk

Act 3

"That Muggle, Laura Thorn, is out on the streets, telling people about a big, grey monster! She must have remembered what happened in the tent. If she'd actually seen the beast again, the whole of London would be in uproar... But Omar used a Memory Charm on her. Why on earth didn't it work? Let's get him down here with a Calming Draught and we can talk. I'll bring Laura in off the street before she causes a panic!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
Laura Thorn: "It's coming back!... Haven't I met you before? In this pub?... I was in a strange tent, with that thing. And there was this smell..."
Omar Abasi: "A smell, you say? What kind of smell?"
Laura Thorn: "I... don't know. I got a whiff of it last time I was in this pub. What's going on around here?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "You've been under a lot of stress, that's all. Come and have a sit down and a sip of this brew."
Laura Thorn, Omar Abasi, and Mathilda Grimblehawk
"As I said, smells are linked to memory. Perhaps that's why the Memory Charm wasn't entirely successful. The source might still be here. Gather a few odorous objects and I'll prepare a smell test for the Muggle."
Omar Abasi
"Wow, Edgar! That's quite the strong smelling collection. The things we do for the Ministry... Phew! I'd know that strong, acrid smell anywhere. This must be a jar of Mrs Skower's All-Purpose Magical Mess Remover. That broken bottle smells strongly as well, but I'm not sure what it is. Repairing it should tell us. That suitcase stinks! And look, it has the initials P.S. on top - Percival Shacklehorn. Can we unlock it? But this painting doesn't smell much, except a bit burnt. Looks like a spell hit it! Let's clean it up and see what's going on."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"That's the last of the ash... Oh, it's Ulick Gamp, the first Minister of Magic! He allowed the Leaky Cauldron to be an entrance to Diagon Alley, you know... But he looks a bit weird in this painting. You know, I think he's been hit by a Confundus Charm! Maybe the bartender knows what happened?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "I don't suppose you know how your portrait of Ulick Gamp got hit by a Confundus Charm?"
Leaky Cauldron bartender: "What?!... Oh, that must have been me. I got a bit carried away when that thing came out of the tent. Sorry, Minister Gamp!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "There was an invisible beast stomping about in the Leaky Cauldron - I'm sure he'll understand. Unfortunately, I think those spells probably just made it even more upset... and now it's loose in Muggle London!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk and the Leaky Cauldron bartender
"Nicely done, Croptwig. I should've realised this was a bottle of pumpkin juice! Well, that's something for Omar's smell test. Perhaps it'll bring back Laura Thorn's memory?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"Reveal your secrets, mysterious smelly suitcase... Oh. Oh, my... So that's what happens if you don't wash your socks for a decade or two. Well, Omar said he wanted smelly things for his test. I'll enjoy sending these to him!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"So, we have three items for Omar's smell test - pumpkin juice, the smelly socks and the cleaning fluid. One of these must jog the monster hunter's memory. Let's tell Omar that we're ready!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
Omar Abasi: "So, Ms Thorn, I have a few objects here with distinct smells. If you'd be so kind as to sniff them? It may help you to remember."
Laura Thorn: "Ugh. The cleaning fluid reminds me of hospitals and dentists. Not my favourite memories! This juice - it's pumpkin, right? Smells like Halloween. My sister makes smoothies that smell like this, too! Ew, socks?! It's like... Hold on, I'm remembering something! Something was smashed up in the tent! It had such a horrible stench..."
Omar Abasi: "And there we have it. The beast has a foul smell, not unlike these socks. Oh, and Mathilda? Please do take them away with you."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Thanks, both of you. This could be vitally important! Let's return the socks and suitcase to Percival... Maybe we should give him the cleaning fluid, too?"
Omar Abasi, Laura Thorn, and Mathilda Grimblehawk
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Mr Shacklehorn, there you are. We have a suitcase of yours. And some socks. Please, please take them back!"
Percival Shacklehorn: "Marvellous! I do apologise. My socks become a bit potent with all the effort of hunting- ... I mean, observing the noble Graphorn."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Observing, was it?... Anything else you want to tell us?"
Percival Shacklehorn: "Just that the smell of these socks is oddly familiar in a way. Reminds me of a cave I passed up in the mountains!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Percival Shacklehorn
"Something stinks around here, Edgar... But apparently the same can be said of the mountains. We should find that cave!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk

"Is that a pile of bones? They could belong to our beast... or the beast's dinner. Let's figure out what they used to be!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"The leg bone's connected to the hip bone... Oh my, this was a goat! Poor thing... Our beast has a taste for goats, then. A Graphorn? A Hippogriff? Wait! Maybe it's a Romanian Longhorn dragon! Romania's not far from here, is it? Oh, please be a dragon... Ah, I supposed not. No-one could miss a dragon wandering into their tent... Come on, let's see what Gethsemane makes of these bones!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
Gethsemane Prickle: "Now, which of you sweet dears decided to send me a bag of bones?"
Mathilda Grimblehawks: "Sorry Gethsemane. But you are the only one whose intellect I trust to analyse this goat."
Gethsemane Prickle: "Luckily for you, I do enjoy a puzzle. Damage to the bones indicates that the goat was killed with brute force and eaten raw."
Mathilda Grimblehawks: "So, the beast eats raw meat? Whatever it is, we need to get it off the streets of London!"
Gethsemane Prickle and Mathilda Grimblehawk
"Well, Edgar, I do believe we have enough information to identify the beast. Grey skin, huge size and strength, a foul odour, and it eats raw flesh. Oh, it lives up mountains, too."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"I considered a Graphorn too. We know Percival Shacklehorn was looking for them on that mountain. I'm not certain, though. They don't smell particularly bad or have grey skin. Let's keep thinking!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"A forest troll? That almost sounds right, Croptwig! But you'd never find a forest troll in the mountains, and they have green skin, not grey. Any other ideas?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"A Yeti?! Have you been reading Lockhart's abominable book? They're the right size, and they do like mountains, but I'm not convinced about the skin or smell. Let's keep thinking."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"A mountain troll?! Of course, it all fits! Huge, angry, strong and smelly. Often found near Graphorns, too. You usually can't miss a troll, but if it's invisible... it would be like a walking tornado! We have to find that troll before it hurts someone!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk

"So let me get this straight... A mountain troll got loose in central London by stowing away in a charmed tent. It's angry from being struck with spells, and it's had a potent invisibility potion... but it won't stay hidden for much longer! Edgar, we need a plan for capturing a troll. And fast!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk

Act 4

Myra Curio: "Mathilda! Edgar! I've been out all night hunting for your troll, and I finally found something... A phone box with a huge, fist-shaped dent! A Muggle was talking about an awful stench, too. Good job it was Friday night in London."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "That sounds like something done by our charming new friend! Thanks Myra. We still need a plan for capturing the troll. Any ideas?"
Gethsemane Prickle: "I could brew a Draught of Living Death. That's sure to knock out a troll, if you can find a way to administer it. I'll need you to gather a few key ingredients... the department's stores are a bit light at the moment."
Omar Abasi: "Ah, you're here. I had confined the Muggle to the Leaky Cauldron until this unfortunate business was dealt with. Unfortunately, she disappeared whilst I was brewing another Calming Draught! I think she went into that tent to find the troll."
Myra Curio, Gethsemane Prickle, and Omar Abasi bring news to Mathilda Grimblehawk and her partner
"Oh no! We need to find her, and start collecting ingredients for Gethsemane's potion. After you, Edgar!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk

Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Laura Thorn! There she is!"
Laura Thorn: "I'm not coming out! I want answers! Why is this tent bigger on the inside? Why are you lot dressed so funny? What smashed up that pub? Why are you all carrying fancy little sticks?... And what's a Muggle?!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Well, Laura, clearly it's pointless trying to deceive you any further. Come with us and we'll tell you everything."
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Laura Thorn
"Edgar, I think it's time to use a Memory Charm again. And let's see if we can work out what that rope you found is for, too!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"Good job, Edgar. Looks like that mess of rope was actually a [[Percival Shacklehorn's net|rather large net]]. Why would Shacklehorn have a net like this? He slipped up and mentioned 'hunting' earlier. We'll need to question him again."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
Laura Thorn: "Come on then! First question, do witches and wizards exist?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "That's actually two questions..."
Laura Thorn: "They do exist! I knew it!... Do dragons exist, too? And yetis, and trolls? Oh! What about the Loch Ness Monster? So, I was right all along... My life's work, vindicated! I have uncovered the unknown! Wait, can you lot do magic?!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Why yes, we can. Allow my colleague here to demonstrate..."
Laura Thorn and Mathilda Grimblehawk
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "How are you feeling, Ms Thorn? You look a bit stunned after that accident on the mountain. Looking for monsters, indeed!"
Laura Thorn: "I'm... confused. Yes, I was looking for monsters... I had a funny turn, I think. I don't remember coming back to London. Haha, typical me, I suppose. Getting into scrapes in strange places. Sorry to have caused a fuss. I must look like a right troll!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Why do I get the feeling we haven't seen the last of her?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Laura Thorn at St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "We found a huge net in your tent! What's the big idea?"
Percival Shacklehorn: "Oh, that old thing? Why, that's just for... ah... camouflage?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "You realise, of course, that we work very closely with Cerberus Langarm of Magical Law Enforcement? Perhaps you'd rather speak to him?"
Percival Shacklehorn: "Alright, I admit it! I had a plan to capture a Graphorn... Purely for study, you know."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Oh, nothing at all to do with their valuable horns? Well, you can expect a severe fine from the Ministry!... and we're confiscating this net! Not that we'd use it to trap a dangerous beast ourselves..."
Mathilda Grimblehawk questions Percival Shacklehorn

"Nettles, Sopophorus beans... Brilliant! Gethsemane needs all of this to brew the Draught of Living Death. A Flobberworm too? We'll need to collect its mucus... Are you volunteering?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"You can stop now, Edgar. That's plenty of mucus. Well done."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
Gethsemane Prickle: "The Flobberworm mucus was extremely fresh. I've made enough Draught of Living Death to put this troll to sleep for a week! I'll leave administering the potion to you, of course. Do remember not to try it yourself, Grimblehawk."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "That only happened once..."
Gethsemane Prickle and Mathilda Grimblehawk

"Okay, Edgar, we have a net trap and a Draught of Living Death. What's missing? Oh yes, the troll! Let's ask the bartender if she can kindly donate something to use as bait."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "... and that's the plan. We'll soon have this mountain troll back home, but we need some kind of bait!"
Leaky Cauldron bartender: "You want to use my pub as a troll trap? Do I look stupid? I'm the one who'll have to clean up after it's come stomping through!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "This is important! Edgar promises to clean up after we're done!"
Leaky Cauldron bartender: "Oh, alright. You can have some meat from the larder. I hope you both know what you're doing!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk and the Leaky Cauldron bartender
"There, one large chunk of meat covered in Draught of Living Death. Good job. It's time to trap a troll, Edgar!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"Whoa, what a racket. It sounds like something just smashed every pot in the pub. Twice! Let's see if we caught something!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"Yes! Caught him in the net! Just in time, too - the invisibility potion has worn off! Well, we'd better get this great lump over to Sage. Do you fancy carrying the legs or the head?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
Sage Bragnam: "Good work, team. The troll seems to be in a stable condition and the potion has, um, left his system. Don't worry, I mopped up. He's gained a few bumps and bruises from his adventure in London, though. I'd like to heal him up before we release him."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "It's the least we could do. I think London got off lightly!"
Sage Bragnam and Mathilda Grimblehawk
"Nicely done, Edgar. I doubt the troll will even remember this escapade. Now, let's get him back to the Alps before he wakes up! We don't want to be around when that happens."
Mathilda Grimblehawk

