Hello! Fellow harry Potter fans, I am Shirley (obviously) and am an enthuithiast at reading. Other collections of books that I adore reading include Inheritance and the Twilight Saga. I am willing to make this site is truthful, yet informative as possible so I apologise for those loose spoilers for people who have not read these books.

Enjoy Shirley A.

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Harry Potter Universe

Here are some facts about me in correspondence to the Harry Potter Universe.

  • My favourite character is Luna Lovegood, followed by Ginny Weasley and then Hermione Grangar.
  • If you wanted to know a male favourite, it would by Ron Weasley who is before Neville Longbottom.
  • My favourite professor is Professor McGonagall.
  • DADA is the best subject at Hogwarts School.
  • I proudly support Ravenclaw and believe than I actually belong there. (Logic and wit) I am considered a slight nerd.
  • I support Dumbledore's Army.
  • I believe Quidditch is one of the coolest sports ever and would play as a seeker.
  • I supported Ireland in the 1994 Quidditch World Cup.
  • My animagus form would probably be an eagle. The same goes for my patronus.
  • I do not know what my boggart would be as it constantly changes.


Here are a few of my basic goals on the wiki.

  • To create articles where necessary.
  • To add images where necessary.


If you happen to have any questions, please zoom over onto my talk page.

Please answer these questions on my talk page:

  1. Who was headgirl at Hogwarts in 1988 to 1999? Was it Hermione?
  2. How do you get a second cousin twice removed?
  3. Should my talk page be archived?

Creating and Editing Articles

I normally edit in articles where there is a piece of information missing, something is untrue or just cleaning up a flooded paragraph.

I have created the articles

And categories

  • Impersonated Characters
  • Voldemort's possessions

There may be more but I've forgotten.

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