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1) Continue to add minor information to pages.
2) Expand Quidditch teams (when applicable)
3) Find pictures for infoboxes

Recent Edits

18 December 2007
Ron Weasley(Added more to article)
Hermione Granger(Added more to article)
Horcrux(Added more to article)

15 December 2007
Order of the Phoenix (Infobox picture)
Alice Longbottom (Infobox Picture)
Frank Longbottom (Infobox Picture)
Quintaped (Infobox Picture and Thumbnail picture)

25 October 2007
Tom (added more to the article)
Sir Cadogan (infobox and picture)

05 October 2007
Peeves (Picture)

26 September 2007
Malfoy Manor (infobox picture)

21 September 2007
Fountain of Magical Brethren

20 September 2007
Golden Snidget (infobox picture)
Nearly Headless Nick (resizing infobox picture)

19 September 2007
Battle of Hogwarts (minor)
Nimbus 2001 (infobox image)
Quidditch Cup (minor edit)

18 September 2007
Sirius Black's motorcycle (infobox picture)

14 September 2007
Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes
Diagon Alley

September 13th 2007
Nagini (thumbnail picture)

September 7th 2007
Advanced Potion-Making (infobox picture)
Tom (infobox picture)
Sumbawanga Sunrays
Porpentina Scamander

3 September 2007
Kenmare Kestrels
Sumbawanga Sunrays
Porpentina Scamander
Hogwarts, A History
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