"One mountain troll, back on his mountain! You were outstanding today, Edgar. We should stop back at the Leaky Cauldron for a celebratory drink! I hope you haven't forgotten your promise to clean the place up! Don't worry, I'll keep an eye on your Butterbeer while you work..."
Mathilda Grimblehawk

Case 3: Out of the Woods

Act 1

Sage Bragnam: "Mathilda! Edgar! Have you heard? Those blasted Muggles ploughed their diggers right into a forest full of magical creatures!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "But... that can't be right? Shouldn't there be Muggle-repelling charms? Surely the Ministry would have prevented construction!"
Sage Bragnam: "The paperwork's all tied up at the Muggle Liaison Office, my girl. But now they're saying something's attacked the workers!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "I'm... not surprised. Muggles wondering into a forest where magical creatures live is definitely a recipe for trouble. Well, Edgar, we'd better go down to the woods right away!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk

"This is the Muggle's [sic] construction site. I wonder what all this colourful machinery does? Things feel tense here. Let's see if there are any clues to suggest what beast might have attacked the workers."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "The paper has a painting on it, good find! As for the broken plastic... if you think it's important, we'll take a closer look."
Foreman: "Oi, what are you pair doing on my site? And without hardhats, to boot!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Good sir, we are with the local constabulary! I'll ask you to refrain from commenting on our hats or our boots!"
Foreman: "You're the police? Sorry, I didn't expect plain-clothes. If this is about the attack, let's talk later. My daughter's visiting today."
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Don Harrison
"Plain-clothes? What a cheek! Still, he seems to have fallen for our cunning ruse, let's take a look around!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"These look like protective goggles. And look at that scratch! Pretty nasty. Let's get them examined."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Hullo, Myra! Have you looked at those Muggle goggles?"
Myra Curio: "I have indeed, they're fascinating! I suppose Muggles need to protect themselves with all that machinery around. I almost lost an eye once, trying to figure out an 'electric toothbrush'. But these scratches are something else. Whatever attacked the workers has long, sharp fingers!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "That sounds vicious. I could picture a Kneazle doing this with its claws! I want my own goggles now..."
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Myra Curio
"This is a child's painting. See the flowers? And an arrow, pointing to something scary with big teeth! You're right, the foreman's daughter must have drawn this. We should speak to her at once."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Hello there! You must be the foreman's daughter? What's your name?"
Bethany Harrison: "I'm Bethany Harrison, but I'm not meant to talk to strangers... and you two are very strange."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Thanks! We're looking into this funny business in the forest. Did you draw this picture?"
Bethany Harrison: "Do you like it? Most things in the forest aren't actually scary, but she is! That's the hag who lives in the cottage."
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Bethany Harrison
"A hag in the forest, eh? And a scary one at that. Maybe we should look for this cottage she mentioned?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"Found it! This must be the cottage young Bethany mentioned. It is a little... rustic. Wands at the ready, Edgar! No sign of that 'scary hag' she mentioned, so let's look around while we can."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"I've found a week-old Pumpkin Pasty covered in fur. Want it, Edgar? Suit yourself. Seems to me that this old 'hag' is just a fellow witch. I do hope she hasn't been scaring the Muggles... You found [[Winifred Whittle's journal|her journal]]? Brilliant! Hold your Hippogriffs - it's written in some kind of code! That's a bit suspicious."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"You've deciphered the crazy code in that journal already? You're quick! The latest entry is: "Day 3,298. The fairies are restless, those awful Muggle construction workers are ruining everything! WW." It seems that whoever lives here is no fan of Muggles! Could this 'WW' person have attacked the workers to protect the forest's fairies? Maybe Sage can shed some light on this."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Any luck with that journal, Sage?"
Sage Bragnam: "Mathilda, your 'WW' is one Winifred Whittle, the founder of WHIFF!... The Witch's Holistic Institute for Friends of Fairies."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "And this is a... well known organisation?"
Sage Bragnam: "Actually, I believe Winifred and I are the only members. But she's a true nature lover and she'll know every inch of that forest!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "This is why you're my favourite, Sage! Let's go back and speak to her, Edgar. I bet she'll know what's going on out there."
Sage Bragnam and Mathilda Grimblehawk
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Winifred Whittle? Sorry to intrude, but we're from the Ministry of Magic. We need to ask you a few questions."
Winifred Whittle: "Finally, a response to my letters about the scandalous fairy habitat intrusion!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Ms Whittle, the Muggle construction workers were attacked. Do you know who or what might be responsible?"
Winifred Whittle: "Just know this forest can be fiercely defensive. Serves those Muggles right!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Hmm, Clabberts are tree dwellers who keenly defend their territory, but someone would've noticed their glowing foreheads by now... Edgar, we need to uncover the truth here before anyone or anything else gets hurt!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk questions Winifred Whittle
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Hello, sir. I'm Inspector Grimblehawk, this is Inspector Croptwig."
Don Harrison: "Name's Don Harrison. But I don't think you police can help us. That forest is downright cursed!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Cursed? But, hah, we all know curses aren't real Mr Harrison. What exactly happened to your men?"
Don Harrison: "They were attacked by creatures they couldn't see! The trees look at you funny! Six of my crew have already walked off the job."
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Don Harrison

Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Let's review, Edgar. You found those safety goggles, which were scratched by something with sharp fingers. Bethany is afraid of a monster in the forest, but I think that's just Winifred. Her father thinks the forest is cursed! Winifred is a harmless fairy fanatic, but she did say something out there will defend itself."
Don Harrison: "Inspectors! You have to do something. My little Bethany... she's gone missing!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk is interrupted by Don Harrison

Act 2

Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Please calm down, Mr Harrison. We'll find your daughter, don't worry."
Don Harrison: "Easy for you to say! Little Bethany's the light of my life! I'll level this forest to find her!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Let's not do anything hasty, Mr Harrison. Just take a minute. We'll find your daughter."
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Don Harrison
"Poor man. First his workers and now his daughter..."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
Don Harrison: "Right lads! I want two teams searching that forest! Leave no leaf unturned! Hop to it!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Mr Harrison, please - let the professionals handle this!"
Don Harrison: "I'm not waiting for you lot! My daughter needs help now!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Don Harrison
"Edgar, this is serious. We need to find Bethany and stop all this before someone - or some beast - gets hurt! We can't Obliviate every Muggle in sight... we need something to slow them down!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"You found a [[Bethany Harrison's toy chest|toy chest]]? It must belong to Bethany. I think we should unlock it. Anything to help us find her! What made you point out the tea urn though? It's just for serving tea to the workers, isn't it? Sleeping Draught in their tea? Good idea, Edgar! Gethsemane can brew it for us, and it should keep those Muggles out of the way. She'll need that sprig of valerian you picked up! Lavender as well. Perhaps we should search those weeds."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"Smartly done, Edgar. No toys [[Bethany Harrison's toy chest|in here]], just a bunch of flowers. There's a label attached - 'For Dad'. These were to be a gift from Bethany to her father. Good idea, let's ask Gethsemane to identify the flowers. They may tell us where Bethany went."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
Gethsemane Prickle: "Grimblehawk, Croptwig. I see you've brought me some flowers? What have you done wrong this time?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Oh, just the usual, I suppose. Are you able to identify them?"
Gethsemane Prickle: "They're an uncommon breed of wild bluebells. They only grow in the oldest forests, where the trees are at least four hundred years old."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Bethany must have gone deep into the forest to pick these. That's a huge help, thanks!"
Gethsemane Prickle and Mathilda Grimblehawk
"You found a sprig of lavender as well? Brilliant! If we take the valerian and lavender to Gethsemane, she'll whip up enough Sleeping Draught to drop a giant!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
Gethsemane Prickle: "Alright, I've made enough of this Sleeping Draught to knock out ten men... or one troll. Nod bad, considering you foraged half the ingredients. A for Acceptable. I've already added the potion into the tea urn, so it should be lights out for our Muggles."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Perfect! This brew will keep us out of hot water for a while."
Gethsemane Prickle and Mathilda Grimblehawk

"Look, the workers are all dozing. Crisis averted, for now... Let's head into the oldest part of the forest. That must be where little Bethany picked those bluebells."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"I don't mind admitting that this place makes me anxious, Edgar. Look at those stones around the old tree... why is it so quiet here? Let's search for clues. Bethany needs our help!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"What do we have here, [[Magnus's bow|some broken bits of wood]]? You're right, it was definitely damaged by something. Our mysterious beast, perhaps? Repairing it may reveal more. What's that, you can see something in that pile of leaves? Well, let's take a closer look. Be careful! I knew we should've kept those protective goggles..."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"It's [[Magnus's bow|a bow]]! And look at these star constellations carved on it... This must be a centaur's weapon! Edgar, this was a critical find! There are centaurs in this forest! What am I saying? If this is a centaur forest, they've already found us. Be careful, and respectful, and don't wave your wand around."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
Centaur: "Why does the Ministry of Magic trespass on centaur land?! Lie and I will fill you with arrows!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "My name is Mathilda. This is Edgar. We're looking for a lost Muggle girl... We fear for her safety!"
Centaur: "So you should! Trespassers here are in grave danger. This forest hides things Muggles cannot understand. Now leave, and do not return!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Magnus
"He's right, Edgar, but we can't stop searching for Bethany!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"Is that an axe?! Who would have just left it here? It's all scratched up. Maybe it belonged to the workers who were attacked! Looks like they gave that tree a good chopping. Good idea, let's have Sage come and take a look at this."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
Sage Bragnam: "Hello there! How this is what I call a forest! Full of the majesty of nature..."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Right now it's full of magical beasts and a lost girl! Here, we need you to examine this axe. It was used to chop this old tree."
Sage Bragnam: "Aye, the scratches on the axe match those on the goggles. But you do realise this isn't any old tree, don't you? It's a Wiggentree!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "A Wiggentree is sure to attract magical creatures! I think we can make a good guess as to the beast we're dealing with... but perhaps not..."
Sage Bragnam and Mathilda Grimblehawk

Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Good, the workers are still asleep - for now. But the foreman's daughter is still lost out there, Edgar! We know now that the workers were attacked when they tried to chop down the Wiggentree. Something didn't like that at all. The centaurs must know more, but they aren't helping!"
Bethany Harrison: "AAIIIIEEEE!!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Edgar! That sounded like Bethany!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk is interrupted by Bethany Harrison's scream

Act 3

"That scream came from the forest, but not from the direction of the standing stones. It was that way, towards the witch's cottage! Quick, Edgar, let's go!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"Bethany? Winifred? Neither of them are here! Oh, I don't like this at all. The scream definitely came from this direction, Edgar. Let's investigate further."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"Still no sign of Winifred of Bethany. Did you find anything? A tatty old chest? We're rather short on leads, so let's take a closer look!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"Well done, Edgar! Hmm. Just keepsakes and trinkets. String, buttons, thread... Actually, what's this muddy lump in the drawer? Something from the forest perhaps. Let's clean it up."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "It's a [[Bethany Harrison's necklace|child's necklace]]! And it has a fairy pendant on it. Do you think this could belong to Bethany Harrison, the foreman's daughter?"
Winifred Whittle: "Merlin's beard! What are you doing in [[Winifred Whittle's cottage|my cottage]]? Thieves! Sneaks! Foes of fairies!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Winifred! We're on the trail of a missing girl, and you had her necklace in this chest! Care to explain yourself?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk and her partner are caught by Winifred Whittle in [[Winifred Whittle's cottage|her cottage]]
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "We apologise for intruding, but we need to know what happened to Bethany!"
Winifred Whittle: "I saw the girl outside my cottage. I tried to talk to her, but she screamed and ran off towards to Wiggentree! Flighty young thing."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Thank you, Winifred. Come on, Edgar, let's catch up to Bethany before she runs afoul of the beast!"
Winifred Whittle: "I wish the Ministry put this much effort into preserving fairy habitats!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Winifred Whittle
"No girl... no beast! Have you found any sign of her? This stone is smaller than the others, and look - a handprint, about Bethany's size. We should clean it up and get a better look. A scrap of fabric... yes, this matches what Bethany was wearing. She was definitely here!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"Well, there's a face only a mother could love! So, this stone was a statue after all. And look at these scratches on it... They remind me of the scratches on the goggles and the axe! Let's have Sage take a look."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
Sage Bragnam: "What a beauty! A very old carving indeed. Those scratches look new - they match the ones we saw on the goggles and axe. Mathilda, there's a wee bluebell growing in the mouth! And look under the petals... fairy eggs! Some are half-eaten."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Well spotted, Sage! So whatever did this likes to eat fairy eggs!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Sage Bragnam
"Is that a hoof print?! So the centaurs have seen Bethany! We have no choice; we must speak to them again."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Hello? We humbly seek your guidance on a most urgent matter."
Magnus: "You were warned not to return, yet here you are. My kin think me too patient with you, humans."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Please, we know the Muggle girl crossed your path. We can't leave her in danger!"
Magnus: "It is true that the stars guided us to the girl. She is safe from that which the forest keeps hidden. I, Magnus, give my word that we will return the child to you... if you swear to keep her kind away from our forest."
— The Mugles will stay clear of your lands. We swear it, Magnus.[[Mathilda Grimblehawk and Magnus|[src]]]
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Here we are. First Floor, Creature-Induced Injuries!"
Omar Abasi: "Come in. The girl has been checked over. She's fine, just a little shaken and bruised."
Bethany Harrison: "I... I was running away from the hag, but I tripped near those strange stones. Then something attacked and tore my top! I was so frightened..."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "You're safe now, Bethany. Can you tell us more about what attacked you?"
Bethany Harrison: "They couldn't have been more than about six inches tall, and they seemed to angry!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk questions Bethany Harrison at St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries
"I think that's enough excitement for now, Mathilda. I prescribe tea, cake, and plenty of rest."
Omar Abasi

"It sounds like Bethany had a lucky escape. Seems to me that when she tripped over the tree root, she somehow angered a beast. I think we have enough information to identify our tree-dwelling, scrappy little beasts now, don't you?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"A Clabbert? They do like trees and could certainly cause this damage... But there was no report of their characteristic glow and they're rather too large. Let's keep thinking."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"Fairies... I don't think they could have made all those scratches! I think the fairies are innocent bystanders in this case! Keep trying."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"Sorry Edgar, I don't think that's our beast. Occamys are certainly aggressive and can be various sizes, but they're normally only found in the Far East and India. Keep trying!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"Bowtruckles, of course! Those little beasts can be quite dangerous when they feel threatened. I agree with your hypothesis, Edgar. If they were living in that Wiggentree, they would defend it with their lives. No wonder the workers never saw what hit them! The creatures look as if they're made of leaves and twigs!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk

"You did a sterling job identifying our Bowtruckles, Edgar. Bethany is safe and sound and now we know what we're looking for! But this isn't over yet. We told Magnus we would ensure that construction ceases in the forest. If we fail, the Bowtruckles and centaurs will show those Muggles no mercy!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk

Act 4

Don Harrison: "Blimey, what happened? I feel like I've stuck my head in a cement mixer! I have to find my daughter!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Don't worry, Bethany's been found! Poor thing got lost in the woods."
Don Harrison: "Thank you, thank you! Inspectors Grimblehawk and Croptwig, isn't it? I owe you a huge debt! But right now, I can't seem to get my head straight. I need a sit down. To make matters worse, I'm missing some equipment. We can't leave this cursed forest without it!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "He seems confused, like someone under a charm! Maybe we should take a look around the construction site again? Plus, we need to Obliviate Bethany. Otherwise she'll tell her father about everything she's seen."
Don Harrison and Mathilda Grimblehawk
"What's this you've found? Pieces of a broken red device? Odd thing to find at a construction site. Maybe putting them back together will shed some light on this mystery?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"Oh, so it's a sign of some kind, like a warning. This is rather unusual. We should get it looked at by Sage!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
Sage Bragnam: "Come in, both of you. I've just had a wee look at that bizarre red sign. It's a harmless Muggle Guard! You've seen the ads in the Daily Prophet, aye? I contacted the makers and it seems Winifred Whittle received one recently!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Brilliant, well done Sage! So our cottage-dwelling witch has something to with this silly sign. You're quite right Edgar, we should speak to her now."
Sage Bragnam and Mathilda Grimblehawk
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Winifred Whittle, it's a sign! A sign which belongs to you, in fact."
Winifred Whittle: "Yes, that's mine. When that girl went missing I feared the Muggles would come tearing the forest up, so I wanted to keep them away. I accidentaly tore the sign on one of their tools, so I just spread the pieces everywhere. But at least I found a brand new toaster!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "A toaster?... Is that the missing equipment the foreman mentioned?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Winifred Whittle
Winifred Whittle: "Yes, that's my new toaster. It's some kind of handheld model, you see! Let me tell you, it burns very hot!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "That's a Muggle blowtorch! The foreman is looking for this!"
Winifred Whittle: "Well, take it if you must. I can go back to using Incendio. The forest and the fairies are my priority."
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Winifred Whittle
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Hello Mr Harrison. We've found your missing equipment."
Don Harrison: "Oh, nice one! Thank you, Inspectors. My head's feeling much clearer, too. Y'know, after serious consideration, I think we might just go around the forest..."
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Don Harrison
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Bethany, you seem worried about something."
Bethany Harrison: "Well... I was afraid of those creatures when they burst out of the branches, but now I feel terrible... I think I hurt one of them."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Don't worry, we'll make sure everything's fine. We're on the case."
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Bethany Harrison
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "... and so you were wandering around in circles, but you're safe now. There's no such things as evil hags or tree spirits!"
Bethany Harrison: "That's right, I got lost. But wait, what about fairies? There are fairies in the forest, right?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "I... yes, of course there are. They watch out for brave children like you. Run along to your father now, he's worried."
Mathilda Grimblehawk, after Obliviating Bethany Harrison
"Don't look at me like that, Edgar! There's nothing wrong with Muggles believing in fairies... Bethany mentioned an injured Bowtruckle before. We should find it and tend to it if we can."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"There's the Wiggentree. If Bethany did hurt a Bowtruckle in her panic, it'll be here somewhere. Let's just check around to be safe. Remember, Edgar, our duty is to protect beasts as well as people."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"I can't see anything. Maybe Bethany was mistaken? That pile of branches? Yes it is curious. Let's take a closer look!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"There's the little fellow. Well done, Edgar! He's scared of us - I'll gently stun him so he doesn't hurt himself. I know just who can help us with this!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Greetings, Gethsemane. How's our little Bowtruckle doing?"
Gethsemane Prickle: "Healing up nicely, Grimblehawk! Though please don't stroke his leaves, Croptwig. He's still a bit rattled. It seems that Muggle girl gave him a good whack. Understandable in the circumstances, I suppose, but he was still badly hurt. It could've been worse for them both. We'll soon have him back in his beloved Wiggentree."
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Gethsemane Prickle

Bethany Harrison: "It's Edgar and Mathilda! We're just about to leave for Dad's new work site!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "It was nice to meet you, Bethany! I hope his next project goes more smoothly."
Don Harrison: "I hope so too, Inspector. By the way, I don't know how I came by this, but perhaps it belongs here?"
Bethany Harrison, Mathilda Grimblehawk, and Don Harrison
"Edgar, this is a Wiggentree sapling! The poor thing's looking frail, but I'm sure Gethsemane has something that can revive it."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
Gethsemane Prickle: "Bravo! A fair application of dragon dung fertilizer is what it needed, Croptwig."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Thanks for your help, Gethsemane. You'll never stop teaching, will you?"
Gethsemane Prickle: "I have no choice with you around, Grimblehawk! I dread to think what bad habits you're passing on to Croptwig."
Gethsemane Prickle and Mathilda Grimblehawk

Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Magnus, we planted a Wiggentree sapling in the forest. We hope this makes up for the damage caused by the Muggles."
Magnus: "The sapling is... a worthy gesture. It will be appreciated by my kin. What of the Muggles?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "The Muggles are leaving. They'll build around the forest and the Ministry will ban any further intrusions."
Magnus: "Very well - we have an accord. Now, leave this place."
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Magnus
"You know what? I think he's a big softie at heart!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk

"The centaurs are happy, more or less. The Bowtruckle is back in his tree and the forest is healing. You were brilliant, Edgar! I think it's time we headed back to the Ministry. Perhaps we'll stop by Winifred's cottage on the way? Good idea, Edgar. A little fairy-spotting is good for the soul! We'll call it 'field research'..."
Mathilda Grimblehawk

Case 4: Into the Deep

Act 1

Cerberus Langarm: "Grimblehawk! Croptwig! There you are. How do you feel about Wales?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Big sea mammals. Enjoy singing. I'm pretty sure they fall under Muggle jurisdiction, Cerberus."
Cerberus Langarm: "The country, Grimblehawk. The landlord of a Muggle pub in Wales is telling everyone he was attacked by a lake monster while fishing."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "A potential magical creature and a real Muggle pub?! Let's go, Edgar!"
Cerberus Langarm and Mathilda Grimblehawk
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "A real Muggle pub: the Siren's Rest. How exciting!... Do you think they always smell like this?"
Pub landlord: "Hullo there! Are you tourists? Out to catch a glimpse of our deadly lake monster, I bet! I was out fishing when the monster came from the depths! Fifty feet long and shooting flames, it was! Took a swipe at me and knocked off my spectacles! Still I swung brave and hard with my oar and beat it right back into the lake!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "That really is quite the tale. You must tell me more about this 'monster'. Edgar, you should have a look around. I'll distract our heroic host."
Mathilda Grimblehawk and the Landlord of the Siren's Rest
"That landlord can spin a tale, but I believe something attacked him. It could be a magical creature. What did you find? A [[Laura Thorn's journal|locked journal with a yeti on the front]]? I hope this reads better than Lockhart's 'Year with the Yeti'... The landlord said he hit the creature with an oar, the brute. Could this be the same oar? And there's broken glass in this fishing tackle box. Can you find out what it was? It might be important!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"Good work, Edgar! Look at the name - this journal belongs to Laura Thorn, the monster hunter we met on the mountain troll case! You're right, she must have been drawn by the landlord's tall tales, though apparently she spotted the lake monster this very morning. We should hurry. This Muggle may be in serious danger if she finds this 'monster' before we do!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "This journal is yours, isn't it? We're... from the, um, lake safety commission. Please don't go looking for this creature!"
Laura Thorn: "My journal!... How did you know it was mine?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Er... lucky guess? We've definitely never met."
Laura Thorn: "Well, it doesn't matter; I've recorded grade 4 probability ripples and a level 5 weird atmosphere status in the area! There's a monster in this lake, and I'm going to find it. You can't stop me! I will seek the truth!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Well, I admire her passion, but I worry for her sense of self-preservation. We'd better find out what's in this lake before she does."
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Laura Thorn
"Nice job, Edgar! Now, what's this... a bite mark? This is definitely the oar used to fight off the creature. We should ask Sage to examine it further."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Hi there, Sage. Have you examined that oar yet?"
Sage Bragnam: "Mathilda, my dear! Why yes, of course. Now, I like a wee bit of travelling, but this has put me right off any boat trips. This is definitely the bite of a magical creatue. Razor-sharp teeth and a large, wide mouth. You be careful by that lake!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Never you worry, Sage. I've yet to meet a toothy, ferocious beast I didn't like!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Sage Bragnam
"What's this? A bottle among the fishing equipment? Was our landlord sampling his own wares when he was attacked? If he was drinking that night... he might have imagined the entire thing. Let's question him a bit more!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "I believe this bottle is yours? It was with your equipment on the night of the attack!"
Pub landlord: "What?!... Oh, I see what this is about! You're accusing me of making the whole thing up! Fire, maybe I was a little tipsy, but that monster was real! Here, I'll show you the exact spot where I saw it."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Well, Edgar, at least we know where to search now. I hope your brought some Gillyweed!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk and the Landlord of the Siren's Rest

"This is directly beneath where the landlord fought off his attacker. Be careful... We know this beast can be dangerous, and it's probably pretty angry after getting beaten about with that oar. Whatever it is, we have to find it before that clueless monster hunter does!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"What's that you've found? How did you spot that lump buried in all the mud? Well done! Let's get back to the pub and take a closer look."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"There was a pair of spectacles under all that muck? They must belong to the landlord. He mentioned he'd lost them during his struggle with the monster! It looks like there's something wrong with them, though... Maybe Sage can take a look and give us a bit more 'focus'. Ha! Even by my standards that's a terrible joke. Sage will love it."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Hello, Sage. Have you 'focused' your attention on those spectacles yet?"
Sage Bragnam: "Focused...? Oh, yes! Ha! Good one! Actually, I did find something interesting. They were ripped off their owner with some force. Look at the sucker mark on the lens here. Whatever did this has tentacles. Happy hunting - rather you than me!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Sage Bragnam

Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Let's go over what we've learned so far. The pub landlord was attacked on the lake while fishing. He fought the creature off, but it left a big, sharp bite mark on his oar. The creature has tentacles, snatched his glasses with them, but hasn't attacked again..."
Pub landlord: "Oi! Has anyone seen that monster hunter girl? She's been gone all night!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Oh no Edgar! Sounds like Laura could be in great danger!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk is interrupted by the Landlord of the Siren's Rest

Act 2

Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Slow down, sir. Tell us what happened. You think Laura has gone missing?"
Pub landlord: "Yes! She's been staying here at the pub. But she didn't come in last night!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Then she's been gone all night! Did she say where she was going?"
Pub landlord: "I saw her heading towards that old grotto on the far side of the lake. I try not to go near the place myself. I hope she's okay..."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "We'd better take a look. Let's go, Edgar!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk and the Landlord of the Siren's Rest
"Helloooo! Is anybody there?! A missing monster hunter maybe?... No answer. We should search for any sign of her. Maybe she found something that led to the creature?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk arrives at the grotto
"Good work, Edgar. You've got a sharp eye. Well, it's a good job the document on this clipboard is laminated, or it would've gotten damp already. Could you take a closer look? As for the device, who knows what it does? Not really my area of expertise. Maybe it makes popcorn? She wouldn't have left these things behind on purpose. Let's examinate them and see if they can tell us where she went!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"Brilliant! Let's see... it mentions 'O2' and '50m'. A strange Muggle code? You're right, it's referring to oxygen and depth! This is a calculation for diving. Laura was planning a dip in the lake. She could be in the water as we speak - maybe with the creature!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"Oh, that bit goes there! I think I was looking at it upside-down. It could be a Muggle camera. I wonder if Laura took any pictures before it was broken? We should send this to Myra."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
Myra Curio: "Mathilda, Edgar, that Muggle camera you sent is fascinating. Even if the photos do look a bit... static."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "We do our best, Myra. Did you learn anything about our missing monster hunter?"
Myra Curio: "Sadly, most of the photographs were destroyed. I managed to recover this one, though..."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Myra, this shows a pale, green tentacle! It's our monster! So, we're after something with pale green skin. Thanks!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Myra Curio

"Eyes peeled, Edgar. We know Laura was planning a dive. Let's scour the lake for any sign of her."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"What on Earth is that? A bit of old jewellery? Well spotted, Edgar! Let's get this fixed up, it may lead us to some answers!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"Good wand technique! So it's actually a shell necklace. Very unique. I wonder who it belongs to? Don't you think it's curious, with that carving in the middle? I agree, let's take a closer look. Maybe we can identify the carving!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"So the carving on the necklace represents a trident, does it? I thought it was a tiny pitchfork. Of course, you're right - Sage is the man to ask about obscure symbols! Let's show the trident to him."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Sage, have you ever seen a symbol like this before?"
Sage Bragnam: "Let's see... a trident, in the classical Greek style. Very nice! This is an interesting artefact you have here. Tridents are closely linked to merpeople! They were first observed in ancient Greece, but of course they called them 'sirens'."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Then this necklace may belong to a merperson! Could they be living in the lake? If so, they'll know more about our creature, for sure!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Sage Bragnam
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "HELLOOO! We're here from the Ministry of Magic... I think I see a mermaid! I'll try a little Mermish… 'Scweeeeesh, Shooooooeeeeb!'​"
Mermaid: "Don't offend my ears, witch; I speak your language!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "We apologise, but lives are at stake! There's a beast on the loose and a Muggle has gone missing. We need your help!"
Mermaid: "Why should my people help your kind? Why did you seek us out?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Well, we found this necklace. We thought it might belong to you."
Mermaid: "Why… yes, this is mine! And long lost… I suppose you've done me a kindness, human. Very well. I will help you search the lake for your missing Muggle."
Mathilda Grimblehawk and a [[Welsh mermaid|Mermaid]]
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "So, the mermaid will help us search for Laura, but she said nothing about the monster itself. Fortunately, the beast hasn't surfaced since- ... Hey! What's got Sage in such a hurry?"
Sage Bragnam: "Mathilda, there's trouble! I stopped by the Siren's Rest to see if 'pork scratchings' were a real thing when the Muggles went crazy! The local lads are all fired up about the monster and the missing Muggle. They've gone to catch it!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "What?! Edgar, we could have a disaster on our hands here... We have to stop them!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Sage Bragnam

Act 3

[some dialogue missing here because I messed up]
"This is most curious. Is it some kind of radio? Why was this left in the pub? Given the damage, perhaps someone found it outside. I wonder if it belongs to Laura Thorn? Looks complicated. Shall we see if Myra knows what it does?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Hi, Myra! Have you had a look at that radio thingy we found in the pub?"
Myra Curio: "Oh yes, but it's rather worrying! This device contains a recording of the monster hunter's voice, but it's not good. Listen… There — it sounds like she's screaming! Wait… there's also a funny sound, like screeching or bubbling."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Myra, that's Mermish! So, the mermaid did find Laura… or vice versa. I hope they're both okay!"
Myra Curio analyses an artefact Mathilda Grimblehawk had brought her[src]
"Thank you, Edgar. Look, someone drew a little map on it! Seems to match the shape of the lake. This handwriting matches the pub's price list. It must have been done by the landlord. Let's see if he's around."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Alright, what's this map all about? You drew this, didn't you?"
Landlord: "Look, that monster out there is dangerous. It's done something to that Thorn girl! Who know who might be next? I drew the lads a map to the grotto where that girl went missing, so they could go and sort it out. It's for our own safety!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Well now there's a wild mob headed out there! You'd better hope they haven't gotten themselves or anyone else hurt…"
Mathilda Grimblehawk questions the Landlord of the Siren's Rest about the [[map to the grotto]][src]
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Helo? We must speak with you again. It's important."
Mermaid: "We found your Muggle friend. She was attacked, but she has survived. We took her to the grotto where she will be safe."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Thank you. You may have saved her life."
Mermaid: "She is your responsability now. I must return to the search for my people's lost trident. It seems that wherever humans roam, things go missing!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk and the Mermaid
"Let's see. Laura Thorn was left to recover at the grotto, but that's where the local mob has gone to find the monster! Hard to believe Laura ran into the mermaids too. First a troll, now this? She's almost better at finding beasts than we are! You're right, Edgar. There's no time to lose, let's catch up to that Muggle mob!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"No sign of the mob. Either they've gotten lost without their map, or they've found another pub... Either way, we should take the opportunity to take a closer look around."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"You found Laura Thorn! Well done, Edgar! Oh my, she's unconscious. How long has she been lying in this grotto?... Oh, I think she's coming round! I'll tend to poor Laura while you gather up that broken metal thing. It might tell us how she was hurt."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"Ah, that looks like a Muggle 'fire distinguisher'!… But there wouldn't be many fires on a lake, surely? What? Oh, right. It's an oxygen tank. Of course. So Laura was diving in the lake! If only we could've stopped her… But look at these dents in the metal! Myra has to see this; it might tell us how our intrepid monster hunter came to be injured!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk and her partner collect Laura Thorn's oxygen tank[src]
Myra Curio: "Come in, Mathilda, Edgar. I'm finished with the examination. It's definitely not a fire extinguisher."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Hey, who told you I said that?"
Myra Curio: "These dents were probably caused by something like horns. The beast must have hit the tank several times!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Horns and tentacles?! Whatever we're chasing, it's not going to win any beauty competitions."
Myra Curio to Mathilda Grimblehawk and her partner, after examining Laura Thorn's oxygen tank[src]
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Can you hear me? You were unconscious when we arrived. Do you remember what happened to you?"
Laura Thorn: "… In the dark… Something came… Fast, and so many teeth… Then, a strange woman under the water…"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Rest now, Laura. We'll get help. Edgar, she's stunned and confused. We should get Omar to look after her. Poor thing…"
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Laura Thorn
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Omar! How's Laura doing? Last we saw, she was barely conscious."
Omar Abasi: "She's doing well, considering she almost drowned. You do know that your job is to try and prevent these sort of attacks, yes? Interestingly, there are curious marks on her neck. It's as if something tried to throttle her with long, thin fingers."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Thanks for taking care of Laura, Omar. We'll find this beast before it does any more damage."
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Omar Abasi

"Well, Edgar, I think we've got enough to identify this creature, thanks to poor Laura. Long fingers, tentacles, a big mouth full of sharp teeth, it's pale green and of course it lives in the water. Sounds a little bit like my old Potions master…"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"A sea serpent?… There are rumours of them living in lakes, but I'm not so sure. For one, they aren't known for having tentacles. Let's keep thinking!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"Hippocampus rarely stray to such cold waters… except for that case in Scotland… More importantly, they lack the sharp teeth and tentacles we're looking for. Any other ideas?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"A kelpie? Perhaps you're thinking of the infamous Loch Ness kelpie? It's not impossible, but kelpies tend to lure victims in, not attack wildly. What else do we have?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"What's that? You've worked it out? A Grindylow? Yes, those things can be very nasty! Excellent work, Edgar!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "So we've identified the creature at last. A Grindylow! But we still need to find it -- and deal with a mob of angry Muggles."
Sage Bragnam: "Mathilda, this isn't any old Grindylow. It's unusually aggressive! Someone's going to get hurt again if we don't catch it soon!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "I agree. We've got our work cut out for us, Edgar. Lead the way!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Sage Bragnam

Act 4

"So… where are we? The Grindylow attacked the landlord, as well as Laura Thorn. Laura's feeling better now, but she knows too much — we'll have to 'manage' her memory again. Meanwhile, the landlord is still encouraging a mob to hunt down the beast! Those Muggles don't know what they're hunting — or that there's a colony of merpeople in that lake. This is a recipe for disaster! Yes, you're right — we need the merpeople on our side. They know how to handle Grindylows better than anyone. Let's go!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
Laura Thorn: "Hey, you're that pair from the lake safety commission! I heard you found me after I was attacked. Thank you."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Glad to see you're all better! Yes, we're aware of the… aggressive trout breed which has been causing problems here."
Laura Thorn: "Trout?! There are bigger fish to fry! I've seen monsters in that lake, near a strange artefact! The people must know the truth!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "A strange artefact in the lake? Interesting… But I think it's time you had a nice, relaxing sit down. Edgar, help me out?"
Laura Thorn and Mathilda Grimblehawk
Laura Thorn: "Where am I?… Oh, my head feels funny. Did I find the monster?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "You searched the lake end to end, but all you got was a run-in with a rowboat and a nasty knock on the noggin. Still, you look better!"
Laura Thorn: "That's right… I just came from the hospital, didn't I? Well, it seems there aren't any monsters in this lake."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Why do I have a sinking feeling we'll see her again? Let's look for that strange artefact she mentioned earler, it could be important."
— After Obliviating Laura Thorn
"This is the place where Laura Thorn mentioned seeing some strange artefact. I have a hunch that it's something important! If it's what I think it is, this case will be a lot easier to wrap up. Let's take a look around."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"What's this you've found, a tangled fishing net? There's definitely something wrapped up in it! Let's see what secrets we can reveal…"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"Nicely done, I think this is the merpeople's missing trident! But we can't take it back to them damaged like this; they might take offence!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"Yes, look at that! One Mermish artefact, dutifully restored. Excellent work, Edgar! We should present this to the merpeople. It's notoriously hard to get them to co-operate with us land dwellers."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
Mermaid: "You two, again? I told you, your lost Muggle was delivered to the grotto!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Yes, and we're very grateful. But I think we can prevent any more attacks if we work together. There's an aggressive Grindylow loose. If we don't find it, the Muggles will keep trying to search the lake! As a sign of good faith, we're returning this trident to you."
Mermaid: "Our trident…"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "My partner, Croptwig, found and restored it."
Mermaid: "Very well. If it will end these intrusions to our home like you say, we will help you find the Grindylow."
Mathilda Grimblehawk and the Mermaid
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "You there! Landlord man! Ms Thorn is safe now, so you can call off your mob!"
Landlord: "I… I suppose, if she's okay… I can tell the lads to give over. I think I've got a better idea anyway. I've still got evidence of the monster at my pub! It's going straight to the paper! I'll make a fortune off monster-seeking tourists!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Edgar, we can't let that happen…"
Mathilda Grimblehawk and the Landlord of the Siren's Rest
"Hey, the landlord's not around. If we're going to prevent him taking his story to the papers, we need his evidence! Edgar, see if you can find anything relating to the Grindylow. I'll keep watch! I wonder if this pub has one of those Muggle snooker pitches…?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"What's that, Edgar? Some pieces of wood? Could this be the landlord's 'evidence'? Let's get it repaired and take a closer look!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
"It's a fishing rod… from the night the landlord was attacked, I'll bet. Look at the scratches and tentacle marks! Let's see what Sage makes of it."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
Sage Bragnam: "I've examined that fishing rod. The marks are definitely from a Grindylow's suckers, so this must be your landlord's evidence!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Great! Now we can keep this out of the hands of nosey Muggle newspapers and safely Obliviate the landlord."
Sage Bragnam: "Wait! See how the fishing hook was ripped clean off, here? If it's caught in the poor wee Grindylow…"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "It might explain why the Grindylow's suddenly so aggressive! Thanks, Sage. Now to visit the landlord."
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Sage Bragnam
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "So as I was saying to my friend here, you clearly got a bit tipsy one night and imagined something attacking you!"
Landlord: "What?! But… It seemed so real! It snapped my fishing rod in half!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "You probably dropped it, or sat on it, or something. You know how these things happen."
Landlord: "But… I could have sworn… Well, at least it attracted some punters while it lasted."
Mathilda Grimblehawk, after Obliviating the Landlord of the Siren's Rest

Mathilda Grimblehawk: "The merpeople are searching for the Grindylow as we speak. Did you know they domesticate them sometimes? Hard to imagine… Merpeople rarely tolerate humans, so returning their lost trident really helped. I wonder how long it will take to find the Grindylow?"
It is done. We have taken the Grindylow to the grotto. I trust you will keep your end of the bargain?: "Thank you, we appreciate your help. We will ensure that your home is no longer disturbed. Come on Edgar, let's go!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Mathilda Grimblehawk and the Mermaid"
— {{{6}}}
"Now that is one angry Grindylow! No wonder it's been causing so much trouble. Well, it won't hurt anyone else now. Well done, Edgar! Let's get it back to Sage. Maybe he can help us find what's making it so angry."
Mathilda Grimblehawk
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "What do you think of our slippery new guest, Sage?"
Sage Bragnam: "A fine specimen! I've examined the wee Grindylow and confirmed our suspicions. Poor mite had a fishing hook stuck in it!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Ouch! I can't blame it for being angry! The landlord caught more than he bargained for, it seems."
Sage Bragnam: "Aye, it was rather painful for the creature. Omar removed the hook, but I could use a hand applying Murtlap essence to the wound."
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Sage Bragnam
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Is that all of it? Well done, Edgar! And without losing any fingers, too!"
Sage Bragnam: "Aye, good work, Edgar! The Grindylow will heal up nicely and soon be back to its normal behaviour. I— … Hmm, what's that smell?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Oh, I brought you a souvenir from the Siren's Rest, Sage. I know you find these Muggle snacks fascinating!… Academically, of course."
Sage Bragnam: "Pork scratchings? Ha, Muggles! What will they think of next? Now, I must 'examine' them at once… in my office…"
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Sage Bragnam

"It's time to return the Grindylow to its natural habitat. You don't think it will attack anyone else, do you?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk, to her partner
Mermaid: "Ah, I see the Grindylow is healed up and ready to return to our lake."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Yes… I hope it'll be okay out there."
Mermaid: "It pleases us that you tended to the beast, where some would have destroyed it. We will tend to it now. You have done well, humans."
Mathilda Grimblehawk and the Mermaid
"Edgar, you did splendidly on this case. Even that mermaid took a liking to you! Pretty impressive — you've only been with us for a short time, and you're already making quite a splash! Ha ha!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk, to her partner

Case 5: Trouble Brewing

Act 1

Cerberus Langarm: "Grimblehawk! Croptwig! We've got ourselves a missing wizard in Cornwall. Ever heard of Bilius Finbok?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Nervous chap? Works in the Department of Intoxicating Substances? Smells of sulphur? Mixes fantastic cocktails?"
Cerberus Langarm: "The very same. He's vanished from his home, and rumours are flying of a mysterious disease affecting the local livestock."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "You think there's somthing beastly at play here don't you, Cerberus?"
Cerberus Langarm: "It'd crossed my mind, Grimblehawk. If there is a beast out there, I want you and Croptwig to find it before the Muggles do."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Say no more, Cerberus. We're on the case!"
Cerberus Langarm to Mathilda Grimblehawk and her partner[src]
"No sign of Finbok anywhere. Edgar, did you see the potions lab he's set up in his basement? Strange. He doesn't work with potions at the Ministry... We'd better take a look around."
Mathilda Grimblehawk, on arriving at Bilius Finbok's house[src]
"I'm impressed you found that old apron, Croptwig... This is my impressed face. Let's send this to the Ministry and see if Gethsemane can find anything in those stains that might help us."
Mathilda Grimblehawk to her partner[src]
Astor Bellchant: "Finally! I assume you're from the Ministry? It's about time you showed up, Finbok has been missing for days! I had to send some foolish Muggle away -- she was asking questions. I suggest you start doing your jobs!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "What a charmer! A friend of Bilius, I suppose? We should find out if he knows anything. He mentioned a Muggle was on the scene... Oh, I really hope we don't have to Obliviate anyone this early in the morning!"
Astor Bellchant comes across Mathilda Grimblehawk and her partner at Bilius Finbok's house[src]
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Hello there! I'm afraid we didn't catch your name earlier, what with all your pointing and shouting and general rudeness."
Astor Bellchant: "Humph. Astor Bellchant. You should learn to show some respect! Have you spoken to that empty-headed Muggle woman yet? We don't want her asking any difficult questions, do we?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Actually, we're interested in what you're doing here."
Astor Bellchant: "Me?! I think the Ministry of Magic should be more concerned about the whereabouts of Bilius Finbok! I have no reason to explain myself! Now, excuse me!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "The Bellchants are an up-and-coming wizarding family. Very rich, very influential... what on earth was he doing with Bilius? I agree, there's something fishy about it, Edgar. Let's keep an eye on him."
Mathilda Grimblehawk interrogates Astor Bellchant[src]
Sara Farnham: "Ah, you must be the police at last!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Um, sure! We definitely arrived in a motor car with flashing lights... I'm Officer Grimblehawk, and this is Inspector Croptwig."
Sara Farnham: "Yes... Flashing lights, of course..."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "We're investigating the disappearance of Bilius Finbok. Do you know anything that might help?"
Sara Farnham: "I'm Sara Farnham, his neighbour. I called an ambulance when I saw him passed out by his cottage, wearing those funny clothes of his... They took him to the hospital. I do hope he's okay!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Thanks for the info! This will all go into our report... Which is back at the police station... Which is definitely where we work."
Sara Farnham: "Oh... Good. Do I get an incident number or something?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Of course! Your incident number is... four? Sorry, must dash!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk questions Sara Farnham[src]
"The nearest Muggle hospital is St. David's, I think? Let's hope Bilius is okay, and that he's managed to keep a low profile. Come on, Edgar!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk[src]
"Ugh! That Muggle, Sara, said the ambulance brought Bilius here, but there's no sign of him! Ever feel like someone's trying to avoid you? What's that you've found, Edgar? Tattered papers? What could it mean? We'd better fix this up if we want to know what it says! And what about this odd pebble? You're right, Edgar -- this could be a clue! I wonder if Omar can tell us what it is?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk[src]
"Good job, Edgar! Seems the paper is still covered in ink splotches, though. Let's clean it up and see what we're dealing with. I wonder where it came from? We should ask the nurse on duty if they know anything."
Mathilda Grimblehawk[src]
"Nicely done! It looks like a delivery slip and it's addressed to Bilius! It says: 'Your package has been delivered to the location below,' and then there are just a bunch of numbers! 4... 9... 3... You're right, Edgar, it looks like some kind of code! It seems important -- we just need to find a way to make sense of it."
Mathilda Grimblehawk[src]
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Omar! I hear you've been looking into that odd pebble we sent over?"
Omar Abasi: "Ah, Miss Grimblehawk. That stone you found is not just a 'pebble'; it's a bezoar -- an excellent antidote to poison."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Really? That's great! Thanks Omar, top work!"
Omar Abasi: "It's Healer Abasi, Miss Grimblehawk... and I find your approval deeply moving, as always."
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Omar Abasi[src]
"An antidote to poison! But what was Bilius doing with this? You're right, Edgar! He must've been trying to take it because he'd been poisoned! That must be why he collapsed by his cottage! But how did all this happen? And where is he now?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk and her partner[src]
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "I'm Officer Grimblehawk, this is Inspector Croptwig. We're police-people. We have to speak to the nurse on duty about a patient."
Michael Babatola: "Is this about the man that came in the other day? Barely conscious? Sweating feverishly? Smelled like a chemistry lab?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "That sounds like Bilius! Is he okay? Where is he?"
Michael Babatola: "I wish I knew! I tried to make him comfortable, but nothing seemed to help! I left him momentarily, and when I returned he was gone!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Gone? You lost him?!"
Michael Babatola: "It wasn't deliberate -- he ran away!... I feel like such a fool!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Well, today's your lucky day! We're here to track him down."
Michael Babatola: "You are? Thank you, thank you! If you need anything at all, ask for me -- Nurse Babatola. I'll do whatever I can."
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Michael Babatola[src]
"Nice guy; he seemed genuinely concerned. And poor Bilius! It sounds like he was awfully sick. I wonder if it's linked to the livestock Cerberus told us about? They were sick, too! What on earth has Bilius got himself into?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk[src]
Gethsemane Prickle: "That apron was covered in potion residue! Where on earth did you find it?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Croptwig found it at Finbok's place. Seems like he's quite serious about his potion-making!"
Gethsemane Prickle: "Seems like he needs to learn a few cleaning charms! Anyway, I found this bottle in one of the pockets. What do you make of it?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "I'm not sure; the label is filthy! Nothing a bit of magic can't clean up, though."
Gethsemane Prickle to Mathilda Grimblehawk, after examining [[Bilius Finbok's apron]][src]
"Curious... Do you think Bilius was brewing this for himself, or for someone else? What's that?... Sharp eye! There's something stuck on the lip of the bottle! Are they bits of eggshell? Let's get them looked at!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk to her partner[src]
Gethsemane Prickle: "You're here about those egg-fragments, I suppose? I can assure you they're from a reptilian creature."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Reptilian? Like a dragon!? Maybe it's a rogue Peruvian Vipertooth!"
Gethsemane Prickle: "I certainly hope not! If Bilius were hiding a dragon in a Muggle village, his disappearance would be the very least of our problems."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Fair point. Still, we're onto something, Edgar. The more we learn, the closer we get to finding Bilius!"
Gethsemane Prickle to Mathilda Grimblehawk, after analysing the egg-shell fragments on Bilius Finbok's phial of mental acuity potion[src]
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Wow, what a head-scratcher, Edgar! We started out looking for a missing wizard, but now it seems like Bilius Finbok was poisoned! Then there's that delivery slip we found in the Muggle hospital. Was a beast being delivered? Was Bilius attacked by it? If the eggshells we found mean anything, then the beast is reptilian! But if it wasn't a dragon... then what was it?"
Sage Bragnam: "Mathilda? Edgar? Come quick! It's about the numbers you found on that delivery slip; I think I've figured it out! So I took a look at that delivery slip, the one with all the wee numbers? They reminded me of a time I was in France, tracking down -- "
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Sage! The delivery slip?"
Sage Bragnam: " Right! Of course.. They're co-ordinates, pointing right at the location of those Muggle livestock disturbances!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Livestock disturbances?... Of course! The Muggles think there's some mysterious disease affecting their livestock."
Sage Bragnam: "Something affects the local animals, and Bilius gets poisoned right in the middle of it? You're right to be suspicious, Mathilda."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Come on, Edgar. Let's investigate!"
Sage Bragnam sheds some light on Bilius Finbok's disappearance[src]

Act 2

"An owlery, hidden here in Muggle farmland? Now things are getting interesting! What's this glove you found? It looks like dragon-hide! Do you think it belongs to Bilius? Maybe we should check with Sara. She might have seen Bilius wearing them. They are neighbours, after all! And what's this? A cute little box! I wonder what's inside... Ouch! It burns! This box must be cursed! Some kind of anti-theft measure? Let's get it to the Ministry. They'll need to break the curse if we want to find out what's inside!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Mathilda Grimblehawk's partner find [[Bilius Finbok's gloves|a glove]] and a [[small lockbox]][src]
Sara Farnham: "Inspector Croptwig! Officer Grimblehawk! Any news?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "I'm afraid not. But don't worry, we have our best people on the case. Speaking of which, we found this glove..."
Sara Farnham: "Ooh yes, Billy's gardening gloves! Very distinctive, aren't they? I asked him about them once, but he pretended not to hear me..."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Do you remember when you last saw him wearing them? We only found one, you see."
Sara Farnham: "Well, he was wearing those gloves when I found him..."
Mathilda Grimblehawk questions Sara Farnham[src]
"So, Bilius had both his gloves when he was taken to St. David's! Great idea, Edgar! We should go back to the ward and see if the missing glove is still there!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk[src]
"This glove matches the one you found in the Owlery, but it's been torn! We might learn something if we repair it. What's that you've got there, Edgar? Another note? It says, 'Brew it quickly or find yourself fast-tracked to retirement!', and it's signed with the initials 'A.B.'! It sounds like Bilius was being blackmailed!... But who's this A.B.? Right, Edgar, let's speak to Nurse Babatola and find out if anyone else has been here!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk[src]
Michael Babatola: "Did you find your friend?... Ah. The looks on your faces suggest not."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Inspector Croptwig found a blackmail note here in the ward! Did anyone visit Bilius before he ran away?"
Michael Babatola: "No, I'm sure of it! I only left for a moment, and when I came back he was gone! Nothing else odd or out of place? Anything at all?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "No, nothing! Well, apart from the owl..."
Michael Babatola: "There was an owl?!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Yes. Just as I came back, I noticed it, sitting outside the window there. Very strange... It wasn't even dark!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Michael Babatola[src]
"The owl must have delivered that threatening note you found in the ward! But who sent it? Who is A.B.? You think it was Astor Bellchant?... Of course! I knew he was up to no good, but blackmailing Bilius Finbok? Come on, Edgar. We have to talk to him right away!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk[src]
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Astor Bellchant! Edgar found this note, signed with your initials, in the Muggle hospital! You've been blackmailing Bilius Finbok, haven't you?"
Astor Bellchant: "I beg your pardon?! Why, this 'A.B.' could be anyone! I expect you'll be accusing my son Albert next? What proof do you have?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Well... there's no 'proof' as such."
Astor Bellchant: "Then you have no reason to accuse me! Get out of my sight, both of you!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk questions Astor Bellchant[src]
"I think that could've gone better. But he's more crooked than Diagon Alley, Edgar! I'm sure of it! If only there was some way of proving it..."
Mathilda Grimblehawk[src]
"Great find, Edgar! Could these holes be from the teeth of whatever attacked Bilius Finbok? They must've been really sharp to tear through dragon-hide gloves! Hmm... There's some kind of sticky residue here, too. You're right, it could be poisonous! Let's send a sample to Omar at St. Mungo's -- he knows all about poisons."
Mathilda Grimblehawk to her partner, upon magically repairing one of Bilius Finbok's [[Bilius Finbok's gloves|torn gloves]][src]
Cerberus Langarm: "Grimblehawk! Edgar! I send you out to find a wizard and a beast, and you bring me back a cursed box? Our poor curse-breaker had to have a lie down after this one, and all for a handful of frozen Ashwinder eggs!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Ashwinder eggs? Good if you need to brew up a love potion, but not exactly incriminating... Was there anything else?"
Cerberus Langarm: "Only a receipt from Slug & Jiggers on Diagon Alley. Could it be a lead?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Good point, Edgar! What if they were also responsible for the delivery slip we found in the Muggle hospital?"
Cerberus Langarm: "Sounds like we need answers -- I'll get over to Diagon Alley right away and make some enquiries."
Cerberus Langarm and Mathilda Grimblehawk[src]
Cerberus Langarm: "Ah, there you are! I have something for you from Slug & Jiggers. Clear a space. It's rather heavy."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Wow! It's their accounts ledger!"
Cerberus Langarm: "Oh, they were happy to help the Ministry. Mentioned that Bilius Finbok's one of their best customers. You should be able to find your 'mystery delivery' somewhere in that lot. I recall how much you love paperwork, Grimblehawk. Enjoy!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Hah, if he thinks we'll be put off by this... really, really long book of boring financial figures... I know, Edgar. I'm falling asleep just thinking about it! Better pass this on to an expert. Sage studied Arithmancy, right? He'll love this!"
Cerberus Langarm hands Mathilda Grimblehawk and her partner the [[Slug & Jiggers accounts ledger]][src]
Omar Abasi: "I've done some tests on the residue sample you... so kindly sent my way. It's a venom. Quite nasty, actually. And you say you found this on Finbok's glove, Edgar? It seems he encountered a... rather dangerous beast."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Then it's no wonder he was unconscious when Sara found him. Poor Bilius. And if it bit the livestock too, it'd explain the mysterious 'disease' the Muggles have been talking about!"
Omar Abasi, after analysing a sample of venom extracted from [[Bilius Finbok's gloves]][src]
Sage Bragnam: "I've gone through the accounts book from Slug & Jiggers. Took quite a few cups of tea, I'll tell you. Everything they sold to Bilius was completely legal. No sign of that mystery delivery slip Edgar found, either. I double-checked!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "What? No mention of that delivery slip at all? But if Slug & Jiggers didn't send it... then who did?"
Sage Bragnam, after having analysed the [[Slug & Jiggers accounts ledger]][src]
"Bite marks! Venom! There's no doubt now that we're dealing with a dangerous beast! This is... This is EXCITING! And serious, of course. This is my serious face. It seems like Bilius Finbok was being blackmailed into handling it! Does this have something to do with a poison he was brewing? Whatever this beast is, it's still on the loose. We need to find it before it causes any more trouble!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk[src]

Act 3

"So Bilius Finbok was being blackmailed by Bellchant, and it led to him being attacked by a venomous beast. But why? Let's have another look in Bilius's potions lab, Edgar. We must have missed something important!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk[src]
Astor Bellchant: "You two again?!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Bellchant! What are you doing poking around in here?"
Astor Bellchant: "I'm... looking for Bilius, of course! Someone has to take charge, since the two of you have shown a remarkable lack of progress."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Suspicious. I wonder what he was really looking for? Come on, Edgat, let's see if we can find it."
Astor Bellchant: "Mathilda Grimblehawk and her partner come across Astor Bellchant in [[Bilius Fenbok's house]]"
— Fantastic Beasts: Cases from the Wizarding World
"Great work, Edgar! This book you found is covered in potion residue. It looks like the front cover says '[[Bilius Finbok's Customer Records|Customer Records]]'. If you can clean up that (probably-not-dangerous-at-all) much, we might be able to find out what Bilius was brewing! And there's another torn piece of parchment? Let's piece it back together."
Mathilda Grimblehawk and her partner inspect Bilius Finbok's potions lab[src]
"Good as new, Edgar! We might finally find out what Bilius has been brewing up. Yes, let's send them to the Ministry. I'm sure Sage is looking forward to a bit more 'light reading'!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk, after her partner had cleaned up [[Bilius Finbok's Customer Records]][src]
Sage Bragnam: "Mathilda, those records refer to all kinds of restricted ingredients! I showed some of them to Gethsemane, and it turned her pale! Now, take a look at this final entry: there's a delivery number and a note to 'take extra care'. And made on the same day your Bilius fellow went to the hospital!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Sage, you're brilliant. Whatever this order is, it's the key to whatever caused this disaster!"
Sage Bragnam, after reading [[Bilius Finbok's Customer Records]][src]
"What have we here?... A letter from Hogwarts to a parent? I wonder who it -- Ah, there's a name here! Albert Bellchant? That's Astor's son! Oh dear, it isn't exactly glowing with praise. He's failing Transfiguration, Charms, and Herbology! Not exactly living up to the family name, is he? Wait, Edgar! Wasn't that bottle we found in Bilius's apron labelled 'for mental acuity'? What is Bilius was blackmailed into brewing a potion for Astor's son?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk, after her partner had Mended a torn letter from Hogwarts[src]
"That letter from Hogwarts gives Astor a great motive to seek Bilius out. Astor might have been blackmailing him! And thanks to Sage, we have proof that Bilius was brewing illegal potions. All we're missing is the beast that got away and attacked the Muggle's livestock! That's the missing link. Let's go back to the Owlery. We've got a delivery number from Bilius's customer records -- there must be a crate there that matches it!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk[src]
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Thanks for coming with us, Cerberus. We know the number of the crate we're after, but who knows what might be inside?"
Cerberus Langarm: "I catch hardened criminals, Grimblehawk. I think I can handle one measly beast! Now, stand back while I break the door down!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Oh, that's not necessary. We already --"
Cerberus Langarm: " PORTABERTO! Excellent -- we're in. Now, what were you saying Grimblehawk?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "... Never mind. Let's go and find that crate, Edgar."
Mathilda Grimblehawk and her partner, together with Cerberus Langarm, raid the [[Secret Owlery]][src]
Bilius Finbok: "What?! M-M-MINISTRY W-W-WIZARDS... IN MY OWLERY?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Merlin's beard, he's fainted!"
Bilius Finbok at the [[Secret Owlery]][src]
Bilius Finbok: "What? Who's there? N-No! Slithering BEASTIE... THREE heads, it had! Three!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Three heads? He must be talking about the beast that bit him!"
Bilius Finbok: "I... I only did it for that rotter Bellchant! B-buh... Bed... Isn't it bedtime yet?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Bellchant? You brewed the potion for Bellchant?... Great. He's out cold again! Well, at least he's in no condition to run away this time. Blackmail, illegal potions, poisoning! It all comes back to Astor Bellchant! We can't let him get away with this!"
Bilius Finbok deliriously talks to Mathilda Grimblehawk[src]
"You're right, Edgar; it's some kind of shed skin! Brilliant! This is the closest we've come to... well, whatever this beast is! Let's send it to Sage. Maybe he can tell us more about it?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk[src]
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Astor Bellchant!"
Astor Bellchant: "I understand you've found Bilius -- hasn't the Ministry called off its dogs yet?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "We've got a first-hand account of you backmailing Bilius Finbok. You forced him to brew illegal potions!"
Astor Bellchant: "And I suppose Bilius himself told you about that, did he? Last I heard, he could barely sit upright, let alone give a coherent testimony. I will be making a formal complaint to the Ministry about this constant harassment, Miss Grimblehawk!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Oh. He knows my name. That's probably not good..."
Mathilda Grimblehawk questions Astor Bellchant[src]
Sage Bragnam: "Well now, this is definitely some kind of serpent skin. Beautiful colouration -- orange and black!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Just like the Chudley Cannons! This beast has great taste!"
Sage Bragnam: "I've always been more of a Tutshill Tornados fan, myself. I think I've got one of their souvenir programmes around here somewhere... Ah, here it is! Signed by Roderick Plumpton himself. Oh, you've gone."
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Sage Bragnam[src]
"Astor might've dodged our questions, but I think we now have enough information to work out what kind of beast we're dealing with!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk to her partner[src]
"A Runespoor! Of course! It explains Bilius's injury, and the Muggle livestock 'disease'. But why risk importing a creature classified as 'XXXX' by the Ministry?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk
Bilius Finbok: "Yes, it was a Runespoor that bit me! Vicious creature... I was lucky to get away!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Vicious? The poor thing was terrified! Why on Earth did you bring it into the middle of a Muggle-populated area?"
Bilius Finbok: "For its eggs, my dear girl! They're a vital ingredient in... certain potions."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Potions for mental acuity, you mean? You wanted the eggs to brew a potion for Bellchant!"
Bilius Finbok: "I... I had to make it! If I didn't, he was going to -- ... Oh, it's been the same ever since our schooldays together..."
Bilius Finbok opens up to Mathilda Grimblehawk, her partner, and Cerberus Langarm[src]
"That's enough now. Mr Finbok has his hearing in the morning. Given the seriousness of the charges, I think he needs a good rest."
Cerberus Langarm[src]
"Poor Bilius. We came so close to pinning this on Astor, but he slipped through the net like a Shrake! Still, we shut down Bilius's illegal potion-making -- he was a danger to himself and to everyone around him! Now we just have the matter of the missing Runespoor to deal with..."
Mathilda Grimblehawk[src]

Act 4

"We might have found Bilius, but we're not done yet! That Runespoor is still out there! Sometimes they stay in one place for days, so it might not have gone far... Good idea, Edgar! Let's try searching the Owlery. Cerberus should be there, securing the scene for Magical Law Enforcement. But that's not the only thing! Astor's been seen hanging around Bilius's lab. I don't know what's he's up to, but I'm sure it's not good! Oh, and I think we should pay a visit to Sara Farnham, just to make sure she's properly forgotten about all this. The last thing we need is the Muggle-Worthy Excuse Committee on our backs!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk[src]
Cerberus Langarm: "Grimblehawk! Croptwig! What are you doing back here? There's a dangerous beast on the loose!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Runespoors aren't known to be particularly vicious. When it attacked Bilius and the livestock it was probably just scared and confused!"
Cerberus Langarm: "Scared and confused, my foot! It's dangerous, that's what it is!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Rubbish! It was taken by surprise, and it lashed out. Then, it's probably fled back to somewhere warm and safe nearby... like here!"
Cerberus Langarm: "I -- In here? You think the Runespoor is in here?!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Cerberus? You're not... scared of snakes, are you?"
Cerberus Langarm: "Who, me?! I'm a Magical Law Enforcement Officer! I've trained to fight Dark wizards! I've -- ... Look, just take care of it, will you?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Cerberus Langarm[src]

Mathilda Grimblehawk: "You know, you're right Edgar. It does almost look like there's something under that heap of sawdust..."
Cerberus Langarm: "Stand back! It's the Runespoor! EXPUL--'"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "NO! Cerberus, you can't just blow it up!"
Cerberus Langarm: "Fine, ahve it your way! Just don't come crying to me when it kills us all!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Okay Edgar, try to brush away the top layer and see what's underneath..."
Mathilda Grimblehawk's partner discovers the Runespoor hidden in a heap of sawdust in the [[Secret Owlery]][src]
"It's the Runespoor!... Uh oh, it doesn't look happy. Quick, grab it before it escapes! I'll take it to the Ministry."
Mathilda Grimblehawk[src]
Astor Bellchant: "You again? I notice Bilius's cottage has already been picked over by you Ministry vultures."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "You were seen with Bilius's potion-making equipment, Astor. What are you up to? Trying to finish what you forced him to start?"
Astor Bellchant: "I'm simply returning a few items I borrowed. I assume that hasn't suddenly become an illegal activity?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Hmm. You're right, Edgar. We should go inside and find out what Astor was really up to!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk and her partner find Astor Bellchant at Bilius Finbok's house[src]
"What a mess! Was this supposed to be a potion, Edgar? It looks like there's a vial in there... somewhere. Could you try cleaning it up? Maybe we can get a sample for Gethsemane to analyse."
Mathilda Grimblehawk and her partner find the [[Failed Potion Vial]] at Bilius Finbok's house[src]
"Nicely done! I'll sent a sample of this potion over to Gethsemane. Maybe she can tell us what Astor was trying to brew in Bilius's lab."
Mathilda Grimblehawk[src]
Gethsemane Prickle: "I've performed tests on the potion sample you collected. My best guess is that it was supposed to be Baruffio's Brain Elixir. Now, that's a potion which doesn't work at the best of times, but whoever brewed this was seriously incompetent! Forget boosting one's brain; this concoction would most likely melt it!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Come on Edgar, we have to talk to Astor about this!"
Gethsemane Prickle, after analysing the contents of the [[Failed Potion Vial]][src]
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Astor! We found your sorry excure for a Baruffio's Brain Elixir, I expected better from such a prestigious wizard!"
Astor Bellchant: "Brain Elixir? Nonsense! I told you I was... I... Oh, I suppose that something me and Albert have in common; neither of us ever got the hang of potions."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "All this was just an attempt to improve your son's grades?"
Astor Bellchant: "He has a family name to live up to, but I wouldn't expect someone like you to understand."
Astor Bellchant opens up to Mathilda Grimblehawk[src]
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Sara, I'm glad we found you. We wanted you to know that Bilius is safe and sound. He's been discharged from St. David's."
Sara Farnham: "Oh, that's excellent news! But I just sent a box of chocolates as a 'get well soon' gift! I suppose I'll have to call the hospital and --"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Oh no!... Er, I mean... Oh, there's no need! We'll go, won't we Edgar?"
Sara Farnham: "Would you? That would be marvellous!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Phew! The last thing we need is her asking awkward questions to the hospital staff. We'd better go and find those chocolates."
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Sara Farnham[src]
"Nice! You found Sara's chocolates! Now we can -- Hold on, this box is empty! Someone's scoffed them! Well Bilius certainly didn't get a chance to eat them. It must have been Nurse Babatola!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk, once her partner found Sara Farnham's box of chocolates[src]
Michael Babatola: "Ah, back again? Did you find your friend?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "We did! We're actually looking into a different sort of disappearance now"
Michael Babatola: "I hope it's not another one of my patients! Ha ha!... But seriously, it's not, is it?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "No, it's actually the chocolates that were in this box. Someone seems to have eaten them."
Michael Babatola: "... Oh, I admit it! I ate the chocolates! All this has been very stressful. When I'm stressed, I eat chocolate! I wish I could make amends, but I can't leave right now; I accidentally shredded an important document! I'm done for..."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Shredded documents? We can handle that!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Nurse Babatola[src]
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Here's the paperwork you accidentally shredded, Nurse Babatola. Good as new!"
Michael Babatola: "Amazing! How did you --"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Inspector Croptwig, um... does a lot of jigsaw puzzles."
Michael Babatola: "Right... Well, now that it's been dealt with, can you take me to the person who sent the chocolates? I'd like to offer my apologies."
Mathilda Grimblehawk, after her partner Mended Michael Babatola's accidentally shredded document[src]
Sara Farnham: "Ah, there you are! So, did you get the chocolates I sent to Bilius?"
Michael Babatola: "They did not... But please, let me explain!"
Sara Farnham: "And who are you?"
Michael Babatola: "Michael Babatola; I'm a nurse at St. David's. I ate the chocolates, and I came to apologise."
Sara Farnham: "You did what?! Well, I suppose you're under a lot of stress, working at a hospital... When I'm stressed I eat chocolate."
Michael Babatola: "Me too! That's how I got into this mess in the first place... I did bring some replacement chocolates, if you're interested?"
Sara Farnham: "Oh? Well, it's all water under the bridge now, Mr Babatola. Would you care to come in for a cup of tea?"
Michael Babatola apologises for having eaten the chocolates meant for Bilius Finbok[src]

"Well, now, isn't that nice? We'll have to make sure the Obliviators go easy on them!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk on Michael Babatola and Sara Farnham's friendship[src]
Sage Bragnam: "That Runespoor you two caught is a beautiful specimen! Lively little bugger, though, once it woke up. Wouldn't stop hissing! It hasn't produced any eggs recently, so you'll not have any wee ones to worry about."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Cerberus will be very pleased to hear that! So what happens to it now?"
Sage Bragnam: "The Burkina Faso authorities are happy to take it back where it belongs. Lucky we found it so quickly!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Sage Bragnam, on [[Bilius Finbok's Runespoor]][src]
Cerberus Langarm: "So? What happened? I see you've still got all your limbs."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "No need to look so disappointed! You'll be glad to know we've dealt with the Runespoor, and Sage says it didn't produce any eggs."
Cerberus Langarm: "Right, well... Good. I was just joking earlier, of course... about being afraid."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Of course."
Cerberus Langarm: "Good. Then... I suppose we won't need to mention it again, will we?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Only when it's really funny, Cerberus. Only then."
Mathilda Grimblehawk reassures Cerberus Langarm[src]
"Great work, Edgar! You're shaping up to be one of the Ministry's best! We rescued a Runespoor, shut down illegal potions activity, and helped two Muggles make a connection. But, better than all of that, we avoided doing any serious paperwork. That deserves a real celebration, Edgar!"
—Fantastic Beasts: Cases from the Wizarding World

Case 6: A Filthy Business

Act 1

Myra Curio: "Mathilda, Edgar -- I've got some Muggle reports that might interest you. Something stinks in the sewers of London!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Yes, Myra, that's normal."
Myra Curio: "Oh, that's not what I mean! There have been complaints of 'wailing sounds' coming from plug holes and toilets! It's not just bad plumbing -- a wizard named Philbert Chivers has gone missing! [[Philbert Chivers's wand|His wand]] was found at a sewer entrance."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "This is no coincidence -- it must be beastly activity! Hold your breath, Edgar, we need to take a look at those sewers."
Myra Curio presents Mathilda Grimblehawk and her partner with their new case[src]
"Lumos! Watch where you put your feet, Edgar. You don't want any of that on your boots. Come, let's search around and see if there's any sign of what could be making those strange sounds."
Mathilda Grimblehawk, upon arriving at the London sewers[src]
"Look, he's out cold! This must be our missing wizard, Philbert Chivers. Let's send him to Omar, he'll take care of him... and maybe offer him a bath. What are these brass fragments? Let's take a closer look."
Mathilda Grimblehawk, after stumbling upon an unconscious Philbert Chivers and a shattered brass object[src]
"A key from the Leaky Cauldron! But that cloth attached isn't from Chivers's robes, so who brought it into the sewers? The beast? Let's visit the Leaky Cauldron and see which room this key opens!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk, after her partner Mended a [[key from the Leaky Cauldron]][src]
"The Leaky Cauldron. The key we found in the sewers belongs to whoever rented this room. Nobody's here; maybe we shoudl take a little look around, whilst we have the opportunity..."
Mathilda Grimblehawk[src]
"More torn, red fabric! It seems to match the scrap of fabric we found attached to the key. We'll know more if we repair it. Hmm, this chest of drawers is locked. I wonder if there's a clue inside? Let's unlock it! I just hope it isn't the underwear drawer..."
Mathilda Grimblehawk[src]
"Hello, a pair of trousers! Minus one back pocket, which may explain the key falling out in the sewers. They're covered in stains and scratches. Let's send these over to Gethsemane. Maybe she'll find something about the beast we're after!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk[src]
"Well, that takes care of the lock, Edgar. A sack from the Magical Menagerie! Just the place for supplies if you deal with magical creatures. It's full of metal pieces! Strange. Let's put them together and see what they are."
Mathilda Grimblehawk[src]
"Those parts made up some kind of animal collar! I've never seen a collar this big, except for dragons! This must be intended for a magical creature!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk, once her partner Mended an animal collar[src]
Omar Abasi: "Ah, Miss Grimblehawk -- trying a new perfume, are we?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "We've come straight from the sewers, Omar!"
Omar Abasi: "Indeed, I can see the trail from the door. Regardless, you did well to rescue this wizard. He was knocked out by falling bricks."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "We didn't see any signs of spell impact or Muggle handiwork down there. It sounds like a beast may be involved!"
Omar Abasi: "Well, he's awake if you'd like to ask him yourself. Now, if you'll forgive me, I'd like to move a bit upwind..."
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Omar Abasi[src]
Gethsemane Prickle: "I've examined your trousers, Grimblehawk, and- ... Oh, do stop sniggering. Something tore the back pocket off with very sharp claws. So sharp, I'd be surprised if the wearer noticed more than a slight tug. There was a name-tag, too: 'Silas Crump', a petty criminal. Cerberus has been after him for ages, but he's never caught him in the act."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "What's a petty criminal like Slias Crump up to in the sewers? We'll need to track him down, Edgar!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Gethsemane Prickle[src]
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Hello, there. Are you feeling any better? You were unconscious when we found you!"
Philbert Chivers: "Pleased to meet you. Yes, I went down into the sewers to check for Nargles. The problem has been getting worse and worse... They're stealing from the shops on Diagon Alley and hiding in the Muggle sewers, you know. They must be stopped! I've tried all sorts of things to catch them! Anyway, I was listening out for them with my Extendable Ears when I heard this sound... A terrifying, crab-like scuttling coming towards me in the dark... Closer and closer... and then, BANG! The bricks fell on me!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Scuttling in the dark? That sounds frightening, Mr Chivers! Don't worry, just leave this to the professionals."
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Philbert Chivers at St Mungo's[src]
Silas Crump: "Who're you? What're you doing in my room?!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "We're with the Ministry of Magic, Mr Crump. We suspect you're planning some kind of mischief."
Silas Crump: "Who, me? Silas 'Saintly' Crump? Never done mischief in my whole life!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Is that so? What exactly were you doing down in the sewers then?"
Silas Crump: "How did you...? Alright, I was down there. Catching rats. Thought I'd try selling them to the Magical Menagerie. Entrepreneurial, that's me. Self-sufficient! I'm a shining example to the wizarding community. Now, if you'll excuse me..."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Not a bad excuse, but he's hiding something for sure, Edgar."
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Silas Crump[src]
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "So, it seems that shady Silas Crump is our best lead so far. We know he was sneaking around in the sewers. He got his trousers ripped by something down there, and he bought a large collar from the Magical Menagerie. Highly suspicious!"
Cerberus Langarm: "You won't believe this! There's been a break-in at Slug & Jiggers potion shop, in Diagon Alley! It's a wreck in there! It looks like a beast was set loose!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Slug and Jiggers?! We're on our way, Cerberus!"
Cerberus Langarm warns Mathilda Grimblehawk and her partner of the break-in at Slug & Jiggers Apothecary[src]

Act 2

"We know that Silas Crump was with some kind of beast in the sewers, Edgar. He even owns a giant metal collar! Could this break-in at Slug & Jiggers be his work? Let's get down there at once."
Mathilda Grimblehawk[src]
"Look at this chaos - a beast must've been involved! Something smashed the wall, there. Let's look around."
Mathilda Grimblehawk and her partner arrive at Slug & Jiggers Apothecary[src]
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "All this damage, what a shame! Good job spotting that trail of potion, though. I wonder what's hiding beneath that mess. This broken equipment must be for brewing potions. Let's repair it and take a closer look."
Humphrey Balsamo: "Is it gone? Did you catch it?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Catch what, Mr...?"
Humphrey Balsamo: "Humphrey Balsamo, I'm the shop assistant. I was working out back when I heard this awful, crab-like scuttling sound!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Grimblehawk and Croptwig. Pleased to meet you. A scuttling sound, eh? You aren't the first to hear it."
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Humphrey Balsamo[src]
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Mr Balsamo, we need to ask you some questions. We think a magical beast got into your shop!"
Humphrey Balsamo: "Well, it managed to destroy some very valuable potions in the process!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Valuable? I wonder... could it be that this beast attack was covering up a robbery? The chaos would certainly help any criminal."
Humphrey Balsamo: "Robbery?! That's even worse! My boss will kill me! Slug & Jiggers has a reputation to uphold, and look what happened on my watch..."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Chin up, Mr Balsamo. We're on the case, and I believe we've got a very strong lead."
Mathilda Grimblehawk and Humphrey Balsamo[src]
"So it's some kind of potion-making equipment. Stands to reason, really! You're right though, it was smashed by our mystery beast. Perhaps Gethsemane can learn something from it."
Mathilda Grimblehawk, once her partner Mended the broken [[potion-making equipment]][src]
"Spot on, you cleaned away just enough to reveal some footprints. Surely they must belong to whoever broke into the shop! I'd bet my last Knut that it was Silas Crump. Let's check his room out again."
Mathilda Grimblehawk[src]
Silas Crump: "Oi! You can't keep barging in here! I've done nothing wrong!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "I'm sorry, Silas - but either we search this room now, or we call Carberus Langarm in and make it official."
Silas Crump: "C-Cerberus...?! Stepping aside, miss! No need to go bothering Officer Langarm! I've nothing to hide."
Mathilda Grimblehawk inspects Silas Crump's room at the Leaky Cauldron[src]
"Good find, Edgar! We should open that [[Padlocked Chest|locked chest]]; it may be the criminal's loot from Slug & Jiggers. And [[Dirty Shoes|boots, covered in potion]]. Yuck. Let's clean them up and see if the treads match those at the scene of the crime!"
Mathilda Grimblehawk[src]
Gethsemane Prickle: "Come in, Croptwig, Grimblehawk. Now, what's my first rule of perfect potion-making?"
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Erm... never test it by tasting it?"
Gethsemane Prickle: "Always clean your equipment! Because, no matter how careful you are, potions always leave a residue. But I found no residue on this potions set, only traces of saliva, as if it was licked clean! Something out there must consume potions."
Gethsemane Prickle and Mathilda Grimblehawk[src]
"What's this? A silver vial! Looks valuable. It must've been taken from Slug & Jiggers. Gethsemane can tell us exactly what it is."
Mathilda Grimblehawk, once her partner opened the [[Padlocked Chest]][src]
"Nice work, Edgar. We can see the treads nice and clearly now. Very distinctive soles - they match the prints we found in Slug & Jiggers! Silas was there, no doubt about it."
Mathilda Grimblehawk, once her partner cleaned up the [[Dirty Shoes]][src]
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